TVJ News: Nail Biting By-election in East Portland – April 4 2019

it’s Thursday April 4 good afternoon I’m
Herman green with the midday news a special welcome to those of you watching
online at one spot Mediacom it’s the day political enthusiasts have been waiting
for a nail-biting by-election fight between the Jamaica Labour Party’s
anne-marie vos and the People’s National Party’s Damien Crawford the TVJ News
team is in the constituency and our reporter Andrea Chisholm now joins us
live for an update on the day’s proceedings so far Andrea thank you very
much Herman it’s a bleak afternoon here at Port Antonio High in East Portland as
hundreds of supporters from both the Jamaica Labour Party and the People’s
National Party participate in by Election Day activities
it’s the PNP s Damien Crawford versus the jail B’s and Marie Vaz and both
candidates have been expressing optimism as to how today will pan out now the
electoral office of Jamaica says as at 11:00 a.m.
voter turnout was twenty five point two eight percent that’s twenty five point
two eight percent voter turnout as at 11:00 a.m. and at the last general
election in 2016 the voter turnout as at 11:00 a.m. was fourteen point four seven
percent so we’ll see what that translates the later on just over thirty
six thousand three hundred and fifteen people are registered to vote here in
East Portland which has five divisions and that sport Antonio prospect fairy
Hill man Channel and fellowship now earlier I spoke with miss Sonya Gonzales
from the PNP and favor Williams from the JLP at the International University of
the Caribbean in Snow Hill Portland so far we’re a little hiccup earlier when
the Jamaica Labour Party persons were trying to rush the polling station but
we got under control between myself and miss Fievel Williams
we are came to an agreement so we all came back on this
and she brought back our people on the side so far it’s going pretty well we
noticed some strange persons that we think don’t live here but they are not
getting a chance to go inside because they electoral offices in the parrot our
brain is not unusual two persons who are from Portland what’s a strategy to
counteract that this morning well if you know what this we have umbrellas we have
ponchos and our commitment confidentially oh yes how have things
been going so far so far great we started early we’re here we are all set
up as you can see the rain is falling but we are ready for it because we had
checked ahead of time and we knew was gonna rain so we all set up in our
raincoats and umbrellas and we have cars and people need to get the right to get
to the polling station I was told this morning of a hiccup that you had here
with the PNP earlier but it was what you don’t well though there were well both
groups to be fair were too close to the polling station and you know tempers
flared but you know you got they got the better of themselves and both groups
retreated to their proper positions now as expected it’s bumper-to-bumper
traffic in the tone center of a Port Antonio so we’re having a little
difficulty navigating that and it takes quite a while to traverse the town area
however there’s a heavy detachment of security forces from Bodie Jamaica
Constable Air Force and the Jamaica Defence Force and they are maintaining
law and order here in East Portland earlier I also spoke with the general
secretary of the JLP dr. Horace Chiang and the general secretary of the PNP
Julianne Robinson and both were pretty confident of victory going into today’s
by-election so that’s all for now here in East Portland will continue to
monitor activities and of course we will bring you the results and the latest on
the ground in primetime news at 7 Herman it’s back to you ok Thank You Andrea
now TVJ is do an Anderson is also covering the by-election in East
Portland doing what have you been observing so far Thank You Herman so I’m back in Port
Antonio here in Portland but for the last six hours or so we’ve been roving
through East Portland trying to get a feel of what’s really happening on the
ground now I’ll just tell you about a couple of experiences I’ve had and a
member and other members of the media I’ve had since morning well first in
Norwich in East Portland we were barred from entering the polling station there
no explanation given what we continue with our work we then went out into an
area called Draper’s also in a constituency we again we were barred
from entering the polling station based on what we’ve read and what we
understand from the stipulations coming from the EO j members of the media
should be allowed on these premises under normal circumstances normal
circumstances speak to vote lack of voter intimidation violence in the area
from what we observed no such problems in either area so we don’t know why that
was done we asked a senior officer in the drippers area why this was the case
he said no such order came from the police I come out here in the parish and
eventually we were left let on the premises know also we spoke with a
couple of party aficionados from both PNP and JLP the PNP they seemed of be
equally as upbeat but you can tell just looking at their faces that you’re
slightly worried about voter turnout most of the polling stations we went to
the lines did not appear to be that long a lot of persons are saying they are
expecting a 60% turnout we have to watch that number because from what we’ve seen
that might not happen but we’re still watching one of the reasons that might
not happen the rain this morning it was absolutely holding down here in East
Portland it has since ceased but it is still overcast and ever so often it
drizzles on so things really picking up but not as as a high octane as persons
would have hoped until then we’ll have more later but
until then it’s back to you guys in the studios all right thank you do we and of
