Unbelivable Fast Charge, Samsung Note 10 & more – Tech News (தமிழ்)

New news, new updates and an interesting news in this Tech news. I will teach you everything happening in the world of tech, I am your Tech Friend Joe 🙂 Xiaomi is gonna launch a new series of smartphone in China. it is called CC9 & CC9e. If you see the CC9 it has a similar flip camera of Asus zenfone 6. Its primary camera is a 48 megapixel sensor, also they are giving an Ultra wide and a telephoto camera This model runs on Snapdragon 730 processor at the same time CC9e has the same design of Mi 9. In this they are giving with Snapdragon 712 processor. apart from this 2 spec, rest of the features are all similar. I am not sure if this model will launch in India but if it does, I’ll update you immediately. Xiaomi is going to launch their k20 Pro in mid July in India. this will be the cheapest phone with Snapdragon 855 processor For those fans who wants to buy this phone before everyone, they are conducting an competition. This competition name is ‘MI Explorers’ In this they will give a certain tasks, And 48 of those who finish the task with highest point will be selected. They started this program when redmi Note 3 launched in India on 2016 and are continuing it till date Tech fact Tech fact – let’s see some interesting facts about xiaomi Do you know when you flip the MI logo upside down it looks like a Chinese character Its English translation means ‘heart’. Xiaomi doesn’t have any retail shop instead they sell it on online only not only that unlike other Companies they don’t spend on TV commercials and advertisements Since they cut the cost like this they are able to to sell at cheap rate A smartphone name MI 3 they sold in India 15000 unit in just 2 seconds did you know in 2014 they sold 2.1 million units in a single day and got Guinness record also for that Many of us have an habit of sending a image mistakenly to someone else and would have been in an embarrassing situation. To avoid awkward situations like this WhatsApp has enrolled a new update In this update, If an user has to send an content, they have set in a way that it can only be sent after double checking To this they have added a feature called ‘picture in picture’. through this if you have open video and see another chat this video will be playing in the background This update has only been given to Android uses we can expect this update for IOS users soon. Like DSLR camera, a feature called variable aperture Samsung started giving it from last year to S9 users. In this there were two different aperture openings Its advantages you can take low light photos with background Blur and if you have enough, light you will get sharper images. In the new Note 10 phones which Samsung is going to launch they are giving not with 2 but 3 variable aperture, claimed a famous tipster called ‘ice universe’. The three stages in this are f1.5, f1.8 and f2.4 This Note series phones Samsung is going to launch on August 7th Today’s hot news Every phone company has been competing against who will bring the fastest fast charge among them Last year OnePlus gave their 30 watt fast charging Huawei gave 40 watt Oppo gave their 50 Watt itself Few days back xiaomi teased that they are giving a 100 watt fast charging. Continuing this Vivo claimed that they are gonna give a 120 watt super flash charge. using this they can charge 4000 mAH battery 50% charge in 5 minutes and full 100% charge in just 13 minutes Showing this technology they uploaded a demo teaser. In the MWC happening next week, they are about to display this technology along with 5G mobile A problem because of this fast charging is, it will over-heat. Do you really need this much fast charging in your phone? let me know in the comments section down below Friends if you like this video, click that ‘like’ button Share it with your friends who loves Tech. If you want to see video like this daily, please subscribe and also don’t forget to click the Bell icon next to it. We will meet in another episode I am your Tech Friend JOE 🙂

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  1. Vivo super flash charges 4000mAh battery 50% in 5 mins and full charge in 13 mins and not 30 mins.. I have pronounced it correct and its correctly translated in the English Subtitle, but made a mistake in an animation.. Sorry guys for the inconvenience.. 🙂

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