TV Buying Guide 2019 – HDR 4K TVs, OLED, LCD/LED, IPS, VA Screens

Are you looking to buy a new TV in this video everything you need to know before buying a new television nowadays the amount of screen sizes available is outstanding from 14 inches to over 100 inches so how do you figure out the right size for you according to THX you should divide the diagonal width x 0.8 4 inches this will give the result of the ideal distance between you and the screen using this method if you get a 65-inch TV you should sit around 6.5 feet from it another calculation you could try as a seating position between one and a half or two times the diagonal width of your screen using this approach a 65 inch screen would work for a viewing distance between 8.1 and ten point eight feet but if you want you can try the viewing distance calculator you find the links in this video description below if you one of those who think this will work for you there are a few things to consider first remember that the TV will be right up flat to the wall so you might want to go up a screen size or two second many TVs don’t ship with wall mounts included so look for a TV with wall mounts crew positions compatible with the vesa industry standard and another thing to keep in mind is the viewing angles especially vertical viewing angles if you are planning to mount your TV near feeling or above a fireplace something typically not recommended there are two types of TV technology LCD and OLED and both are important variations on the LCD industry LCD LED TVs use panels of liquid crystal pixels illuminated by external light sources the advantage of LCD TVs are the brightness the affordability and durability their main disadvantages are limited viewing angles and difficulties controlling light in the picture there are two types of LCD panel IPS and VA IPS are predominantly made by LG display’s feature and LG LCD TVs and also in some usually affordable models from other brands VA panels are more widely used and made by a variety of manufacturers IPS panels offers slightly wider viewing angles than VA panels but struggle with contrast on the other hand VA panel feature narrower viewing angles but generally produce much better contrast OLED TVs use a system of organic foss foss that enable each pixel to generate its own light this allows a superior contrast and like precision than you can get with even the most advanced LCD TV olaide TVs can be watched from much wider viewing angles than LCD TVs without color or contrast reducing however there are also issues with an OLED TVs they’re still substantially more expensive and old lade TVs currently can’t get nearly bright like a LCD TV something that could become an issue with HDR content if you want to buy an LCD TV the key point to consider is how the panel is lit because this has a great impact on the screen contrast some panels use lights mounted on the edge of the screen edge-lit panels while others use lights mounted directly behind the screen generally speaking tvs with lights behind the screen deliver better contrast than edge-lit models but these models don’t generally feature such slim designs tend to cost more and often consumes more power other option to consider with LCD TVs is local dimming this can dramatically improve contrast these days main connections are HDMI USB ports and multimedia support with HDMI try to get at least three and with 4k TVs try to get the TV with the 2.0 rather than 1.4 HDMI version USB ports are useful for both playing back multimedia look for at least two I dearly three but keep an eye on the USBC type it will be a stander soon most TVs have built-in Wi-Fi and ethernet ports so that you can connect them to the internet curb TVs are much less common in 2017 if you are looking to buy a very large TV or you’re going to be sitting pretty close to your screen a curved screen can make a slightly more immersive experience curb screams follow the shape of your eye making the corners of the picture look sharper than they do on a flat TV and also curved screen loose less color and contrast when viewed from an angle however there are issues first they tend to distort any on-screen reflections second if you watch from an angle of really much more than 20 to 25 degrees the picture can start to look shortened and finally if you are not feet in the optimal position if you’re either too far back or off to the side curved TVs can distort the pictures geometry high dynamic range HDR TVs are able to produce pictures that contain much more brightness and contrast than normal TVs as long what you watching contains HDR luminant data all current HDR TVs also support wider color spectrums often described as wide color gamut all wcg currently there are three types of HDR HDR 10 is the industry standard and all he be supported dole division adds an extra layer of information that tells a TV how to render pictures are themed only some brand like LG Vizio TCL and sony support this and there is also hybrid log gamma that was designed for HDR broadcasts some LCD TVs usually high-end TVs have started to use this technology Quantum Dot technology delivers wider Quantum Dot technology delivers wider color ranges than you can get with normal LCD panels quantum dots of tiny particles from two to ten dena meters in size with each size capable of emitting a different color avoiding color filters and white LED backlights two things that typically limit an LCD TV color performance, quantum dot TVs are generally markedly more expensive than normal LCD TVs and samsung is still a biggest reliable man you actor in this quantum dot technology with its 2017 models but there are alternatives to quantum dots when comes to expanding cover range triluminos models from Sony use wide range fossils and LG with nano selves in its high-end TVs screen brightness as measured in NITS, and with many HDR proponents including Dolby vision we are enter on an it race where TVs all push to get brighter and brighter the brightest LCD TVs samsung’s upcoming q LED models can get as bright of 2,000 nits the 2017 generation of OLED TVs are recognized to get to between 800 and 1,000 nits contrast ratio is basically a calculation of the difference between a screen deepest black and brightest wives written for instance as 10,000 to 1 but now few TV brands are quoting contrast ratios the sound quality of the flat TV can vary greatly this is something that you should pay attention if you do not intend to use an external sound system look how many speakers a TV has and its configuration for instance a two to one configuration would indicate two stereo main speakers with one dedicated bass speaker or a three to one configuration that would point to a dedicated center or dialogue channel alongside stereo and bass speakers sub woofer speakers for bass are always welcome because is known how much TV speaker suffers from lack of lower end sounds another audio issue is lack of space available to speakers and thin TVs meaning they usually have to expel their sound downwards tvs that manage to provide forward sound results in a much cleaner and more powerful sound another warning of Stevie’s that offers DTS or dolby digital surround decoding no TV can deliver anything close to a proper surround sound from its own speakers the best solution here is to use actual rear speakers especially with a sub woofer to add bass today almost every day we can connect to a network enabling the use of online features or to access media files stored on other devices such as cell phones tablets network attached storage etc but in reality the quality of such smart features can vary greatly don’t be seduced by App quantity, the vast majority of TV Apps are pointless App quality is much more important, in fact for many the only online feature that really matter are the online streaming services especially amazon prime Netflix and catch-up services for your regions broadcasters finally the simplicity of a smart TV interface will rule and how much you might use it currently LG’s webOS and Panasonic’s home screen systems handle their content most effectively I’d like to thank you for watching and if this video was useful to you subscribe to this channel that I’m sure you already did and I’ll see you in the next video care

