Ulterior States [IamSatoshi Documentary]

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58 thoughts on “Ulterior States [IamSatoshi Documentary]

  1. I sure wish documentary makers would consider the hearing impaired when adding music to their stories. So hard to pay attention to what is being said with all that background noise. Some stories need musical embellishment to get the point across; this story – not so much.

  2. fascinating documentary – a must watch. so many excellent contributions its hard to know where to start
    Well done Guys
    Together we can build this thing

  3. +ChangeTip, send $0.50!
    Also on the same lines, this article is saying the same thing:

  4. I wish you had named the speakers in the film under their faces as they appeared. I recognized many, but not all.

    You jumped straight from Occupy to very technical explanations of bitcoin and its major vulnerability. For someone who knows a lot about bitcoin, that is still intelligible, but not for newbies. And the connection between the Assange-Occupy stuff and bitcoin, you might do well to make more clear and explicit.

    It's very interesting and I learned some things from it but it would benefit from a little more organization. Kudos and thanks.

  5. 16:55 LETS systems are Local Quantitative Easing that bypasses the banking system and gets right down to the people! 
    32:05 We the people could do our own money.. 
    37:00 Bitcoin allows people to make money happen by burning energy 
    Jct: Then it goes into the complexities of Bitcoin for security reasons? LETS can everything Bitcoin can. Funny how LETS bank accounts are open for inspection and all the security and complexity of Bitcoin involve hiding transactions for speculation. 
    Bitcoin has all the benefits of LETS except all the unnecessary security and being based on your computer burning energy rather than your delivering energy to another who now owes you. Great exchange mechanism, lousy medium. 
    They talk of thousands of different currencies… I hope not, one global one is best and easiest.

  6. Who is the guy speaking to using Bitcoin in failed nation states, i.e. refugee camps and so on at the end.  How do I get in touch with him to discuss this in a real world setting?  Anyone know?

  7. +Satoshi Pollen have $2 on me! +ChangeTip for illuminating how society without state is emerging out of the bitcoin revolution

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  9. Bitcoin will never be a form of government. Monarchy is still better because even if there is blockchain voting, there will still ultimately be one person in charge of posing and framing which issues to vote on.

  10. What happens to Bitcoin when the electric goes out or they close down the internet or censor certain sites? Bitcoin is inherently vulnerable to the machinations of the government, financial or judicial or administrative. Correct me if I'm wrong please!

  11. BRILLIANT IDEAS AT WORK HERE! ANY way to offset criminal banksters extortion is a great idea. While one doesn't need to understand all the logistics of Bitcoin, the system and idea is literally REVOLUTIONARY. The ONLY problem I foresee Bitcoin having is like any other form of money in…what happens to it when the lights go out for people and sheeple to access their accounts? ATMs and all other networks wouldn't work and Bitcoin would also require at least SOME electricity to operate right? It would certainly be a better place to have your money when the inevitable, future "bank holiday" occurs when the dollar COLLAPSES. GREAT VIDEO

  12. Awesome piece. The parts are intuitively sown together and gives a really flowing sensation. Keep up the good work looking forward for your next creation!

    @Satoshi Pollen have a beer on me! @ChangeTip

  13. Great to see the project finally… Well done mate. I agree superimposed titles/names of speakers would be a great addition, because the video should ideally be educational and accessible to the widest possible audience.

  14. 17:00 LETSystems and local currencies are local quantitative easing that bypass the banking system and gets right down to the people. 
    Jct: Imagine how the guy who engineered the LETSystems that get the quantitative easing right down to the people must feel when he hears this kind of accolade coming out about his 30-year-old software?

  15. At the entd of this he talked about state sevices, not 100% sure what he ment by services, but I'm 110% sure no human benifits from state services.. The state can only issue death, not life… The more freedom and less state a society has, the better off its people will be…

  16. Nice piece – I wish the focus was more on the distributed ledger technology and less on cryptocurrency – Bitcoin enables the transfer of value with application of bitcoin 2.0 and 3.0 technology e.g., smart contracts, records and registry.

  17. Nice documentary on the future but nothing about acquisition of it nor a link. One would imagine that concept would have some productive and positive affects.
    Bitcoin 101. It would appear that of all people you all would understand that not everyone is wired the same. Wired = Meaning the minds of people.
    It is said that Bitcoin is a way out, without a road map it is worth nothing. How can you get out of a maze without trial and error or a road map? Without a legend you would not know which way was north south east or Bitcoin.

    Whether You Love It or Hate It, You’re Missing What Really Matters About Bitcoin

    What the question actually should be Why are they missing what really matters?
    Because no one has really actually explained it and showed the procedures of handling it to the general public. Now you have your answer
    If they do not UNDERSTAND it what difference does it make. NONE.

    When you watch a documentary like this one can imagine starting reading a book or a MANUAL OF PROCEDURES OF ACQUIRING and USING BITCOINS on chapter 10 which only contains that chapter in the book and the rest of it is missing, without a link to the table of contents of the book in chapter 10.


