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Twitter Changing its character limit rules,
Toyota investing in Uber, Twilio launching a sim based service It’s Tuesday May 24th and this is Crunch Report Hope everyone is having a good day hustling
and living. Twitter is going to be making a big change to the twitterverse in the coming
months. It plans on evolving what counts as characters in tweets. In a tweet you can only
have 140 characters and previously media attachments like photos and youtube links counted toward
that character limit. Soon those attachments and “”At”” replies will not count. To get
a better understanding on what this means lets talk to Techcrunch Reporter Josh Constine
who wrote a in-depth article on how this could affect you Since it’s twitter people are going to hate
and love these changes. Hash-tag Cantwin Hash-Tag belieber” Gett, a cab-hailing startup with operations
across some 60 cities is getting a 300 million dollar investment from VW. VW plans to use
the investment to spearhead its own move into ride-sharing, on-demand transportation and
autonomous cars. This isn’t the first time though a major car manufacturer has invested
in a ridesharing company. Earlier this Year GM invested 500 Millioin dollars into Lyft.
All these car companies want to get in on the on-demand action. Volkswagon was the sole
investor in this round. For those of you looking to add a pinch of
pizzazz to your pics, Andrew Bachelor better known as King Bach. A social media star on
Vine and instagram, is hoping that his new photo-editing app, Bachify, will be the perfect
way to polish your photos. Bachify aims to be a comprehensive photo-editing experience
with the ability to use tools like stickers, Instagram like filters, make-up brush, polishing
and my favorite, “pimple remover”. Yummy. Bachify is available for iPhone for $1.99
and iPad for $2.99, and can be downloaded from the iOS App Store. Twilio the cloud communications Platfom is
launching a new product called Programmable Wireless — a SIM-based service that has
a built in partnership with T-Mobile so that developers can build full-featured, all-in-one
cellular services, to be used wherever they want. It could be as part of an IoT network,
or even a consumer product, like a new mobile phone service, maybe a connected smart watch
of some kind. No word on pricing yet and the service will be available in the fourth quarter
of 2016 Remember earlier in the episode I was like
“all these car companies want to get in on the on demand action” Well it looks like Toyota
has invested an unknown amount into Uber as well. Which to me makes sense since 90% of
the Uber’s I have gotten into have been Toyota Prius’s. Details at the moment are a little
mum since Uber would not disclose terms of the deal or the financing program. When we
find out we’ll make sure to get you updated. That’s the report for today. I’m Tito
Hamze Crunch Report airs every weekday at 7 pm Eastern,
4 pm Pacific, on You can also find us on iTunes, and on YouTube. See you

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12 thoughts on “Twitter Changes 140 Character Limit | Crunch Report

  1. Ever see someone that smokes a lot of weed….but they act like they don't…but you know they really do on non-work hours? Lol…

  2. Agreed with Josh, Twitter needs to do more than character limit to survive. Don't even know what they CAN do at this point, lol.

  3. I want to reach through my iPad and cut that curly fry off his head but the presenter was cool ,like a white Reggie watts p.s bachify is baweful

  4. Even at 140 characters without @s and URLs, I don't think tweets are going to become "long winded" It's still brevity that rules on this platform; this coming change is hugely needed and I'm looking forward to it. Twitter could still do with adding an "edit" option for correcting mistakes.

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