Tutorial: How to repair broken hard disk drive and recover your data. Beeping sound or clicking

Dear friends welcome to another video. Today we will try to fix this broken hard drive. This hard drive was inside my laptop for a year and a half and now it is not working so, suddenly I lost all my work because this hard drive stopped working. It just makes some funny noises and it does not work. I have already sent to in a Data recovery company in Athens and they tried to recover my files with some software tools but they had no luck and they said me that they have to open the hard drive and that the cost would be very high! So I thought that the data in there are not worth the money that they asked me so I left the hard drive aside and I thought that it is completely dead. But after searching in the internet I saw that some people had succeeded to pull their data from broken hard drives like this. Now, that’s what we will try today. We will try to open this hard drive and get the data from it. Of course then it will be not useful for work in that hard drive because it won’t work for a long time but luckily we are going to recover the files that we need from this hard drive. But first of all let’s hear how it sounds. I will plug it in an external case for hard drives. Let’s see… That’s the sound it makes. Let’s do it again. I will now plug it in my computer and hear the sound. It seems that it cannot spin correctly. It makes a sound like it is not spinning, so … I think that the head is stuck. and all we have to do is to unstuck it. Let’s try it! In order to open the hard drive case we are going to need a T6 screwdriver. You can find it many places on-line, I will put a link in the description of the video where you can buy it. Let’s start very very carefully. I have removed all 6 screws that were visible and there must be another one that it is invisible and it is under this label and if you remove this screw you warranty is void of course. because that’s why it is in there. Let’s find it. OK, I take it off. That’s the last screw, let’s remove it. OK, all screws are gone. Open it at your own risk. I am not responsible of any data loss that you have. Very very carefully now… Look, the head is stuck We have to put it back to it’s original position. In order to do that we have to be very careful We have to turn the head counter clockwise it normally turns this way, clockwise, we have to turn it counter clockwise and at the same time moving the head to the right. Let’s do it. OK, i found what screw it is, it is a T5 in my case that we have to use in order to turn this hard drive. OK, very carefully now I am going to use the T5 screw turn it counter clockwise and at the same time I am going to move the head to the right. That’s it. Let’s close it and try it. We are back in the computer. This time I have connect the hard drive to my Desktop because it is easier to use, and as you can see it is visible in the Windows Explorer but I can’t access it because it says: It is destroyed or it can’t be read. The first time that Windows booted the disk was visible and the files were visible as well. but when I tried to copy the files to my other hard drive the system crashed, because I think of bad sectors in the hard drive, and I had to reboot. The next time I rebooted, the disk is visible but the files can not be seen. But I have found another software in order to recover some of the files of the disk. Let’s see. I have now loaded EaseUs Data Recovery wizard Professional which is a great tool in order to recover files from a hard drive. each time you use your hard drive after you have opened it you loose files, so do this at the first time you open your drive. I did some other stuff because I didn’t know it, and I have lost some of the files but, if you do that at the first time you open your drive you will have many files available. Now we have to check local disk D: for files and we are going to stop the quick procedure and use the “Deep Scan” instead because we want to find the more files possible. This procedure is very slow. The first time I did it, it took me around 10 hours. I was able to find most of my files I recovered them, and now this is the second time I do this and I do it on camera to show it to you and that’s why it won’t find as many files as it did in the first time. So, when you open your hard drive use a software like this, you can try it for free find your files if you are satisfied with the results you can buy the software and recover your files. 2.5 hours later I have stopped the software from running because it has already found most of my files! Look! These are the hard drive folders. All here. This is the user’s folder and my user name that I was using in the computer. Look, all my data is here. I can click this button here or I can select any folder that I want to recover and I can press recover and you can save it to your hard drive. but you can press recover only if you have bought the software. So let’s look what this software has found by type, look. Let’s see some jpgs. As you can see it has live preview. You can see the thumbnails any of the it. Recover… That’s it. The file has been successfully recover and its in external hard drive. I can open it and see it. Let now see other types of files it has found. Let’s go to documents and open a pdf file for example. OK, let’s open the BMP180 data-sheet that was in my hard drive. It is now recovered, let’s open it. As you can see it is here fine. It is impressive how easy it is to recover files from a broken hard drive. What else… let’s go Let’s search for some other files I will search for files with extension of .ino for Arduino projects I had. That’s my weather station project… Recover. That’s it. Everything is here intact. Impressive! That’s how easy it is to recover you files by searching, by type, by path everything is here, but of course some file I think will be damaged but most of it is here. The procedure is almost over we have successfully recovered almost all the files If you have some data that are not so valuable but you don’t have anything to loose by damaging your hard drive you can do it at your own risk. It works, you can see it works I used EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard to recover the data in my damaged hard drive you find the link for the program in the description of the video. You can buy it it costs around 70$ and it works fine as you can see and please be careful with your data recovery. Thank you very much for watching this video, if you like it press like below, and subscribe to our channel for more videos about DIY project. Thank you very much.

