TWC9: Build Registration, Microsoft Startups, 5 Things About Docker, and more

>>Welcome back to another edition of
This Week on Channel 9. I’m your host, Christina Warren, Senior Cloud Developer Advocate. And if everything
goes as planned, this will be
my last week in a cast. I’m so excited. Also, this is my weekly reminder
that Seattle drivers, please look out for pedestrians. Okay. Let’s get into
this week’s top news. First up, as we
told you last week, registration for
Microsoft Build is now live. Build will be taking place in Seattle from May 7th to 9th, 2018 and I’ll be there, many of your Channel 9
favorites will be there, so you should be there too. Register now because
tickets go fast. And if you see me,
please say hello. Next up is some
exciting news for anyone working in or with
the Startup Ecosystem. Microsoft has just launched
Microsoft for Startups, a new program that
delivers access to technology and community
benefits to Startups. Microsoft is
committing $500 million over two years to offer joint sales engagement
with Startups, along with access to our tech
and new community spaces. In another life, I
actually reported on Startups and I’ve
even worked at a few. And so, this is near
and dear to my heart, and it’s something
that’s great to see. For Windows 10 Insiders, a new Insider Preview Build 17101 is available
on the Fast Ring. And for those who’ve
opted to skip ahead, you can access Build 17604. Up until this week, Insiders
who opted in to skip ahead, previously were
receiving the same RS4 Build as Insiders
in the Fast Ring. And skip ahead were turned off. And so, many Insiders
remain and skip ahead since joining into the beginning of RS4, which is
the latest release. Starting now, Windows
Insiders who opted into skip ahead will now start receiving new builds for RS5, which is our next
Windows 10 release. These builds will come from
the RS pre-release branch. Check out the blog post for some of the new stuff in the Builds. The improved emojis are most definitely my favorite support. Since the demise of
groove music and let’s take a moment of
silence, that was enough, we’ve seen a bunch of
other native music options crop up for Windows 10, including Spotify in the
Microsoft Store and for Xbox. Now, music lovers have
another option from Amazon. Amazon Music is
now available for Windows 10 and
the app looks amazing. It’s available in
the Microsoft Store, and it works with
both Prime Music and Amazon Music Unlimited. Next up, in security news, Windows Analytics now helps assess Meltdown and
Spectre protections. And like we’ve
discussed last month, the Meltdown and Spectre
exploits are nasty. And plenty of IT pros have questions about
how they can best find out if
their Windows devices in Enterprise are affected. And it can be hard because in addition to
the software updates, hardware needs firmware updates, and antivirus software
needs to be compatible too. To help I.T. professionals everywhere,
we’ve added new capabilities to our free Windows
Analytics service to report the status for all Windows devices
that they manage. And these new capabilities
include Antivirus status, Windows Operating System
Security update status, and far more status, and
it’s all in one dashboard. Next up, one of
the coolest parts of the Microsoft Cognitive Services
is Bing’s Speech API, which lets you do
text to speech stuff. And, the Bing’s Speech
API has now been extended to support new
languages for text to speech, bringing the total up to 34, and some of these new languages include Bulgarian, Croatian, Malaysia, Slovenian,
Tamil and Vietnamese. Powered by the
latest AI technology, these 34 languages are available across 48 locales
and 78 voice fonts. Through a single API,
developers can access the latest generation of speech recognition
and TTS models. In Channel 9 news,
be sure to check out the latest episode of 5 Things. This time with
Simona as she talks about 5 things you can do
with Docker, with Dan Wahlin. Also on Channel 9,
our very own Golnaz, interviews Beatris
Mendez Gandica, a Program Manager
at Microsoft in the latest episode of GALs. The episode is awesome, and I would also like
to take this time, to give Golnaz a shout-out because she is getting
married this week. Congrats G, we love you. Next up, Brady Gaster, one of my favorite people
in the world, has put up a great tutorial
about how to push Docker Containers to the Azure Container Registry,
all using VS code. It’s a great write-up and just another example of all the cool stuff you can do in code. And now, it’s time for
my pick of the week. And this week, I want to
highlight and congratulate the VideoLAN Team for
the 3.0 release of VLC. VLC is an open source video
player available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS. And for as long
as I can remember, it’s been one of the first apps I install on a new system, regardless of operating system. Because it plays
back almost any video or audio format with ease. Plus its open source
which is awesome. The new version has tons
of new stuff including hardware decoding
for your HD and UHD, support for HDR,
Chromecast support, and a faster UWP version
for Windows 10 and Xbox One. Thank you VLC team
for all that you do. Well, that does it for me. I will see you next week, hopefully, without a cast.

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