course both reporters will have comprehensive coverage in primetime news
along with the results and as voting progresses in East Portland after months
of campaigning political analyst Richard Crawford has
weighed in on both candidates chances of winning the seat he was speaking on TV
Jay’s smile Jamaica program this morning polling stations for the Portland
by-election opened at 7:00 this morning and members of the public are
anticipating the final results the candidates have laid out their plans for
the constituency and both had important ideas which may appeal to the residents
who want change political analyst Richard Crawford says though the later
doctor linville Bloomfield was beloved by the people his constituency was being
neglected a party pnp East Portland was taken for granted by the PNP we win so
much we don’t really have to fix up the place yeah you understand that that kind
of argument and nobody really paid as much attention to it
as it should be so eventually people got angry that the roads the water supply
all the jobs all of these things are not there
he said that GOP candidate and Mary vos appears to be an individual who will
work in the constituency while PNP candidates Damon Crawford represents
where Jamaica should be heading mr. Crawford added that whichever candidate
wins the seat there will be serious dialogue if the other party as a loss
would be a signal of trouble 44% of the people turn out to vote for 4 to 4 to 7
percent in a national election the people are fed up for the kind of
politics all right and I also got 47% I can bet you a significant did the turn
out to vote yeah they don’t just come here because I love the two parties but
the political analyst says the outcome of the election will influence what will
happen in Jamaican politics in the coming months if the PNP wins
what are repercussions for probably giving them a gasp of breath to come
again if they lose plenty of problems you’re going to have internal
discussions and arguments there right if the GOP candidate wins solidifies the
GOP is position but as quickly as possible maybe in masters TVJ news we go
down to other news in an attempt to salvage pride following anti
get chance in that Kingston college which are captured on video Calabar high
school head boy Andre McKenzie and seven other students trekked from Red Hills
Road to North Street yesterday to officially apologize that their sporting
arrival amid public outrage of indiscipline the slurs were made two
days after KC were crowned champions of the 2019 is a Grace Kennedy boys
athletics championships on Saturday at the National Stadium the caliber boys
were accompanied by acting principal Calvin rule inside a packed KC Chapel to
make the address and caliber is incumbent principal albert corto who is
currently on leave was also there to endorse the remorseful ness mr. Carter
told The Gleaner that he will resume control of a school on May 1 member of
parliament for Western Westmoreland dr. Wickham McNeill wants soldiers to be
included in a call he has made for an increase in the number of security
personnel to serve Negril mr. McNeil says 11 murders in Negril since the
start of the year is way too many for such a small town he was speaking at a
stakeholders meeting in agro Negril a small town in western Jamaica popular to
both tourists and locals but all is not well criminal activities including
murders are making many business operators nervous Western Westmoreland
MP dr. Wickham McNeil held a meeting with business operators and the police
to address the concerns which he describes as worrying the police say in
2018 Negril recorded 21 murders but a mere three months into 2019 and they
have already recorded half that number dr. McNeil says part of the problem is
that Negril security compliment is woefully inadequate where we say
security forces will mean both police and soldiers and whatever needs to be
done to make that happen should be done because people are living in a bit of a
pall of fear right now if you take just Negril for example there are no 60
officers deployed here 60 police deployed in Negril there about that’s
the information we have and we also spoke of the sort of the closed-circuit
cameras that have been installed in and around integral for about two
years or checks revealed that of the fifty-five cameras installed only 24 are
working this is totally unacceptable totally unacceptable so the fact of the
matter is that it’s something that must be looked in because the problem we face
is that if you’re going to solve this murder problem that we’re facing you
have to catch the criminal and bring him to justice but to catch him you need
evidence hoteliers have also complained that some cameras especially those on
the main road aren’t in the best location
they argue that putting cameras in front of a property that already has private
security makes little sense and that some have been installed in poorly lit
areas however the police say 70% of the people who commit crimes in Negril use
the main thoroughfare they say having more working cameras there would help
them keep an eye out for the perpetrators dr. McNeil also spoke of
the police vehicle shortage in Negril spill we’re getting these complaints
where persons are calling because of problems and the time it takes because
the police just do not have the mobility required well we have seen in the budget
where there’s some cars but we need them urgency not just the cars but we also
need motorcycles and in light of recent attacks on members of a Chinese
community in Jamaica several high-ranking members of the Jamaica
Constabulary force have been providing tips on how to improve and enhance their
safety national Chinese liaison officer Assistant Commissioner of Police
Bishop dr. Gary Welch addressed members of a Chinese community at a central
