what’s up guys
my name is Hans Wouters and today, I’m making a video for everyone who wants to buy a longboard,
but doens’t really know what longboard he should buy or what longboard she should buy,
and who wants some tips on it so hit that like button already and we’re going to get started!

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  1. I got extremely happy when you inserted "Boyz in the hood" but Eazy E. if I wasn't subscribed already I would have subscribed right then and there lol

  2. words man, im struggling with it! hehe – your English is pretty cool man – thanks for this video – really helpful!

  3. I think I need to buy a few different boards. I really just want to Cruze but another part of me wants to just throw down some dirty tricks.

  4. I am a little late to this but I wanna do some dancing and my board is a pintail with a cruiser back can I it or do I need to get a new board

  5. Hans first off congratulations on 100k!
    Now I decided to buy the Magneto Bamboo Dancer which looks like a bamboo mix of a crownboard and a loaded board
    Any thoughts on the board?

  6. hey, im new to longboarding and i was interested in dancing/ freestyle. Im not sure were exactly to get a complete longboard tho

  7. hi im just wondering if anyone can answer my question. i just bought a dancing longboard and its 39.4" in lenght. im a bit worried because everyone ive seen on here who longboard dances has had a longer board and im worried mine might be too short?

  8. Okay, so im 15, im 150 cm and Im mainly looking for a dancing board that can do sharp turns. Can anyone link me a board?

  9. Man I’m a little bit late about this but i need ur advice. I want to buy loaded tarab but my friend told me it’s better to buy a new trucks and wheels for it than using my old trucks and wheels and I’m just a beginner thou. so he told me to buy cheeper set because it’s pretty expensive for me to broke the new deck. What should I do?


    quicker• Smaller can turn
    • Longer is smooth
    •Mobility – Smaller is easier to transport
    Drop through – Truck through – Lower
    Flex type- not sure – can you give me some information? What flex is ideal for my weight

  11. Bro I need a longboard great for commuting and downhill when I’m hitting the mountains! Can you help me please. Great video btw bro!

  12. My Sister gave me a asymetrical board without kicktail😂 i don‘t know what to do with it

  13. I’m just looking to coast downhill (not too steep) and flat ground with my friends. Any suggestions? (Very new to long boarding)

  14. NOTES:
    -2 Kicktails
    -symmetrical board
    -the longer, the smoother
    -longer, heavier
    -shorter boards, easier tricks
    -longer board, more space to dance
    -longer, smooth curves

    I would like to buy a longboard to dance, i’m a beginner, i want the “surfy feeling”, like smooth curves and idk xd
    What should I buy? 🙂

  15. My longboard is too short to do dancing… (around 75cm fishtail). In my opinion it's more difficult, simply no enough room..

  16. I just recently got a longboard, but I’m not sure what kind it is. It’s is a 44 inch ZED longboard from ten toes. It’s not a drop deck or a pintail. What is it?

  17. Dude I love it! Your chill vibe and how you explain is awesome and got me inspired. I'm going board shopping today. Thanks Hans, keep up the good work / Dave

  18. I wanna freestyle and learn how to dance but i also want to get from point A to point B. Would a symmetrical board like the ones u hav on ur wall be good for both???

  19. @HansWouters Can you go cruising on your board as well? Or does the fact that your board is made for freestyle/dance mean that it's not as good for cruising?

  20. Very good video i learned a lot. I'm just about to shop for a new longbord and i had no idea what to look for. Thanks you helped me a lot 🙂 and btw… U look cute😊

  21. At the start of the video if you cover one half of his face with ur finger and then do it to the other halt it looks like two different people wtf
    Like if u agree

  22. Could you make a video on the other parts of a longboard? Like wheels, hardware, bearings, trucks and stuff?

  23. I just bought a concave riviera(sjamaan) drop thru(double kicktail) with green caliber2, 50's and blue orangatang 77a's… I am a heavy set (125kg) 8"3'(1m99)guy. Wat denktge van mijn 1e board?

  24. what’s the best for learning tricks? dropthrough or topmount? also what length is best for learning tricks?

  25. That moment when you're wearing a prosthetic leg, live in a poor country as a teen, but need a longboard so badly for transportation cuz public transport is expensive, also to practice the body balance but sadly can't afford it…

  26. Thanks bro I'm learning how to skate in a long board and this is the second video that I watched and I found them very helpful! Thanks a million

  27. I'm 32 And tomorrow my first longboard will be delivered. A normal skateboard was a fail because of wheelbite all the time 😅 Now I ordered this cheapo longboard for 25 bucks/euro's… I like the weird shape… but all I'm gonna do is cruise from poin A to point B. And it has pretty nice bearings. Same as my skateboard… ABEC-7 (one day I'll upgrade them to ABEC-11) https://www.bol.com/nl/p/longboard-kick-39-inch/9200000045880886/?Referrer=ENTcli_shipment_confirmation_standard2008093611

  28. Hans what do you think about a 34in drop through? I just got into longboarding and came across your channel and fucks w your channel! I just bought a bob Marley sector 9 “rastaman” I want to learn to do some tricks and dancing. What do you think of that board for that? Thanks man

  29. You'll prolly never see this Hans, but I'm a skateboarder who used to use short boards, and I've seen a lot of longboarders riding through my neighborhood. It inspired me to get back into it, but with a longboard instead. This video was very informative, thanks!

  30. Heyyyy, thanks for this video it helps me choosing a board and everything so please keep going with you're vids they are amazing hans xxx

  31. I wish i watch this vid before i got my board because I'm having problems with the longboard with tricks because it have no tail. Like a simple trick a pivot is nearly impossible😩

  32. Hey Hans, are the Volador longboards good quality? I’ve been checking one out and planning to buy it. Currently I am borrowing a friends board and I want to get one of my own.

  33. Hey hans, i'm trying to get a dancing longboard, but i'm really unsure of what type i should be looking for. I've already a longboard but it's pretty high and it carves very quickly, and sometimes i can't do dancing tricks on it because the board ends up flipping on itself or when i land on it, it's very unbalanced. Should i buy a board with very low trucks or is it just me?

  34. Hey new here, have you ever skated with Shark wheels on your longboard? And also would you recommend skateboarding on a short board with long board wheels?

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