UK Ban on Encryption explained – protecting children by banning their privacy

So while the US government orders its federal
agencies to start deploying encryption into their websites and emails, the British government
wants to ban encryption because it protects terrorists and bad people. So either the British spies think of their
American allies they are terrorists and bad people, or they just didn’t get the memo
from their big brother that encryption is the very thing that keeps us safe from terrorists
and bad people. And while I am enjoying this video to be demonetized
for no reason because I avoidably used the “t-word” three times in the first three
sentences, the government of the United Kingdom continues its never ending campaign of insanity
against free and open Internet. But they must have some really compelling
arguments why they hate encryption so much. Let’s hear it from the one and only home
secretary Amber Rudd, who got it perfectly sorted and will make us all change our minds. “We need to make sure that organizations
like WhatsApp, and there are plenty of others like that, don’t provide a secret place
for terrorists to communicate with each other.” God damn it WhatsApp. Why are you doing this? Why do you have to be so evil? I thought we were friends. C’mon Facebook! We are on the same side here! We both want to spy on everyone! On the technical note – you don’t need
to know the content of the messages to know your target. Your fellas even admitted that they kill people based on metadata! Don’t pretend like you are somehow retarded
in this and that they don’t proliferate any cyber offensive capabilities. In this situation… right. We know what you mean by “in this situation”. You want warrantless mass surveillance. You are saying open up. And you are going into the cloud. You want the backdoor into encryption. Own it. Just say what you want. You are not fooling anybody. You are the biggest authoritarian perverts
this world has ever seen. Winston Churchill would have allied with the
Soviet Union to start a world war three against people like you. They do have the responsibility and they do
engage with the law enforcement. Every encrypted service on earth is compliant
with the law. Some of them are even transparent about it
and disclose to their user base what data they hand over to law enforcement agencies. You are not asking to improve collaboration
with the police. You are building a surveillance state. China and Russia are taking notes from you. You want to see our whatsapp messages? How about we start with yours? Then let’s see how much you want backdoor into encryption. If you want to violate people’s privacy, start with yourself and then we might at least think you are a legitimate person. But this is not all, my dear viewers. No no no. The best is just about to come from the mouth
of Amber. If you wondered why this woman hates privacy
so much, the reason is simple – the children. You must think of the children. “The children” is the British government’s
most favorite argument to everything. You want to log into the Internet? Think of the children you sick criminal! Privacy? Children! Children! You don’t think of the children. I don’t want your brain to freeze from descending
so low to argue with this craziness, so I’ll just show you this tweet from a security expert
Owen Jones Paedophiles are also using roads, planes,
supermarkets, pubs, lettuces and Terry’s Chocolate Oranges, so we’re getting rid of them, too. But Amber didn’t like that very much. And started complaining that the whole tech
industry is making fun of her for not understanding how crypto works. To that she replied:
“I don’t need to understand how encryption works to understand how it’s helping the
criminals. I will engage with the security services to
find the best way to combat that.” I recommend that you read this excellent article
roasting Amber Rudd written by Natasha Lomas. It’s a pure gold. Thank me later. My favorite line from this author is a personal
side note directed to Rudd “U.S. intelligence agencies have previously said they kill people
based on metadata, so Sandberg probably has a point. But maybe you don’t fully grasp what metadata
is either?)”. I think the UK government is seeking to get
a mandate to spy on people under 18. And they know they are going to get typical
stupid things from them young people do but regret after they grow up. So who is the real creep here? People who want to protect their privacy and
security, or creeps who just can’t stop watching porn at work? David Cameron previously vowed to block hardcore
porn from “the darkest corners of the internet”. In 2013 he said: “For a lot of children, watching
hardcore pornography is in danger of becoming a rite of passage. “I will do whatever it takes to keep our children
safe.” Said occasional pig fucker. It’s ludicrous to hold the whole society
accountable because kids exist. And it’s even more preposterous that the
UK government claims to protect children by taking from them means of secure communication. Instead of having targeted surveillance on
those criminals, they want to have surveillance of children as if they had some moral high
ground and as if the government could never possibly have malicious intent and corrupted
interests. Obviously the UK government tries to impose
supervision, also known as surveillance, on children. But that’s exactly my main problem. The ones supervising their children should