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  2. Wow! Well done!! I really enjoyed watching this. Very informative and superb graphics & sound quality. I had to subscribe to see what else you have…

  3. The Sony X930E is edge lit but has better contrast and blacks than many backlit LCDs. Also has twice the local dimming zones than Samsung’s qled

  4. I could never recommend LG TVs. They lie. I bought one 2 yrs ago and it advertised their touted WebOS 2.0. When I got the TV I couldn't figure out why I wasn't getting all the ADVERTISED features. When I called customer service they told me my TV has WebOS 2.0 lite. Nowhere was this advertised or mentioned. It was like it was a made up thing. When I googled, I did find WebOS lite info, but it was nowhere on the TV product box, literature, etc. The company doesn't stand by their products either. And my main reason for getting this TV was for one particular feature not included in the lite version- the laser pointer for typing on the TV keyboard.

  5. IPS LCD technology has 4 generations of products, IPS LCD technology from Panasonic / Hitachi, the best IPS PRO LCD screen from Panasonic (fourth generation IPS screen viewing angle 178-180 degrees, brightness 4000-4700NIT, Panasonic MASTER / 2 CPU and circuit technology upgrades, contrast ratio reached 1 million: 1 peak, using high purity liquid crystal, South Korea LG is not the only company that produces IPS LCD screen (TAIWAN company also produces IPS LCD screen) VA LCD from Japan's Fujitsu The company's MVA liquid crystal technology is currently licensed to all companies that use VA LCDs (these companies simply changed the first letter of MVA (eg Samsung: SVA, PVA, etc., Taiwan AU, ChiMei PMVA, etc., Sharp owned ASV LCD and IGZO true 8K pixel LCD and OLED)
    OLED: Panasonic POLED first generation (large-size TV OLED, AMOLED is an ancient OLED technology, Sanyo and Kodak joint development, 2001 CES Electronics Exhibition, Sanyo introduced AMOLED's 40-inch HDTV TV, Samsung bought AMOLED technology in 2002, it is just an abbreviation of a self-emitting light emitting diode matrix, the result of an Apple's smart phone to save the AMOLED screen, AMOLED red, green and blue diodes only 2000 — 3000-6000 hours, And obvious color cast and color attenuation problems, so Samsung can not create large-size OLED TV, can only deceive consumers, using Sharp's ASV four-color screen above 60 inches to create a QLED, QLED LCD TV, Quantum dot The concept is from SONY's 4k LCD smart phone, LG is currently using the Panasonic POLED (WRGB)
     Panasonic's second-generation POLED PRO RGB JDI OLED RGB and Sharp OLED RGB (RGB on behalf of a new generation of three primary colors OLED, brightness can reach 1000-1100NIT, for example: Panasonic's new model POLED TV EZ1002 / 1004 brightness is 1000-1100NIT, gray Is 2048, the color is 8.6 billion, is an ordinary OLED can not achieve the color / grayscale / brightness, LG uses the first generation POLED color is 1 billion, the brightness is 450-500NIT, grayscale is 1024, Panasonic POLED PRO color To achieve the color level of PDP tv

