Unbound Merino T-Shirt ♦ Merino Wool Shirt Review

S0 today I’m gonna give you my first
impressions of two merino wool shirts from Unbound Merino from New York
City. Greetings YouTube, my name is Kevin I make these weekly videos documenting my
journey towards full time travel. If that type of content interest you, please
subscribe below. I recently purchased two shirts from Unbound Merino. For those
of you not familiar with Unbound Merino, they’re a pretty popular company among
digital nomads and the travel community. They make a bunch of different merino
wool products besides these two t-shirts. I own two pair of their
underwear and five pair of their socks, three ankle socks and two regular socks.
Today, I’m gonna talk about the two t-shirts I own, this gray one and this
black one. I currently own five merino wool t-shirts. I own two by woolly, which
I’ve already done a first impressions video about those two shirts. I also own
an Outlier merino wool t-shirt. I’m going to do a first impressions video on that
Outlier shirt in the coming weeks These Unbound Merino shirts fall in the
middle price-wise between the wooly which is under $50, and the outlier shirt
which is $110. These Unbound Merino shirts are $65. They come in
four different colors. I really like the way these merino wool shirts are made.
The fabric feels like a thick cotton shirt like, if you want got an expensive
cotton t-shirt but it has the breathability and the antimicrobial
properties of merino wool. The fit of these are great, and kind of what I
expect in a t-shirt. I’m about 511, 165 pounds. This medium fits me pretty
well. The shirts are really breathable and they’re really comfortable to wear.
There’s no itching or anything like that oftentimes associated with merino wool.
So far I really like these shirts. I’m definitely gonna make room for them in
my 30 liter travel backpack, that I plan on using while I’m traveling the world.
There’s a very interesting video that was created by the founder of Unbound Merino where he documents traveling with one
Unbound Merino shirt and wearing it for 46 days straight. So I definitely
recommend checking that out. If you’ve tried different merino wool
shirts, please comment below what your favorite has been. I plan on doing
follow-up videos for all the different brands of merino shirts I have, the woolly,
outlier and these unbound merino shirts. So, if you’re interested in seeing those
follow up reviews please subscribe below and if you enjoyed this video please
like and comment below.

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5 thoughts on “Unbound Merino T-Shirt ♦ Merino Wool Shirt Review

  1. Love your review videos on the merino wool garments. Dang that’s amazing that you can go without washing for that long!

  2. Hello! I’ve come over from Amber’s channel.
    Subbing Master Chief! I’m Navy veteran – Hospital Corpsman. Looking forward to following your travels!

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