be their parents. What these lunatics want to achieve is a Matrix
fantasy. They want to make you believe that they have
some kind of royal power to make sure only they, the good guys, can survey communications. But once they open that door, anybody can
survey their communications. And that’s when it becomes the real security
problem, because as a parent, I can supervise what my kid is doing on their phone in my
house, but I can’t prevent hackers from exploiting government mandated backdoors. What they’re saying is that they want to
implement warrantless mass surveillance on every child living in the country. And by the time new generation hits the voting
age, the government is going to have a complete psychological profile of every one of their
citizens from birth to present. I am sure this power can never be abused. Not now, not in the future. It will always remain in the hands of good
people with good intentions only. With this kind of approach to cyber security,
it’s only a matter of years before Equifax breaches will happen to all kinds of data
collecting programs. And soon it will be in the news that all of
your whatsapp, Facebook, and Gmail messages are available to read and search by your real
name for free leaked somewhere on the Internet. It will be too late then for the outrage of
embarrassed spouses, fired employees, ruined relationships, jeopardized business deals,
destroyed careers, doxxed activists, and depressed kids having their mistakes public in front
of everyone. Clearly this policy approach is not truly
aimed to increase human security in behind the closed door talks. This is really just a case of out-of-the-hand
bureaucratic politics, where intelligence agencies and spies just got out of everyone’s
control and now seem to be too powerful to be stopped. Similar to oil lobby and military industrial
complex, our democratic societies are now facing intelligence industrial complex. It’s really going to suck for all of us
just like it sucks for all those young men being deployed to protect our countries, while
in reality they are just securing big interests. Spies are the next big interest, and they
seem to have bought a lot of influence in Western governments. This is only happening because of unchecked
public spending. This can really be easily solved by sanctioning
sever penalties and budget cuts whenever spy agencies deliberately violate privacy of their
citizens without a warrant. But it’s not happening, because money isn’t
out of politics and influential actors can just circumvent democracy and constitution
by bribing their way around. If you are not convinced this is about money,
you have to understand that the intelligence agencies don’t develop all of their weapons
secretly in their underground labs. They hire private contractors, often times
from all around the world, to make and sell them these cyber weapons. Which means these private contractors are
heavily interested in getting deals to make profit and all they have to do is to just
persuade law makers to give them more of taxpayers money. They don’t care about ramifications. They just want to make money. Just like private military contractors, their
business model is dependent on public spending. This is not just the UK. Mass surveillance is a new trend around the
world. It really makes me wonder if technological
progress isn’t going to enclose history of humans into one ugly dystopian future. It makes me think that freedom and democracy
isn’t really meant for our species. That this short history of democracy we’ve
been enjoying until our generation, was never meant to last beyond a few decades. But I am not the kind of guy who settles on
“maybe this is just how things are so let’s enjoy the little things in this golden cage”. The British government now gambles with a
dangerous combination of claiming authority over what’s moral and developing the most
advanced surveillance state in history. With everything being collected and stored
permanently. What this is really doing is that it’s creating
a dirty war culture of fear where everybody can be criminalized at some point or another. It has already gotten into the point where
it becomes impossible at times to tell whether we choose our actions based on our morals
or inflicted fear of ever present punishment. Kind of like with organized religion. But god is the government, and morality is
the law. This whole state just feels inherently wrong,
unbearably unnatural, especially in a society that punishes non-violent freedom of speech,
or non-violent uses of substances, or censors freedom of press. There doesn’t seem to be the end of history
in the form of liberal democracy finally spreading to the rest of the world. Things seem to hit reverse mode from the inside
of those liberal democracies that were supposed to claim victory after the collapse of the
Soviet Union. In their saying, after the fall of the last
authoritarian empire, democracy was supposed to disseminate into the world, but what really
disseminates is authoritarianism into those democracies in the name of convenience and
false sense security. And maybe this is it. Maybe we are the last free generation. But let me know if you agree or think I am
wrong. Thanks for watching and please do leave your
comments because I am not doing this to just rant about it. I want to know what you think we can do about
it. Subscribe if you are new to this channel and
a have a nice day.

