– I have every major Prime Day deal 2017 plus a giveaway beyond belief. (upbeat music) Hi, I’m the YouTube Deal Guy Matt Granite. I promised you the biggest deals
this Amazon Prime Day 2017, and I have you covered. I am also giving away
any of the items you see in this Amazon Prime Day
video if I call your name, with the exception of the treadmill because I cannot afford
to ship that to you. We’ll make that draw at
the end of this video, and I have more huge Prime
Day giveaways coming up. So, before I show you all of the items at their lowest-recorded
prices, a reminder. To get these huge Amazon Prime Day deals in your hands right now, expand the video description box. That’s right. Right under this video, there is a link. I have a link to a full
list for U.S. shoppers. For U.K. and Canadian shoppers,
I have flash sale links for you also under this video screen. The Echo Dot, the Echo, all the
Amazon Alexa-enabled devices at their lowest-recorded
prices this Prime Day, those links located right
under the video screen. Also, a link to some TV flash sales, so you can actually score big. Before we get to audio, Bluetooth,
headphones, and speakers, I want to point out that
New Balance running shoes at up to 60% off is an awesome deal. The links to both men and women’s sales located right under this video screen. If you’re looking for fitness trackers, one of the best heart-rate
monitors, pedometers, all those other features built in, down to under $40 from an MSRP of $112. It doesn’t usually sell for that high, but this is very well-rated. The app connected well
to all of our devices. We got these graphs. Great. Awesome. I also really like the Fire tablet deals. These now at their lowest-recorded prices. I’ve done extensive testing, and they really do hold their own compared to many other
tablets on the market. Great for movies on the go. Of course, the Fire TV gaming systems, the Fire TV stick, and the Fire TV also at their lowest-recorded prices, link too right under this video screen. As we move to the Bluetooth audio front, you can score some really
nice looking speakers for under $30, but some
unconventional audio also a reality, including this LED Bluetooth speaker that I tested with
intern Amy for under $15. (pop music from speaker) At $40 down from $80, this is actually one of my
favorite Prime Day deals ever. It looks like a beautiful wood block, but in here, you have a clock. It’s a speaker phone, and it
has a three-year warranty, and it’s an amazing Bluetooth speaker. ♫ Then you smiled over your shoulder ♫ For a minute I was stone-cold sober ♫ I pulled you closer Amazing bass. If I had to pick one pair of headphones, this sweat-proof, waterproof
pair of gym-ready headphones at under $20, 70% off. Incredibly well-rated. The top Prime Day headphone deal. Key locators and personal product trackers at under $20 is a great deal, and if you’re looking for
a personal wi-fi booster, this is $22 down from $50. The best pillows I ever tested, and this one I actually tested several months ago with Dr. Derek. I’m sleeping with it. A spring-loaded pillow at under $30 is the top-rated pillow on Amazon down from an MSRP of over $120. If you are into gaming or looking for an amazing
home theater upgrade complete with subwoofer, 33-foot range. (drums) Amazing bass, and the thin
design of these speakers would make them perfect for a desktop, a laptop, a dorm room. I love this. Many home improvement deals on my list including motion-sensor
lights and power tools and actually one of my favorite, two for $9.99 on these dimmable LED lights with an adhesive or magnet at the back. Far better quality than anything you’d see at your dollar store. Doorbells, wireless and
under $18 on my list. You’ll also find HDTV antennas, some of the top ones with amplifiers all ready to go out of the box. At half price, you’re doing
very well for under $30. At under $40, some of the
top-rated handbags and purses that I tested with my summer intern Daria, and our intern Casey’s favorite lamp. She was with me last year. $8.99, stores your
pencils, really bright LED. Also at that under $11 price point, some of the best waterproof
iPhone, Android cases you will see anywhere. If you’re looking for
unlocked smartphones, this Prime Day exclusive to Prime members, I have a link to a flash sale where you can do very,
very well at half price. Diffusers at under $30 with LED lights, why I’m speaking really quickly. I love this silent operation, very sleek. If you are looking for a laptop deal, I’ve got a link to a flash sale. Some of the items, we’ve tested. Many we haven’t, but they are all located right under this video screen. I have a link to a huge gaming sale, while the top gaming headsets
