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hey everyone welcome back to tech feed
I’m Julia Beauchamp I have a huge story for you today regarding the future of us
5g networks and yes it does involve Huawei stick around over the weekend the
Wall Street Journal reported that the Trump administration may potentially bar
any 5g equipment made in China from being used in the construction of United
States 5g networks this potential emphasis on the word potential move
could become a major roadblock in making widespread 5g a reality in the US and
equipment physical tangible hardware like switchers routers and cell tower
electronics are necessary to deploy 5g while Huawei being banned from 5g
network construction in the u.s. probably won’t hinder 5g deployment very
few telecom providers in the United States use its equipment to begin with
building networks without Chinese made parts could be near impossible so the
Huawei ban really opens the door for competitors like Nokia or Ericsson to be
some of the top providers for 5g network construction in the US quick recap the
Trump administration banned business transactions with Huawei due to an
alleged security risk under the assumption that as a Chinese company
while we must cooperate and potentially share data with the Chinese government
Huawei has repeatedly denied these claims Nokia and Ericsson are not
Chinese companies though Nokia is finished and Ericsson is Swedish but
that doesn’t mean they don’t rely on Chinese made goods somewhere in their
supply chain so this proposal would require these 5g network providers to
totally alter their supply chains and ensure any piece of equipment headed to
the US was not manufactured in China this is part of a 150-day cybersecurity
review that President Trump called as part of his Huawei band executive order
these talks are in the beginning stages it would be very difficult probably
pretty expensive and take a lot of time to actually shift supply chains in such
a dramatic way and as usual I cannot mention anything regarding the US and
China without noting the trade war going on
between these two countries so it’s possible this may never happen if the US
and China can reach some sort of agreement soon especially ahead of the
g20 summit this week as always I’ll keep you up to date with this whole Huawei 5g
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7 thoughts on “U.S. considers ban on all Chinese-made 5G hardware | TECH(feed)

  1. If this trade war goes on ,wouldn't it affect the U.S economy ,
    in turn the entire wold's economy?
    Looks like it will take a really long time for developing nations to get these 5G equipment
    U.S is a superpower ,it can easily install 5G on a massive scale , what about the rest?

  2. Erickson and Nokia should tell the US to shove it. There is the rest of the world to work with. Where would that leave the US? Out.

  3. US is pushing his allies to Ban huawai , indian government has received letter form US , not to use huawai equipment in 5G network or trail

  4. Nokia and ericsson made there device in china u ass hole.and above 40% patent rights in this tech is of huwei.

  5. 5G Will Change the World,Neither do we need to negotiate with the United States.It's enough for you to use 5GE😂

  6. 5G is believed by many medical, biological and microwave weapons experts to be very dangerous not just to humans but to all living organisms. The high powered high frequency focused beams of electrical energy are said to be capable of causing many diseases including cancer. Better to wait and see what happens in other countries where 5G is operational already. Shanghai residents will be the first guinea pigs.

    NOAA and NASA are fighting 5G for another reason. They say 5G will kill their ability to gather and transmit data crucial for weather forecasting. For example it could sharply reduce the warning time for hurricanes.

  7. US is saying it does want 5G, this create even greater lag in over tech development by the US. Right we are far behind already.

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