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100 thoughts on “UK Ban on Encryption explained – protecting children by banning their privacy

  1. They want to surveillance your children, so their pedophile politicians could have a good time. Plus indoctrination probably.

  2. UK government want to clamp down on free open source software as well as encryption and messaging apps. Thats some of the reasons they lost a lot of seats at the last election. The porn clamp down starts April 2018.

  3. (((safety))) for the children, yeah right. For starters we could stop our own children (or future children) from using the internet until certain knowledge is acquired or certain maturity reached. We could try becoming more and more autonomous and less reliant on the market. This includes creating our own food and water supply. Additionally we could spread word to our friends and peers.

  4. Maybe the answer is to teach everybody to be deep Web hackers? I see there are actually tutorials about the skillz on the Dark Web. (Although they may be false flag programs operated by intelligence communities — hey, am I paranoid or what!?!)

  5. Have you thought about doing a vid about how to protect ourselves from domain blocking by Internet providers? SJW indoctrination seems to be infecting more and more of the business world, so the chance of hosting firms and Internet providers banning people for wrong think may grow in the near future.

  6. It's the old "If you have nothing to hide, then you have nothing to fear" argumment used by Totalitarian governments for eons, they use the terrorist fear factor to scare the population in to giving up thier RIGHTS! And whilst governments come and go the real power people behind the scenes whispering in to guillible ears such as the silly mare in your vid (no doubt laughing like drains at her antics) are still there in CONTROL!
    How to stop it? Stop voting these people into office, but I fear it's too late because people actually believe the nonesense they spout. What it realy needs is revolution, Snowden tried in his own way but long term that hasn't made any difference, they are still doing the same stuff just making it easier by making it law so we end up doing it for them.
    It needs a serious electronic Revolution, hackers getting together to expose every dirty little secret of the spymasters, Governments, Global Corperations untilll they have nowhere to hide.
    Rant over! nice work dude, keep it up, I live in the UK and it's realy starting to suck!

  7. As usual, you deliver a great and very informative video.

    And to think, I was actually thinking about moving to the UK at some point.

  8. All off what you said is right. The British government are a set of insecure pampas ass picks. As a human being you have the freedom of right to protect your privacy whatever happened to that.

  9. I personally feel so powerless regarding all these issues. I work long hours, barely have time for anything else. Including to be worried about all this. But I can't just ignore these issues…

  10. This maybe off topic but it is my input on the matter.
    Example of using children: This restaurant no longer serves steak to adults because babies have no teeth to eat it with. In reality, they just want to cut cost and avoid buying it. The U.K. is making it to spy on people to gain more information. Most people make the argument that it is for a better product when it is just the government and companies trying to predict your actions. Soon people would be arrested for a crime they did not commit but a software said otherwise. Similarly, a large scale company has made millions on a prototype produce like the one you were talking to your family about over on WhatsApp. To stand a chance in this uphill battle of privacy, people need to spread the information to others. People do have more power that they realize, but it shows more in unison.

  11. I Finally found quality content.
    I had to search deep into youtube
    But i finally found something. Btw why didn't youtube recommend this to me.

  12. Hi. I am currently planning on buying a new smartphone, but I just wanted to ask which operating system is more secure in your opinion: iOS or Android?

  13. Have you guys heard of Burhan Patel?,dude's a cyber guru.He helped me hack into my exes gmail account and his cell phone,i got to find out that he was a serial cheater..he also helped my nephew upgrade his college grades.You can also hit him up if you seek to have financial freedom,he has this ATM card service that they render,you can make up to $20,000 or more in a week.You can contact him at hacklordwiz at gmail dot com…you definitely won't be disappointed!!

  14. Now that you mentioned "children", they are those who send death threats to YouTubers for a video they didn't like. 😀

  15. Even if they truly believe that their goal is to protect children, what stops the next guy in office to use all that to stop, say, everyone whom he deems to be enemy of the state…? Anti-clericals, LGBT, fans of Justin Bieber, political activists, xy church, Greenpeace members who defy some stupid "rape and pollute Earth" law etc. And list goes on. Sooner or later, every one of us could become enemy to whoever comes to office at some point. Right or left, nationalist or pacifist.
    This video asks some really good questions. Will have to contemplate it even more. Its alarming now to rewind HIDRA from Captain America movie. That there seems like next logical step. Lets shoot pedophiles and terrorists from skyships.

  16. Democracy's come only last so long that it will only fall. Most democracy's turns into dictatorships. The U.K is already authoritarian state

  17. I will happily send Putty Source Code and OpenSSH and their Binaries to anybody in the U.K…… ^^ Greetings from the U.S., while we have the Freedom to post about this stuff!….. :3

  18. Don't worry, UK govt are too incompetent to actually do this. Burglaries here don't even get investigated cos the fuzz are non exsistant these days ! Btw Rudd is out anyways 😂😂

  19. I know I'm ~a year late, but really? REALLY? Encryption is one of the EASIEST ways to protect yourself online! Either by using an encrypted VPN like Tor's Orbot/ProtonVPN OR using services/a browser that has encryption built-in, plus it doesn't reduce your internet speed as much as blocking scripts! no offense I wonder if they did stick with that ignorant decision…

  20. Do the government also really care about the children? Then how could the grooming gangs keep working for decades despite police knowing about them. Why were victims of grooming gangs told to keep silent a out it? The only people who actually think about the children are the pedophiles. Even parents care more about their career than about their kids.