  6. OLED Image screen burn. LG won't replace OLED's under the warranty. How many of you know this? Guessing not many from the comments. You have been warned if you are gaming on an OLED for many hours. My advice……stick with LED 4K UHD 'HDR'……and make sure it's got 'Local Dimming' otherwise you won't get inky/jet black levels during dark picture scenes….they will be grey!!

  7. what is the most durable smart tv for normal use. my sony kd 43x8300c android 4k smart tv lasts only 2 years and 10 days. whats the use of buying expensive branded high quality picture tv set if it will only lasts for 2 years or less

  8. Or determine the length between where you're seated, times 12, divide by 3. My LR, for example, 15 feet * 12 inches / 3 = 60 inch tv.

  9. Hello please what smart tv is better the Lg 55" oled hdr 4k E7/B7/or C7 comparated with samsung qled hdr 4k 55" thank you the price is similar what smart tv is better the all LG is same.only.diferent is the only one is diferent is sound sistem 40w anorher 60 w thank you

  10. They should have gotten Richard Starkey (Ringo Starr) as the speaker for this video. And also check and correct to Quantum dots, instead of Quatum above (at 6.30 – 7.21). Otherwise it was informative.

  11. VA blows away both IPS in the contrast and having the best blacks. Contrast for IPS is always 1000:1 ratio where VA is 3000:1 basically when it comes to dark scenes it will look much better on VA screen this is pretty much fact. Also even trying to mention electric usage is a joke. Also viewing angles IPS is barely better then VA. The angles where it does make a difference no one in their right mind would even play at those viewing angles. Also lets not forget about IPS glow which pretty much every IPS monitor has to some varying degree, go ahead and google IPS glow.

  12. i first bought a lcd tv.took it home and told xbox x to check it out..first of,the picture was very dark.weak in away.4k hdr10 it was.but it said,cant show games in full 4k…im was like ok..i bought the shit for hdr10 and 4k. and i knew it had also a weak shine on the i went back and stabbed a kid who smiled at me.)) no,from joke to dope.i was told this tv was good for xbox x and i belived him,but he was he said just find a new and and showed me a shny bright tv with a picture twise as good as that tcl tv(was 200pounds cheaper)and 200 times shittyer.super uhd 4khdr ultra hd! the lg tv is just amazing good.and its 49t .these hdr10 4k xbox games are just so good looking that im abit addicted to the new graphics that x gave us .i started to care less,but then next gen came and im joining,and the others cant be stuck 3 years back in the old car when i like to be with the new and better and quality instead of being stuck in evolution..i need to play some farcry 5 then i ….get visit but.i want to play some today…assassins creed i just bought and only played 27hours of it..well.friends keeps me away from fun

  13. Don't go with Sony, very bad customer service. I am the example in front of you with my high value defective TV.

  14. Local dimming don't work properly on Edge lit, it produce luminous bands. The worst combination is IPS+edge lit+local dimming (at least on VA panels you can set local dimming to low and still have good black levels). Also curved screens suck if you watch from a distance then 2x diagonal and from a side. Avoid those!

  15. No one buying or watching TV anymore, because it's all propaganda and its spying on you, it's watching you when you undress or taking a shower.

  16. Actually, the OLED TVs are not as bright, and brightness is what overcomes daylight conditions. Also, OLEDs have a shorter life (about half) and, in that time, can have pixel issues with burn in, burn out or shifting color. You have the fact that all TVs to date have had organic material forming the picture and, like we who are organic, can suffer these problems with prolonged exposure and intensity of use. Only QLEDs are NOT organic; instead they use crystals (mineral) which does not suffer the same fate. In fact, Samsung lifetime warrants the panel for those problems from which other TVs suffer. Now, eventually the light source in the TV will burn out (life-tested up to 100 years), and, of course, other things like human error, surges and other extreme situations can occur, but the panel will not burn in, burn out or shift in color.