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100 thoughts on “Tutorial: How to repair broken hard disk drive and recover your data. Beeping sound or clicking

  1. when i turn my laptop it says Boot Device Not Found so if i follow your video will this work.I also already sian my hardrive quick test and expensive test it say not installed so please help me i have hp pavillion sleekbook 15

  2. And if you had done the job in a clean-room and with proper tools to lift the heads off the platter, you would not have had the second problem of not mounting the second time.
    On top if you damage it in a degree where it must go to clean-room, the solution only becomes more expensive due to your impact.
    BTW you don't know the value of your internal harddrive until you have made a second backup of your backup 🙂
    So – do nothing on you own until you have a backup of your backup – should be added to your disclaimer.

  3. What could be possible causes of failures when upon powering up the HD, the platter start motion, the head moves on the platter for about 3 times and then spinning comes to dead stop, nothing happens afterwards until I plug off and plug back in the HD and same sequence of motion repeats??

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    Λοιπόν οταν ανοίγω το λαπτοπ βγάζει το λόγκο απτο λενοβο και μαζι με αυτο κανει και εναν ήχο σαν ΤΟΥΤ ΤΟΥΤ ΤΟΥΤ για 10 δευτερα και μετά σταματάνε και τα δύο και απλά φαίνεται μια μάυρη οθόνη μήπως μπορείς να βοηθήσεις ;

  5. I cannot thank you enough about finding that final hidden screw. I've kept scratching the whole sticker trying to find one without any success for hours. The sticker has a sort of metallic base which I kept on scratching thinking it is the drive case while it's just the sticker. Also I've searched all over the internet trying to find the exact location of screw for my model without any success. Thanks again mate. Now to the more important task of resetting the drive head 🙂

  6. i dont need my data .. i just want the hard drive work again 🙁 i dont want to buy new one every 3 months o.o

  7. Thank you for your tutorial! It fixes my stuck Seagate drive and all my data is still there! Thank you for the clear instructions!

  8. re file exw enan sklhro western digital 500 gb o opoios douleye mia xara ospou mia mera apla den anabe tpt allo den douleyei katholou . mipws exei kaei ? epishs exw enan allo seagate 160 gb o opoios otan ton bazw sto pc kai paw na ton anpsw kleinei kateytheian to pc kai arxizei na anavwsvhnei to led fwtaki me kokkino xrwma . ti mporw na kanw ? eyxaristw gia ton xrono sou !!!!

  9. My hp sleekbook said boot device.not found and when i install new.os like windows.7 the hdd partition is not listed so if i follow this video will it fix.my problem2 days ago•

  10. Pls someone help. My Samsung 1TB external had the same problem, we fixed it like in the video. I connected to the pc, it was good at first, 100% condition, but at the second connection it started to warm and worked slowly, the condition decreased very fast. The condition now is only 52% in few hours and it says 261 bad sectors:( What can I do?

  11. please help me
    What data must be compatible with among WD hard drives 2.5 BLUE If I want to replaced Head reading or pallets

  12. i m having problem with this samsung HD 320GB 2.5 SATA . the hardisk drive shows up but i cannot access what should i do??

  13. MY computer is not working when hard drive is attached. It shows an error while startup meanwhile computer is not working completely.The repair person saidthe hard drive is dead. can we recover the data. I had many important documents in it. I want my data back at any cost. It's very very important.
    Kindly Do help. is it still possible to get those pictures and other files back from hard drive?

  14. I have a question, I have a transcend hard disk (with the protection cover), few days ago I lost my temper which was fully my fault, because my laptop couldn't detect my hard disk, but the light was on but it wasn't blinking which if it's detectable then it should blink. , so I bang my fist on the hard disk. Now it can no longer be detected, nor does the light blink, I only get that sound. My question is, is the damage going to be extremely bad to the hard disk or can I solve it? As I have sent it to a store but they said they could not fix it but I'm not sure if they tried this method as you mentioned it is very expensive so I don't know if they attempted this step.

  15. Φιλε έχεις κάποιο Mail να σε ρωτήσω κάποια θέματα που έχω με το σκληρό μου δίσκο;

  16. You repaired your hard drive before using data recovery. i repair necessary before attempting to retrieve data from the hard drive.

  17. don do this guys u cant.. u need special tool & cleanroom environment. if not ur hdd sure partical contem & next gone.. i duno why this video so many like… u cant do this open air…

  18. Χαιρεται …. εμενα δεν μου εμφανιζει το εικονιδιο απο τον σκληρο δισκο?? ενω στις συσκευες το βλεπω !!!

  19. BTW, never plug a repaired or unstable HDD straight into a Windows PC. Windows loves to scribble over drives, even in read-only scenarios, which is dangerous when working with weak heads.