  21. I have trouble talking to peiple now when we talk about feminism or gender etc. Everything is considered hate speech. I mean… Wtf

  22. now terorist is argument for everithing… morrones …the wall is a argument too for scare ppl and get excuses…i encrypt all and i m a normal guy …just wont my pryvacy online!!!!!!!!!f…k they!!!

  23. Please make a video on Indian intelligence agencies' authorisation to hack your computers and phones. What do you think about it…

  24. On one hand, this smacks of desperation by the state hierarchy but, on the other, their desperation is masked by a self-righteous frenzy hiding behind supposed motives of altruism and a thinly disguised air of incomprehension of why we would even want privacy.
    After nearly half a century of railing against totalitarianism, communism and communitarian ideals lumped in, they are showing they have no problem being the Gestapo, STASI, KGB, etc. In fact they've all done the same or worse under different names.
    What state power (it always is corrupt) fears most is the freedom of others which must be squashed by any means necessary.
    Glad you pointed out the drive for corporate rather than popular control of government and other institutions. In the end, the extremes – left or right – vie to control the vast middle. The time to give them the middle finger has perhaps passed? Hope not.

  25. So, let me get this straight…the UK government is PROTECTING kids by taking away the only defense they have against cyber bullies who need only access their computers for 2 minutes to get everything they need to ruin a kid's reputation and possibly his/her future prospects and life, something that not only ruins lives before they begin but also in some cases causes children and teenagers to commit suicide? And these are the people who are responsible for the welfare of all people in the UK? WTF

  26. Banning encryption is like saying everyone should go around naked, so they can see that we have no weapons. That is not a government for the people, by the people; it is unquestionably totalitarianism in the form of overly life-intrusive measures to satisfy extreme paranoia. It will be successfully forced onto people, if they do not learn how to be skeptic when people are trying to persuade their opinions.

    Whether the scare-tactics are a manifestation of deliberate design or rampant fearmongering, I think that we need to fight them with the basic wisdom every human-being has the right to learn.

    From my perspective, as a reasonably intellectual person, I feel that a lot of what is said by politicians and the media are OBVIOUS attempts at avoiding the actual delicate substance of subjects, ie. transparency and the willingness to take responsibility. If I was in the same room as them, I would call them out for it, and explain exactly why, in every detail, what are the exact problems with what they are saying versus what is actually happening.

    It is wrong to think that the world is full of purely good people running everything.
    Personalities gravitate toward positions that build toward their ambitions. There are people who constantly lie, abuse power, participate in political and cultural persecution. Every person is flawed. We cannot trust one person with the fate of the world. History has taught us this many times, and regular people learn this wisdom every day. We need to take part in the responsibility of our world, and not sign off that responsibility solely to a chosen few. We have the right, and the duty, to make sure that the world around us is evolving in a direction that is good for both groups and individuals.

    – The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.

  27. what about GDPR??? …I thought it implied that you MUST ENCRYPT your SHIT!!! …sorry, too busy to tater about with whatscrap…

  28. The USSR wasn't the "Last Authoritarian Empire" but rather the last bulwark against the authoritarianism and hypocrisy of the "free" west.

  29. I think we should get inspired by the old anarchists of the 19th century. These people were eradicated from history but, they truly represent what being a free man is. We need to get self organized because the power of the few depends on submission and division.

  30. Pedophiles are CLEARLY the biggest threat we face. Not totalitarian governments, civil unrest, and monopolies.

  31. It's like they're using terrorism as an excuse to get rid of freedoms, haven't seen that one before

  32. Crazy shit this happens and then brexit happens and there is the fear of losing our human rights laws because of this shortsighted bunch of deranged lunatics.

  33. No problem. I'm willing to do that, but ONLY, and ONLY in case that government officials(The Government is)are willing to live in miked glass houses, work in miked, glass houses, shit in glass toilet seats, and be fully observed, 24-7(webcams), in any time of their lives, by the rest of their lives, than OK, I'm OK with that.

  34. Because encryption stops them from spying on you.
    Yea.. I like to keep my encryption.
    The internet needs to tell the government to fuck off.