County mingle held in Mandeville Manchester recently he disclosed that
last year alone there were close to 100 crimes committed against the Chinese in
Jamaica including two murders he urged residents particularly Chinese living
and doing business in the island to play their part in protecting themselves from
being victims of crimes we British High Commissioner to Jamaica
as if Ahmad is encouraging Jamaicans who may qualify for compensation under the
wind rush compensation scheme to make contact as soon as possible his advice
comes on the heels of Wednesday’s announcement of a 200 million pound
compensation package from Britain since the windrow scandal broke in 2018 of
Commonwealth citizens who’ve lived in the UK for decades being deprived off
benefits or deported mr. Ahmed says he has been working to find your may cons
who were affected with the help of the Jamaican government we’ve been able to
track down a huge number of people and some 3,600 people have actually had
their British citizenship afforded to them so they haven’t had to wait for
many months for that important step to be taken our officers here have been
processing visas for people who’ve been deemed to be eligible to return to the
United Kingdom and there’s a steady flow of those going on over the last few
months under the new compensation scheme persons who believe they are eligible
for compensation are encouraged to make an application Jamaicans may seek
information by contacting the office through the wind rush helpline or by
sending an email they may also request a callback if required claim process
itself is going to be open for two years so it’s not something that we’re gonna
be announcing today and the windows will shut within a few weeks and or days over
the next 24 months people can read and digest the the rules they can put
forward their claims and then there will be processed the st. elizabeth police
are still trying to piece together the circumstances which led to a fatal bike
crash along the park main road in the parish wednesday evening dead is 30 year
old Anil Essen farmer of ginger Hill in the parish it’s reported that sometime
after 7:30 mr. Essen was traveling behind a toyota
prado along the park main road from santa cruz towards likova it’s believed
that mr. Essen attempted to overtake the toyota prado which was turning right he
slammed into its right side and it was thrown from his motorcycle into the path
of a Honda CRV mr. Essen received several head injuries and was taken to
the Black River hospital where he was pronounced dead we go down to news in
sports Jamaica’s world number three runs sunshine girls will be looking to
improve on their position at this year’s netball World Cup in Liverpool England
but the team is now in fundraising mode to make that dream a reality the details
in this report being the most successful team sport for Jamaica netball Jamaica
is oftentimes left seeking funds to facilitate the team’s participation
especially in overseas tournaments the local based sunshine girls and the
Association have been working overtime to make their trip to this summer’s
netball World Cup possible now four months away and a 42 million dollar
target to make their trip netball Jamaica has taken matters into their
hands refusing to rely solely on assistance from the government we want
to reach out to the regular Jamaican to try to support the sunshine girls rota
Liverpool and that is we’re approaching 60 at least 60,000 Jamaicans and each of
them are asking for $500 to contribute $500 to the campaign if we’re able to
get 60,000 and that’s thirty million dollars out of the 42 that we need and
so this is going to be in partnership with first global bank who will provide
the platform the bank account for us to use where people can go in make
contributions where people can transfer money from their bank accounts to first
group a bank account just over a month and a half ago the sunshine girls also
started an initiative to garner funding from members of the public I believe
that we will get our target seed money because oh I carry my weight into Gibson
it was really really well received with our teens like everybody was excited to
come on board and put something in our tea
when he went into my work please they were excited to contribute and they said
that we got $95,000 from that just I’m going to give some so I’m happy that
Jamaicans are on board and willing to support us the sunshine girls who were
fourth at the last World Cup in 2015 will be one of sixteen teams
participating in this summer’s edition of the prestigious tournament Jamaica
will play in Group C alongside Fiji Trinidad and Tobago and South Africa at
the July 12 to 21 event try Shona McGowan TVJ sports and before we go we
join our reporter doing Anderson who is covering the by-election in eastern
Portland thanks guys so just a bit of breaking news are updating human in
terms of what’s happening here on the ground in East Portland so I just spoke
to a og officials here in the parish and they told me that so far 25 percent of
persons registered to vote have cast their ballots 25 percent why is this
important because at the same point up to 11 o’clock in 2016 14 percent of
persons registered would had voted and so far we’ve been speaking with party
aficionados and they’ve been complaining that things are low and slow in terms of
water turn or turnout so while they’re complaining about that it’s not so bad
so we are we have to keep an eye on what is happening in this regard but as soon
as we get anything else in terms of information we’ll be sure to send it to
you guys until then it’s back to you all right
thank you doing and that wraps up the midday news I’m Herman green remember to
join us at 7:00 for the prime time news package on behalf of the newsperson
production teams good afternoon

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