U.S., postpones joint military drill; Trump urges N.K. leader to ‘act quickly,’ ‘get deal done’

u.s. president all Trump is urging North
Korean leader Kim jong-un to act quickly and reach a deal with him on dismantling
Pyongyang’s nuclear weapons program in an apparent move seeking reengagement
with Pyongyang amid stalled denuclearization talks mr. Trump signed
off his tweet to chairman Kim saying see you soon his latest comments come as
Seoul and Washington announced the postponement of their upcoming combined
military exercises our Eason Jay starts us off amid the ongoing deadlock in
denuclearization negotiations between Washington and Pyongyang u.s. president
Donald Trump took to Twitter on Sunday to call on the North’s leader to act
quickly and get a deal done according to the tweet Trump says he’s the only one
who can get Kim where he has to be possibly referring to security
guarantees for the regime president Trump’s comments came as Seoul and
Washington announced a post moment of their upcoming combined military
exercises earlier in the day US defense secretary mark s Berg called the
decision an act of goodwill intended to promote diplomacy and he called on
Pyongyang to return to the negotiating table without precondition or hesitation
the North has long viewed the Allied exercises as a rehearsal for invasion
despite recent joint drills being scaled down and receiving assurances that they
are purely defensive in nature despite hope that the recent decision to
postpone the drills will bring North Korea back to talks the North has
instead denounced a recent UN Human Rights resolution against it
calling it a u.s. attempt to topple the regime advanced custom program unless
Washington stops its quote hostile policy against a regime last Thursday
the UN 3rd committee which oversees humanitarian issues adopted a resolution
calling for accountability for gross human rights violations in the north
Pyongyang views any attempt to raise the issue of its human rights at the UN as
an attempt at bringing down its regime easing J Arirang news

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12 thoughts on “U.S., postpones joint military drill; Trump urges N.K. leader to ‘act quickly,’ ‘get deal done’

  1. North Korea must stand up solid to defend their country against bullies warmongers terrorists attackers thugs war or not 💪💪💪💪💪

    Can USA give up their nuclear weapons first then north Korea can follow ??
    How about that deal ?? Cocksuckers hypocrites dark side 😁😁😁😁

  2. USA can do any right or wrong thing asper his desire, but no orher country can proceed ahead without the will of USA because of misconception that USA is a god on earth.

  3. Trump is clutching at straws to make him look good its to late as far as most people are concerned they think trump is a lying thieving racist that should be in prison 🖕

  4. He wanted to cancer korea from both side and the japan and then in to china from from korea japan Taiwan india pak.
    But they are exposed.
    Russia china has only to kick the ass of gangster part in india to pure brahmanism so india can free it self from colonial cancer in Brahmanism.as they did it to every philosophy in asia.so asia miss its true nature.
    Stick togather. No vs vs war.
    Now we sanctions them.pinpoint kick the ass of the colonial cancerism.

  5. Trump is clutching at his pearls. N Korea has no intention of letting another country dictate what to do.
    It has it own dictator.

  6. Hahaha a WANNABE DICTATOR dictating to a DICTATOR to make a deal now because the WANNABE DICTATOR is getting awfully DESPERATE….NO one wants to make a DEAL with DONNIE DESPERATE….NO one wants anything to do with DONNIE DESPERATE…hes as TOXIC as they get…BELIEVE ME.

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