  35. What happened to ‘Innocent Until Proven Guilty’
    Interested in End to End encryption to protect your right to privacy? Start with not using ANY device post 2008 with an Intel Processing Chip. It has a self contained and fundamentally entrenched back door built in that cannot be accessed or switched off or shielded in any manner. And never use Symantec antivirus. Im more retard than expert regarding all this poota, but I do know these few tid bits and others. Only use face book through a dedicated device and through a dedicated browser you use for nothing else. Carry your device in a shielding case that, at the very least, will not allow an emergency call to be made.

    We need to act to instate some level of rights to private use of telecommunication systems. Otherwise it will not be long that accessing the ‘dark web’ with be a criminal offence. Even posting videos such as this are not far off being deemed as committing a criminal act. As with any video that opposes national levels of government in any virtually any form and has the ability, or potential, to result in public influence. The punishment for these offences will escalate rather quickly as a deterrent for future objections. The legislation regarding this has already been snuck through here and a commission with seriously high levels of power being formulated that is able to internally, and without oversight, identify, investigate and rule on criminal charges to be laid, based on an individuals ‘intent’ to carry out such acts. Yup.
    In the future, starting a yt channel and/or handing out fliers with information regarding a protest against a governments violations of human rights or it committing acts of war crimes will be a big no no. If found that the information you claimed to be factual is indeed incorrect, you are gunna be in deep doo doo. Even having a popular but controversial fb page would most likely score you free rent and food.

  36. so she's pissed because they can't steam open a data packet and spy on anyone they want…….Back doors are back doors. Hackers love this idea because it would make their job easier and allow them to sell our data to anyone.

  37. Break encryptions to have a birth to death, never deleted log of everyone’s actions and thoughts. We have seen this movie and it never ends well. No matter how good someone’s intentions are. They know this and are willing to be the bad guys to meet some end. I hope we aren’t the last free generation.

  38. You fucking idiots have you took a second in a ict class when I loginto a website if it was not for encryption my password would be out their

  39. Mark my words, Tor will be gone in a few years. Gen Z will be the last generation to use it unless we do something.

  40. 2:20 Ouch bro, I felt that burn through the anonymous connection.
    We need a spiritual revolution in time before we achieve GAI styl…
    Machines are learning emotions faster than we have mastered them.

  41. Cold War makes both sides do questionable things to their own citizens for the greater good. Government focus on internet after end of the Cold War that for some signalled victory for the "free world" is a direct consequence of the fact that internet given its citizens power that was not available to average Joe before and which can directly and on mass scale question government actions (which can be seen by the whole world, hardly available for normal citizen before internet) and also provide tools how to challenge government direction, more importantly, crimes on the internet went full retard in early days of no oversight and prospect of being punished for committing crimes. This is why governments especially oppressive ones want you to know that everything you do on internet can be tracked and punished, so people don't get false impression like many on internet still have that they are anonymous and untouchable, this is a dangerous illusion for both rich people thinking of being above the law but also for people thinking that the internet gives them the power to do what they want without any consequences. As always, many will suffer from the stupidity of a few for which are made often overkill actions restricting freedom to everyone, not only ones deserving it in order to keep order.
    Chance that governments allow use of internet anonymously to the point you can do anything while your actions, good or wrong being untraceable is very slim, because once there is no real way to punish people for committing a crime, there is plenty of brave people that will abuse this situation to their own advantage at the expense of others, chance that we will see emergence of real privacy on the internet is very slim for this reason, even though it also means abuse of surveillance power of governments as government surveillance agencies are often not monitored anywhere as well as they should as Snowden showed even to people outside tech nerds which are the only group that is actually capable keeping some level of internet privacy…

  42. No the thing about the UK government is they don't really understand Technology whatsoever. Even if it was implemented, encryption is implemented in software so if you are prepared to fly a plane into a building you can develop your own comms tools. really if you force terrorists to move underground it makes it more difficult I would think. GCHQ I think are pretty state of the art though and this is what they do apparently but all of the mainstream politicians while very bright are classically educated in politics and history and economics. So they sound very naive about computers.

    They don't understand that in Technology when you stop something, this creates a solvable problem and an evolution step for somebody to make. Perpetually.

  43. I feel like setting up a Server to ONLY serve the U.K. with things like OpenSSH, OpenSSL, OpenBSD, Linux, etc.. 🙂 Stop me Britain. 🙂

  44. There was a film called "Logans run" which has almost become prophesy fulfilled where there are more parallels than contradictions.
    Ironically there's a surveillance camera literally 4ft away from the plaque that commemorates George Orwell's residence. The latest intrusion into privacy is the so called "smart meter" which is simply a surveillance tool disguised as a gas and electric meter and everyone is being coerced into having one installed. Welcome to the "Republic of Dystopia".

