ULTIMATE CES 2018 WRAP UP! (+ $100 Gift Card Giveaway!)

– It’s your CES 2018 wrap up. Plus, I’m giving away $100
in Amazon’s gift card, just to thank you for watching. I don’t know if I should smile or cry. Hi, I’m the YouTube
deal guy, Matt Granite. Yep, the world’s largest
consumer electronic show has come to a close in Las Vegas. People cleaning up, wrapping
things up behind me. You’re gonna see a lot of ladders. People probably concerned why
I’m still in the building. But as this come to a
close, I wanna take a look at the big tech trends,
the things that we saw, and the things that will benefit you this year and moving forward. And if you’ve never seen me before, I do huge tech unboxings and deals, and I give all my favorite
items away for subscribers. And at the end of this
video, I’m giving away $100 in Amazon.com gift
card just because you guys have been amazing with me this weekend. I wanna spend a little
bit more of my money to say thank you. So you’re gonna spend your
money on something from CES, what can you expect this year? The big trends we saw were tied not just to virtual reality but
to augmented reality. That means brands like Samsung
were really taking charge on new ways to immerse
you in an environment that is completely new
and completely different. We also saw this focus tied to to health and I featured a couple of headsets that actually helped reduce migraines while helping you sleep better and just something a little
bit different than gaming. Go big or go home, that was the tech trend tied to televisions this year. 8K is not even as big
as they were last year but just larger ways to share
and showcase your imagery from the most beautiful curved displays to ways to actually
integrate curved televisions into your home or other
ways to present media in businesses, in retail, and
of course, with new prices making them a lot more accessible. Accessibility, also a huge thing on consumer electronic show this year. It’s gone beyond Amazon Alexa, and all of the
Google-enabled home products. Your ability to just buy anything and integrate it where you can control your door locks, your thermostat. Just say, help, I need the police, and have a device respond in your home to get you that help you need. Another major component of CES 2018. We saw talking cars,
we saw talking robots, and we saw smart vehicles. But it’s no longer just that vehicle from the future, that self-driving car that you hope to own one day. Crowdsourcing projects that have brought accessible smart bus stops
and cars and vehicles to help the elderly and those
with accessibility issues, not only a reality this year, and something you’re
going to see very soon. From drones, to huge improvements, and all sorts of things
that fly through the air, not just for entertainment
but now to document very specific video and imagery capture, a huge component at CES 2018. The interesting thing, though, with a lot of technology becoming smaller, from audio to headphones to projectors, televisions going way
bigger than ever before, and drones, and a lot
of the unmanned aircraft now getting bigger and bigger and bigger which means you need
to register a lot more with the FAA even if
you’re just flying for fun. But also the cameras and a lot of the wave this tech toys operate,
bigger, less expensive, and also more accessible than ever before. On the smartphone front,
obviously not a whole lot happening with iOS at CES, but we did see some huge
developments from Android and now some of those
overseas smartphone brands working harder to become a household name. Another major trend we
saw at CES this year. So as things come to a close and wrap up, just now that this is just the beginning of a lot of the deals
we’re gonna see later on. A lot of brands reduce their prices to try and keep people talking about them long after the consumer
electronic show comes to a close. It’s gonna be my job to unbox those items. Bring you the deals as they happen. And by the way, for all of you watching. What do you want to save
money on this year, tech-wise? Maybe it’s something you saw at CES, or maybe it’s something you saw elsewhere. Now, you’re gonna see me giveaway a free $100 Amazon.com gift card to a very lucky subscriber of this channel. Using TubeBuddy’s random selection tool to find a very lucky subscriber who’s commented in the last six months, congratulation goes to Kayla Williams, this is an awesome long time subscriber. You’ve won! Yay, you’ve won! Whoo! – Eeeeey! – Yes! – Yeah, we win! – CES security in the house. That was the highlight
of my week, thank you. I don’t get out much, but I
just made two new friends. And they got the moves, so, (claps) yes! Awesome. Now if you’ve just watch,
you would have, whoa, I’ve no idea what just happened. Don’t worry, there’ll
be a lot more of that. This is just the beginning. If you’re not yet
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  1. Please please help I sent my son who lives in Japan a small shoe box of things N the post office charged me $68. Please help how can I send packages to Japan that won’t hurt 😢

  2. So sad Windows pulled out of the phone market and CES not having one sadly confirmed their demise with me, I do miss my Lumina running Windows 10, so much.

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