    It reminds me of times when you work with the most experienced people in a field or new technology and they cannot figure out why the problem has not been resolved.
    Then one tells them did you check this and this which is the foreword of any book or simple diagnosis to a problem, we have given it a name and called it the missing link and that link is STEP 1. Highly skilled people in my filed always think they are to well educated to do the basic diagnosis charts before attempting to resolve a problem. You keep calling it a platform I call it a Trouble code tree. One branch leads to another and at each end of a branch you have reached a dead end or the solutions. Without the trunk you do not get to the branches being its first branch is 500 feet in the air.

    It is the PATH to the first branch OR otherwise known as the PATH TO PURCHASE YOUR FIRST BITCOIN AND THE KNOWLEDGE THEREOF.

  18. So the idea here is to have a third party keep a copy of all my transactions? But what if I buy masturbatory lube? Almost as bad as the NSA having my dick pics. Which they probably already do.

  19. Great documentary shame about the fucking sounds in the background and that horrible fucking beeping noise that starts at 17:00, I kept pausing the vid thinking one of my miners was down 🙁

  20. I am a noob to bit coin, at first I thought it was just some stupid new form of payment to make selling my pretty little ass more difficult, yah thanks back page, but once I started reading about it and learning about it, I found that with the right hardware and a couple pcs it may be the key to not selling my ass anymore.

  21. Does anyone know who the guy talking at around 12:20 is ? He's talking about the creation of money. The listing of features at the end has Vinay Gupta following Assange, but this isn't him. If anyone could steer me in the right direction that would be great.

  22. He's right. I'm on the Far left and hate the banks. I don't even know how to explain it. Their business model can't compete with Credit unions on any of the Merits that actually count for anything other than ubiquity. The only thing BOA for instance has to offer me is that they have ATMS God damn EVERYWHERE. But other than that the Interest rates offered by the Credit union are better wither it be to keep money inside them or it be to take a loan out FROM them and they give back more to the local communities than they do to Wall Street Investors which is always a reason to bank inside them YOU'RE WELCOME PORTLAND.

    I use Bitcoin myself too because if I understand the economic argument it could in theory be not only a deflationary economy but CAUSE deflation in the main economy and also because the Dollar. well. Say what you will about federal reserve notes, the greenback, whatever but there's no limited supply of them at all and it's pretty clear the government intends to keep on creating them forever.

    And that's what makes cryptocurrency kind of interesting. A Currency that artifically keeps people employed by continuously allowing the government to erode it's value. Now I understand that inflation is a side effect of high employment levels and all of that but a side effect of that but Bitcoin represents this kind of Side door that we can Exit out of the main economy with and exchange currency for MONEY that hopefully serves as a store of value.

    and a Store of Value is a powerful concept because essentially the whole rest of the economy sustains itself off of Eroding value of the dollar. But then where is the incentive to innovate?

  23. This is really getting it too what with Paypal often shutting down people's donations to causes online that they appreciate because they get spooked potentially that their's fraud like what happened to Something Awful or all kinds of internet forums when they just tried to do charitable crowdfunding. Bitcoin is a One way transaction process that isn't reversible and from one perspective this is a weakness but from another it means that there's no central authority to say NO YOU CAN'T DONATE TO THAT, you can't do that! or we're concerned fraud might have been involved and need to do bookkeeping and put you through an EXTREMELY bureaucratic process to receive your funds.

  24. How many bitcoin to creative-commons this film?
    @33:00 actually,, and i wish i could remember who really looked at it, but while merkle trees and proof of work were around before satoshi, there was 3-4 other steps towards using them together in a bitcoiny way that i thought it was andrew miller but may have been someone else wrote up at some point. Maybe someone else can remember where they saw this (it's on /r/bitcoin probably somewhere). But it wasn't just a simple 'we could have done this 14 years ago', no, bitcoin-2008 was going to be invented no earlier than about 2004-6, just in time for the financial crisis anyway.

  25. @3:45 "the goal is not to save the world, cause some people do not want to be saved. But we need to find a way for those who want" Amir Taaki, Cody Wilson (the one after Amir) – they are one of the die hard crypto-anarchists and they really put to work (code) and making the world better

  26. Awesome doc! Would love to see more like it, and also see some of the ideas and systems explored further: a tool for significant change won't hit its stride without creative, passionate application 😉



  28. PoW is a way of life (thermodynamic proof with network effect). Every full-node is a validator and therefore a vote on the Bitcoin system. Stay away from all other coins because they are made to give you heavy bags and keep you out of Bitcoin. Take heed!

  29. a film with a huge impact, I am glad that I had the chance to watch it. Thank you very much for the production, I willrecomend it to others 👍🏻👌

  30. I hate te end conclusion and it scared the shit out of me. Imagine you commit no crime but the government does not like what you are doing so they turn you off. Nope not for me.

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