    Couple this with the fact that, feature-for-feature, the QLEDs are usually cheaper than OLEDs, I believe sticking with QLED is the best way to go.

  17. Don't buy oled if you watch sky news (or any other channel with scrolling along the base). After 17 months of normal viewing my Logik 55" oled has severe screen burn along the bottom and a large round circular screen burn in the centre (caused, I assume, by the fact that on most channels a fairly static face is centred). This has rendered my expensive tv virtually unwatchable. Logik say screen burn is caused by leaving the television on pause for many hours (untrue) and anyway is not covered by warranty. BE WARNED – DO NOT BUY OLED!! Check you tube and internet for many, many similar comments.


  19. I got me a 70inch Samsung QLED last year for $3400 and it only lasted 7 hours. Two hours to hook it up and 5 hours of watching. Suddenly it the picture disappear with only the sound was on. Called Samsung and took 3 hours trying to repair it. Finally I decided to returned it. Now, I would not be buying anything with the Samsung name attached to it. This year, I will be buying again but it would be a Sony instead. Samsung products are real trash.

  20. I have a Samsung JS9000 and it's got colour bleed and dimming issues, which are an inherent problem with that model…I bought it from CURRY'S and it's in for repair right now. Iv'e told them I want a replacement with OLED because the light bleed and back light issues will occur again, but they are just repairing it…Iv'e been a loyal customer as have my Brother's and Sisters to CURRY'S for three decades and we have spent tens of thousands of £'s with them in that time…They can't even look after us over 1 item and it's disgraceful…The problem isn't the repair…The problem is that they know they are sending me a panel back with a built in fault…My friend has the same TV and it happened to his…He bought his from Martin Dawes and they credited his account and he got an OLED no problem…AVOID CURRY'S like the Plague….They are NOT interested in the customer……The JS9000 can go in my boy's bedroom when I get it back till it packs in again..OLED from now on for me, for sure, and I'll be buying from Martin Dawes…My whole family are boycotting Curry's from this moment on…

  21. That was very nice and useful… Thanks.. But can u suggest some budget TVs like 40 or 43 inches tv with value for money, brand and etc.. Confused of so many cheap brands… Please.. Need some recommendations…

  22. Hi, I realy like your informative video!
    I Have a quick question, if I wish to display a Constant pic on my tv screen, which monitor would be more suitble? Im asking because I understand it might cause a burn.. Thanks

  23. 1. buy any top super duper TV
    2. get amazed because your unit's picture and motion quality looks flawed compared to the demos you saw
    3. spend hours and hours for setting and googling
    4. get disappointed
    5. learn to live with it. There's no a perfect TV. Just hype.

  24. I've got many 3D blue-ray disc, but now my TV is LG 4K OLED, Which doesn't have support for 3D, any suggestions for using them with this TV

  25. Every review site will spend an hour on the screen and two minutes on the usability, sound, and content. You should really look at usability. You'll get used to the screen. If all you are doing is plugging a cable box and media player in then you dont care.

    But if you want to use the Smart part of the TV to browse, play web content or network /USB content content, enter User namers and Passwords and not spend 3 years of your life doing it then LG WebOS wins over Samsung Tizen every time.

  26. We cant use our 55" TCL smart TV now because its not working anymore…The lcd turned into black while we are watching..theres a power and the led power lights is on but no screen at all..its just 2years, what happen TCL? I WILL NOT BUY TCL ANYMORE

  27. I want to buy a tv, so is anybody who can help me what to buy. PLS i need recommendation which of this is the best 4k tv: Philips 50 pus6703, philips 50 pus 6503, philips 50pus6203. LG 49 uk6200, LG 50UK6950 PLB, LG 50 NU7022. TOSHIBA 49 U5863DG, GRUNDIG 49'' VLX 7850 BP. Thx

  28. I haveLG 55 "4k uhd TV brought through Best By 2 and half years ago Now the tv not working no display Black screen.power led on
    I contact lg costmer center .They send an engineer He can't reconganice the problem .

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