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Good evening guys this is back story. And this show is about travis Kalanick, former
chief executive officer of the uber transportation network, He born in 6 of august 1976, and
he is 40 years old now. Speaking of this man he is the 190th richest
man, here at United States of America, according to the research done by forbs magazine in
2014. and According to the news his net worth is above 6.3 billion us dollars. This man is the co-founder of red swoosh (which
is peer to peer file sharing company), and Uber (the famous taxi service around the globe). And also he is a computer engineer graduated
from university of California Speaking about his career life. Before year 2000 he and bunch of his colleagues
help Dan Rodrigues to found the Scour inc along with Scour Exchange, after that he join
with Michael Todd and start red swoosh, and Then in year 2009 he found the UberCab, also
know as Uber with Garret Camp. I’m sure this is the golden era of his entire
life but lately it’s becoming complicated, I think that’s why he left the CEO position
on 20th june, 2017 . This golden company spread around the world so fast, and currently running
its business on 82 different countries. With more than 12000 employees, but I feel
like Uber is going down somehow, company fire 20 employees and put more than 30 employees
on back to training. And take many actions against its employees
after sexual harassment cases. Uber get reported for more than 50 Discrimination,
47 Sexual harassment, 33 bullying and so many more. So it’s kind of problematic for the company
future. So really what happened to Kalanick. This is what happened, There is roamer that He is getting more success
with women after he found the uber so people called him a boob er. And also people report that he had knowledge
about these sexual harassments cases and he didn’t do anything about that. After these repeated complains he fired his
senior vice president of engineering saying that he failed to disclose this sexual harassment
claim. And also People don’t really like him as
a leader. Because he has kind of an abrasive personality. According to the news things get more complicated
and difficult In February of 2017 when video was released where Kalanick was shimmying
between two women. And arguing with uber driver, and there is
a dash cam video you can find that video if you search. And then
Also in March 2017 kalanick’s ex gf speaking of an attempt to silencing her about Hr compliant
by uber vice president Emil Michael. After that bunch of shareholders demanded
his resignation for so many time, then he ended his carrier as a CEO but he still staying
with the uber. I think uber is falling apart. Lets see whats going on. And do you know there is comments section
in youtube, its below of this video so comment your thoughts, what do you thing about uber,
and Kalanick, feel free to subscribe and like or dislike, do whatever you want catch u guys
later good night and have a wonderful day

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