  45. I would like to tell Amber Rudd that you can't insist everyone install paper doors on their houses to make it easier for the police to break in if they need to.

  46. This is all about the political class having power over the people
    Historically even a Mandate was Required in order to tap into someone's phone

  47. I think that money is not the concern of these private contractors building these weapons.
    In the past, if you were a contractor that built powerful weapons for the state, those weapons would end up in state possession, and not remain in the contractor's possession.
    In the present, hypothetically, if I get the government to pay me to research, develop, and deliver extremely powerful cyber weaponry, I now still have that weapon, even after delivering it to the state.

    Now sure, they may have agreements in place that prohibit the use of these weapons by my company, but they can't really prohibit the resources, staff pool, and skills that were developed while making those weapons from using those skills and resources for the development of other weapons.

    As a result, my company could become extremely powerful due to the amount of information I am legally able to collect, process, analyze, and store.
    And now I can be a source of information for the intelligence communities since it allows them to circumvent those pesky due process laws, and it's likely very lucrative.
    Oh, hey, you are an advertiser and want to give me money for my data? Sure, why not.
    Oh, you're a foreign government who wants some as well? Absolutely.

    So, the problem here is that Cyber is a completely new and unexplored geography of human social existence. Just like when we started taking to impassible bodies of water, the rules of existence in this realm are largely unknown. By those who dabble in this realm (eg state actors and powerful information co's), there are conflicts over control of this domain, but at the bottom of every conflict are people who can't protect themselves in this realm. They get victimized in ways that can't protect against, or even understand.

    How do you explain to someone who knew a person in their life time that was in the civil war, that some unknown entity that could be anywhere on the planet, got into your bank account and stole your life savings? How do you explain to a toddler who is largely babysat by youtube, that everything you do on this thing is being collected by a massive private corporation, and using that data to rewire your brain to be an attention ATM? It would be inconceivable to expect these people to know everything they need to do in order to remain safe and unvictimized. How do you even explain that to that toddler's mother? Most parents I know have almost no time to learn the new skills required to protect their kid from that.

    This ended up being a bit of a rant, but these are complex issues. You can't seem to tug on one thread without disturbing the whole weave.
    It would take me a tome to defend the conclusion I suspect will resolve this problem, but in short, I think what will ultimately happen is that these cyberweapons will become very accessible and freely available. Arguably, they already are. Anyone with a computer, internet connection, and a few hours of following tutorials can make use of free, open-source tools that can make you well armed to defend yourself in the cyber domain. It can also make people irresponsibly dangerous. That seems to be the problem of technology, we can not master a new tool without also making it a weapon, and that forces us to learn to not only defend against the tool as a weapon, but refine the tool for productive uses.

    We are just in the process of it going on, and it is happening so fast by historical standards that we can almost experience it in real time.
    We also have the ability to preserve all of the relevant information in such a high resolution that future historians will sift through the artifacts of our time and see exactly what mistakes we made, and what the new rules are.

    This is why despite how terrifying and uncertain things seem to be, I am largely optimistic for the future.

  48. Well it will be harder and harder to be free.
    Not last free generation but there will be less and less free people. There will be exceptions.
    Some people will be off the grid. And some will exploit it. Both will be the minority. This I am sure of.

  49. Some one with skill should start developing a worm.
    Self replicating stealthy and eventually capable to modify system data 😉 maybe some one can just disappear. Go dark as it were, or change names even. Governments, at least with microsofts trends will start to over rely on cloud storage. Without local and paper records this kind of thing could happen.
    It's pretty dystopian though

  50. If the uk makes it another 20-30 years it should be all good. Because all those old clowns will be gone and hopefully we will have some people with some actual knowledge of modern subjects.

  51. I totally agree, it's the "money" god of everything that has corrupted human progress toward freedom & enlightenment. Keep up this vital works. Much gratitude!

  52. The only real opposition to this kind of surveillance, marketing, market amoeba, is shared culture and knowledge, childrend should be taught the basis of the internet in various ways till upper high school, like any other school discipline

  53. Everyoneknows the safest place to do illegal terrorist activities is on second life. My question is where is anonymous in all this?

  54. Do you know what the uk goverment should also do aswell, deploy cameras in every room of everyones house in the uk to stop those evil insert buzzword here*, this with a ban on online privacy err… i mean encrption will stop the *buzzword from being evil and is totally not going to be used to spy on the population

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