    Instead, boot into a Linux system (preferably a forensics live CD), and use the ddrescue command (note: ddrescue, not dd_rescue, the latter is an old, outdated tool) to perform a sector-level backup to a new (reliable) drive. Run any file recovery on that drive, if needed (most of the time the ddrescue copy is usable as-is).

  20. I took the arm off the platter and it now moves back and forth but it's still getting no read. I have a Seagate 1 TB Backup Plus.

  21. This man is my hero, i love this video so much, every explanation here is very clear and understandable. how i wish developers of android studio could post such a wonderful tutorial like this on how to create a website to app on android studio tutorial. To this man, i love your tutorial keep it up and thank you so much for the tips too in loosing the hard disk. love it.

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  23. Sir, our seagate hard drive is damage. It prevent the computer to start. The hard drive is not accessible. I did removed the damage hard drive and computer starts as usual. Is their a way to make the drive accessible?

  24. Hola my pc se enciende y se apaga no pasa del logo de inicio y despues se pone la pantalla en negro – Qué tengo que hacer

  25. Don't ever try this . The sticker on the top is sharper than a sword. It is blade kind material. I cut my finger by removing this sticker. Then the hard disc died permanently. This is the worst experiment i made after watching YouTube videos.. I lost my hard disc…

  26. Long time ago, where harddisks were more prone to errors, we used another trick to loosen a stuck head without openong the unit, and that was to carefully slam the side of the disk into a table. It worked fine most of the times, and you didn't have the risks involved with opening it.
    Another thing I learned, if you had to, was to open the disk in a bathroom, as there is usually less dust there. But the slamming approach worked fine then.
    This is only my own experience, and I cannot predict how it will work for you.

  27. As I had such a problem I found a tool named 'recover my files' it worked perfect, was in chinese but only had two buttons and it was for free, but it was on Win98, very long time ago.

  28. greeting! when replacing the disc cue head must be all from the same hard disk manufacturer or can it be a cache of any one? but with the assumption that electronics and electronics have changed?

  29. Be Aware Please don't open your hard drive without clean room it result in permanent data loss .Be Aware.

  30. companies should put a warning sticker on harddrives so every new user knows the risk and start making backup. I had a loss too when i was younger and i do backups since then.

  31. Hi, i have to know if this technique that you used in this video would work for exactly this problem? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zaYStghhuOs
    My PC recognize the usb connecting but the HD doesnt show on My PC, and also i cant initialize the HD from administrator.
    I only want recover some data from the HD. Can i try this for that problem of clicking? Please response! Thanks!!

  32. NEVER open a hard rive unless you are a professional. I tried this and ruined my hard drive. My data could have been retrieved for free or very cheap but now that I opened it, it will cost hundreds of dollars.

  33. With a SCSI Drive slamming the thing won't help if the arm stopper under the disk has disolved. There is a plastic lever on the left near the arm (ir carries the heads) and if the rubber stopper has let the arm move too much to the center of the disk that lever has to be reset AFTER the arm has been moved to where it permits the lever to go to where it should be. The rubber has to be big enough in diamter not to let that arm move in too far. It's at least 6mm if not more, looks oike a pinch roller on a cassette desk almost, 3mm high when on the pin it goes on

  34. φιλε μου εχω εναν WD 500 ο οποιος μου ειχε πεσει κατω και τωρα γυριζει και κανει click,click και μερικες φορες σταματαει και δεν τον αναγνωριζει το pc,υπαρχει σωτηρια λες?

  35. That dust thing is actually a lie. The surface is so smooth that dist comes off very easily. If you notice in the video a small white rectangle in a chute type thing off the left-hand side of the drive, it's actually a dust filter. Which is why the platters spin up first before the heads move is to not only give a cushion of air for the heads but it also removes any particulates off of the platter heads themselves.

  36. there is and another way to fix by your own your hdd with a cheap but professional quality tool like that https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-TO5tfaRszA

  37. What hard disk drive really means.

    A hard disk drive (HDD), hard disk, hard drive, or fixed disk[b] is an electro-mechanical data storage device that uses magnetic storage to store and retrieve digital information using one or more rigid rapidly rotating disks (platters) coated with magnetic material. The platters are paired with magnetic heads, usually arranged on a moving actuator arm, which read and write data to the platter surfaces.[2] Data is accessed in a random-access manner, meaning that individual blocks of data can be stored or retrieved in any order and not only sequentially. HDDs are a type of non-volatile storage, retaining stored data even when powered off.[3][4][5]

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  39. Wait, is HDD usable after doing this (assuming you wipe the disk clean of information), what are the odds it gets stuck again?

  40. Recently i purchased a Toshiba HDD and after 6 days it stop working . A clicking sound come from disk . I call to service center but they never receive call . I am very much frustrating from this company . So on behalf of this comment i want to tell you one thing that think twice before buying Toshiba hard disk . My motive is not to contempt Toshiba but i don't want that anyone suffer from same.

  41. i disassembled my hard drive now it wont work just spinning sound and 2 times tick tick and stops completely , can you help me ?

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