Twitter Reacts To Spider-Man Leaving The MCU

The day Sony Pictures, Disney, and Marvel
Studios’ Spider-Man deal came to an end is one that will live on in infamy. The news was and remains a huge deal. Since Sony and Disney, the parent company
of Marvel Studios, were unable to renegotiate the terms of their original 2015 deal that
saw Marvel producing Spider-Man movies with Sony retaining ownership, Tom Holland’s Spider-Man
is out of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, potentially for good. Fans the world over were shocked upon hearing
the news, and it’s no exaggeration to say that the response to Spider-Man leaving the
MCU has been emotional. Pop culture junkie, comic book enthusiast,
and filmmaker Kevin Smith took to Twitter to beg Sony to agree to Disney’s terms and
keep Spider-Man in the MCU: “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! Just stop it! Please, @SonyPictures – give @Disney what
they want and many millions of us will keep giving you our money!” Smith’s tweet was in reference to the reports
that Disney requested a 50 percent co-financing share in the Spider-Man film franchise, and
asked to retain producing status on future films, credited to Marvel Studios president
Kevin Feige. Sony is said to have flat-out refused the
proposition, as there was evidently no way the studio would be comfortable with increasing
Marvel’s current five percent cut of the franchise’s first-day profits to a 50 percent stake. On that note, Uproxx senior entertainment
writer Mike Ryan argued that Sony is in the right for walking away, as it would be unreasonable
to expect the studio to bump up Disney’s share from five percent to 50 percent. Ryan posted on Twitter, “People seem to be mad at Sony for Spider-Man
and the MCU separating? If you read the Deadline piece it sounds like
Disney raised its price from 5 percent to 50 percent, which is a lot! It’s not insane Sony didn’t agree to that.” “I’ll pay you the usual rate.” Ryan wasn’t the only one who felt this way. Marvel fan @AhmedMansoor_ tweeted that Sony
was smart not to bend to Disney’s whims, given that the studio’s Spidey franchise has been
flourishing as of late. Spider-Man: Far From Home recently became
Sony’s highest-earning film of all time, its 2018 animated flick Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse
is an Academy Award-winner, and its Venom franchise kicked off with an impressive $856
million worldwide pull, which recently motivated Sony to greenlight a sequel with director
Andy Serkis. The user wrote, “It all sums up to money and greed. I mean, did Disney really think that Sony
would let them share 50/50 in revenue? 10/90 max maybe? It just became their highest-grossing movie
of the all-time. With Venom & Into the spiderverse proceeds
it’s their gold mine now.” The Twitter account for joked that
Feige must have had the same conversation with Disney CEO Bob Iger that Tony Stark had
with Steve Rogers at the start of Avengers: Endgame. In the film, Tony told Steve that he “lost
the kid,” referring to the fact that Peter Parker got dusted in Thanos’ Avengers: Infinity
War snap and there was nothing Tony could do to save him. Though Disney apparently did try to keep Holland’s
Spider-Man in the MCU, Sony pulled him into its web in the end. “I don’t wanna go…” On the subject of comparing Sony to Thanos,
many feel the studio has a lot in common with the intergalactic tyrant for not continuing
to negotiate with Disney and Marvel. Countless others are concerned that Spider-Man’s
exit from the MCU means that the hero’s relationship with Tony Stark, not to mention the ending
of Far From Home, won’t be followed up on. One user wrote on Twitter, “How does Sony not understand that they can’t
just erase EVERYTHING that has happened in endgame? What do they think they’re Thanos now?! Snap and you can just erase spidey from existence
and everything he’s been through with Tony??!! NOPE #SaveSpiderMan.” Another added, “So Sony has replaced Thanos as the primary
villain of the MCU?” Many other fans, like Twitter user @BOSSKyJo,
all but shouted their outrage. As that user put it, “TONY STARK DIDNT DIE TO SAVE PETER PARKER
FOR SONY TO TAKE HIM OUT OF THE MCU! #SaveSpiderMan.” Things went from bad to worse when Sony issued
its response to the deal’s apparent collapse. A company spokesperson stated, “We are disappointed, but respect Disney’s
decision not to have [Kevin Feige] continue as a lead producer of our next live-action
Spider-Man film. We hope this might change in the future, but
understand that the many new responsibilities that Disney has given him, including all their
newly added Marvel properties, do not allow time for him to work on IP they do not own.” One fan expressed hope for some kind of agreement
to be reached in the future, directly addressing Sony on Twitter with a post that reads, “I respectfully request that you return to
the negotiating table and make a new deal that will please us, the fans.” For our part, the only hope we have for Sony’s
two forthcoming Spider-Man movies is that whatever they do, they just don’t make us
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100 thoughts on “Twitter Reacts To Spider-Man Leaving The MCU

  1. Yeah the situation sucks, but the people who are mad at Sony are misdirecting thier anger. This is 100% Disney's fault for being the greedy pigs that they are. They didn't try to negotiate a deal. They wanted half or nothing. I have to respect Sony's choice to say no way even if I don't like the results.

  2. Disney :Sony really messed up they have destroyed spiderman and all crossover ideas,

    Sony :5% to 50% oh hell no boy you better make money of your own move

  3. Good, Disney's spiderman sucks anyhow. As a matter of fact I hope disney never gets him back. Andrew Garfield should have stayed spiderman.

  4. PLEASE Disney/Sony, save this deal. No one wants to see spidey in the sony-verse, we just dont. Tom Holland is perfect in the MCU, best spider-man we have ever seen. The Venom movie was just terrible. I have zero faith in a Sony franchise.