at $40 down from $80. Camera drones at $35. This one you see right here, but for the one in the
back, wait until August. Those will be better
deals, and I’ll have them. If you’re looking for
flash storage with a twist this Prime Day, at $15 down from $36, these are really nicely packaged. They’re LED flash drives. So, they light up with
you’re transmitting data when they’re plugged in. So, you always know when they’re enabled. That’s great. These are also waterproof. On the wireless camera surveillance front, awesome grabs at under $50, complete with night vision, two-way audio. You can control the pan and tilt and the night vision did
very well in our test. I also have full systems in
yesterday’s video ready to go. Treadmills also half price on Prime Day. One of the top-rated ones that I found which is fully featured,
app-controlled with Bluetooth, and I’m telling you, the
free delivery is key on this. Extremely quick and easy assembly. It works great. With prices at $530 down from $1000, this is a Prime Day
deal that also folds up. So, this folds very easily for storage. I love this. If you are short on time,
space, money, this is awesome. At $20 down from $40, this is a huge focus of
Prime Day deals. Why? Well, it’s a wi-fi smart
outlet that works with Alexa, all of the Alexa-enabled smart wi-fi plugs are rarely at this price. At $584 down from $1000,
electric mountain bikes. I’ve tested these extensively. They are great. They ship free. The link located write
under this video screen. This is one of the
top-rated ones on Amazon. $23 down from $46. This is amazing because when
people look at power banks, they’re usually just looking at this. The milliamp hours. This number is deceptive. You could see a really high number. This could say 10,000, 20,000, but it’s the quality of the battery inside that makes a difference. This is one of the best-made batteries, and it has the lightning
connector built in. So yes, this could
handle through this side the USB and Android device. It could also charge an iPad
Pro, an iPhone 7, 7 Plus. At $15 down from $30, this emergency radio that also gets the
emergency bands, AM, FM, flashlight, hand crank, ready to rock. At $18 down from $50, this is one of my
favorite Prime Day deals. This has a power strip with
built-in six AC outlets, six USB ports. At $11 down from $40, the best portable fan I’ve ever tested, rechargeable battery, even was powered by the power bank deal I found. And it has a light. At $8.99, this is my favorite
iPhone, tablet, Android stand. Arcade games are half price like this awesome basketball one. Had a lot of fun testing this. We actually got some kid deal testers and teenage deal testers to weigh in. It performed really well. Good durability. Air hockey also 50% off. This is a really nice system. This is $52 down from $100. Big fan. A reminder. You just saw some huge items. They’re not only eligible for the giveaway and the draw that I’m
gonna do in a moment, but you can buy them right now
if your name is not called. The next lucky subscriber
gets his or her pick of any item featured in this video with the exception of the treadmill. Using Tube Buddy’s random selection tool to find that very lucky subscriber, congratulations goes to Sharon Karsner! Now, I want to remind everyone watching, my deals continue well after Prime Day. I do this every day, and I
have huge giveaways regularly. So, if you missed out, I have another Prime
Day giveaway coming up. Please let me hook you up. Click on my head right now. That will subscribe you to this channel. If you need help turning
on your notifications or leaving a comment so you
never miss another huge deal, the demo’s up there. And for the last big
roundup of deals I did, just click over here.

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  1. I am new to you and your deals, and I think you are GREAT!!! I’ve been watching several you tube videos and if I could do anything for my husband, who has just been diagnosed with Dementia. He getting bored very quickly now, and I can’t think of anything more to perk him. It will get him out of his chair and outside. He’s had remote trucks, and even a boat, in the past…..and I think it would be an awesome early birthday present if he could “win” one of those yellow Drones you had that had facial recognition. Is that still available? Is that a possibility? We are retired and he’d be so happy!!!
    His name is Phil. Thanks so much for even a consideration. Norma Cook

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