TweetUp Simplified

This is Simon. He runs a well known tech blog. Simon uses Twitter to promote his blog and inform consumers of all the latest gadgets and innovative companies. But lately he’s been frustrated because his tweets disappear within seconds of posting. With more than 50 million tweets posted on Twitter every day lots of people are tweeting about things like iPads, web videos and apps. But they’re not all high quality tweets like Simon’s. That’s why simon started using TweetUp. Instead of tweeting the same thing over and over. He placed a bid on certain keywords that relate to his blog. Now when people search for relevant terms on partner sites like, Twitter Feed and Seesmic they’ll see Simon’s ad at the top of the TweetUp sidebar. Boosting his tweets above the noise in the Twittersphere. If Simon’s ad isn’t relevant then it will be bid out of the system, ensuring that people only receive high quality results. And if Simon would like his ads to show up on his blog too, he could add TweetUp directly to his site and generate revenue at the same time. Now that’s worth tweeting about! Using TweetUp he has attracted more targeted followers and increased both profits and website traffic. Simon says, Try it out! Boost your tweets above the noise!

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