  5. Spiderman doesn't need fancy Stark tech! All he needs is red and blue spandex and web shooters. They took away the allure of spider powers when they added in all the techy junk. Furthermore it made a plot with the symbiote worthless because it offers nothing his stark suits can't provide.

  6. Let's say you have full rights to your science project, which is your baby. Your friend came up with a way to make your product famous. He was asking 5% cut of profit, now he is asking 30%. Don't forget that he gets 100% profit in all merchandise sales. Would you agree with this deal? Stop complaining if you never think about it as the victim. Even the consumers are greedy because they only want their movies made, and never thought of who really wanted to change the contract/deal in the first place. Heck, merchandise sales in Marvel movies can even make more profit than box office. MCU was really trying to take all from Sony, which is outrageous!

  7. From a business standpoint it’s just hardball and if you think about it, SONY HAS SOMETHING DISNEY WANTS. I’d play hard ball too. But this comment doesn’t matter considering a deal has been made

  8. Everone needs to go on Twitter and express that Sony should do it for the memory of Stan Lee. If Sony is put under the fire of millions of fans they will have no choice but to save themselves from public shame and rework the deal @

  9. If sony will take spiderman, I want them to make Peter Parker tech savy and at least make him go through some challenges, have some issues, make us feel for him and generally, I just want a darker spiderman but will sony do it right

  10. I dunno… yes going from 5% to 50% is a lot but… it's Marvel and the MCU which make Spidey movie so much profitable, so… how does that sound when you do all the work an somebody else just collect 95% of the money?

  11. Why not just make two separate movie universes with Spider-Man? Keep Tom in MCU and put him in a regular Sony Spider-Man universe with venom and everything else. They would be different universes, but they would never be linked. Spider-Man in two separate universes. Sony can make new deal with Spider-Man in MCU, but Sony can make have their own universe with having another profit. It would satisfy both companies and fans in general!

  12. I'm confident NO ONE would go from a 5% "loss" to a 50% "loss"…

    Not quite sure why people going at Sony like it's their fault acting like they're the greedy ones…

    Pretty sure if this was reverse everyone would UNDERSTAND the problem here, but nah…. Sony is bad guy here😂😂😂


  13. This video is very pro MCU. Disney is pretty much the tyrant here. Bullying Sony is not gonna work. Sony will just make a Venom vs. Spiderman movie

  14. And here I was hoping to see a Spider-Man movie based on the comic books of kraven's last hunt. Well I guess that dreams gone out the window

  15. Man Stan Lee is really mad to Sony and Disney for Spider-Man is leaving the MCU and thats Stan Lee's Favorite Hero he need the stones to erase Sony into Dust Forever

  16. This is why I hate humans sometimes there greedy trait leaded to this ughh jeez sony don’t be a bully!!! 🤬🤬🤬

  17. Might we get Spidey and Venom in the same movie now? And have it be actually decent?? Hardy's Eddie/Venom and Holland's Spidey would make for an interesting dynamic, especially if Venom remains an antihero instead of being the villain.

  18. Disney being greedy, why the hell would Sony give them 50% they need to appreciate we have Spiderman and not fuck it up for us, the fans

  19. spiderman didn’t leave mcu.. mcu got depressed and left spiderman.. now spiderman is happy with other company.. mcu is also happy to know that.. 🙂

  20. Dude… Sony offered up to a 25 percent counter offer. That was beyond generous, but Der Haus das Maus is a greedy corrupt corporation.

  21. Corporate greed destroys everything. I think all companies involved will learn this when the next live action Spider-Man film doesn’t do as well because fans just aren’t as interested now that he’s gone from the MCU. Maybe then they will renegotiate.

  22. Noticed you left out stan Lee's daughters response which basically gave disney the middle fungure. Oh i forgot disney pays your bills

  23. Too many people on here thinking Disney made a better Spider-Man. Lol yea aunt May is in her late 30s. Sony has made waaaay better Spider-Man films. Disney MCU sells because of advertising and the connection with Iron Man and IW and Endgame. But look at how they've ruined Thor!!! I'm glad this move has taken place. People that are upset are simply lame and nothing but Disney MCU bandwagon fans and not actual Marvel fans.

  24. Sony was right to walk away. Disney is trying to bully them into giving away what they own, just like they have done countless times. From 5% to %50 is an unreasonable demand. So the pressure must be put in Disney to renegotiate in good faith.

  25. Pls..stop this stanlee died happily then now you'll just to his passion to give people happiness jeez how much more people want greed than to comemorate the work of a LEGEND…

  26. Give this one time. When Sony's next attempt at a studio nit-picked solo Spidey franchise under performs at the box office they'll likely limp back to MCU with their tails between their legs.

  27. Imagine if they bring Andrew Garfield back and do TASM 3 along with all the spinoff films they were supposedly planning on doing

  28. It really bothers me how everybody keeps blaming Disney for Spider-Man departure but everyone seems to be ignoring the fact that Spider-Man wouldn’t be where he is now I.E. Sony’s highest grossing film ever if it weren’t for Disney so I say they had every right to ask for 50%

  29. How stupid people are these days really .
    You blame Sony when Disney is the one the blame, the bigest and richest film complany who has billions want even more money from 5% to 50% how dumb are you people, would you do that shit and for example pay 50% taxes and not 5%

  30. Meanwhile the amazon is burning and everyone is crying over a movie? You still think humans are still worth saving?

  31. Sony is only making money on their Spiderman movies because of Marvel. Sony does not know how to tell the story correctly.

  32. I like Thanos, but seriously why does everyone have to relate him to anything they dislike?

    “Oh Sony took Spiderman, THANOS!”

  33. Disney with Marvel is the reason why Tom Holland's Spider-Man was such a success. I understand that 50% is ridiculous. However, Sony has not been making good superhero movies.

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