nippon nabarerebare Yo guys, Miguel Joker here once again With another video as i promised a Ninja tutorial, if you’re new at the channel click on the card to see a Phoenix Tutorial very requested, besides that, click on subscribe if you’re new here and if you’re already a subscriber, don’t forget to share the video to help the channel cause i have to put a lot of effort on this types of videos so as everybody knows, kc cup is here and now we have to ‘analyze’ and choose so you can find YOUR deck to reach top 500, 500 yeah just like that haha so we’re here with the first version of this deck using three star demotion at the moment this is the best version but it’s down side is that you’ll have only 1000 LPs after you use it and the match ups we’re gonna analyze it now this deck has really good match ups against Burn (amazoness and the old one) and mill it’s basically 80% chance of winning and those 20% of losing it’s a very strong deck against this sorts of decks decks that use to set a lot of S/T and are backrow reliant cause Red Dragon Ninja (RDN) on the other hand this deck’s biggest weakness is Cyber angels, of course sometimes you can win but this is really the worst match up for 3SD ninja well, now ket’s talk about the High level Ninja monsters to begin with we have Black Dragon Ninja (BDN) i’m gonna show you guys some plays with BDN later BDN is just really good against Cyber Angels it’s just the best Ninja agaisnt Cyber Angels Because he’s able to banish himself just a quick explanation on he’s effect now you, send a ninja monster and a ninjutsu card to activate it so first, you send any ninja monster from your hand or field, BDN too and a Ninjutsu S/T pay attention to the Ninjutsu traps linked to your other Ninjas on the field cause if you pick a trap before your monster goes to the grave too and removing any ninja cards any card that has ninja or ninjutsu on it’s name from your hand and field face-up cause face-down trap cards can’t be used they have to be face-up you select a monster on the field and remove it from play, you can either remove another monster or BDN himself but then you have to send another Ninja monster without being your BDN on the field that’s why you can remove BDN sometimes to escape from an E-con or even Dakini’s effect or you can even remove your other monsters that are being targeted by a Mask of the accursed or any other target cards and you can remove your opponent’s monsters too but be careful when you remove your opponent’s monsters because when this card leaves the field the banished monsters come back as i’m gonna show right now, well, on this play as you guys can see i’m gonna banish my own BDN it’s a standard play agaisnt Dakini and when you pop the effect you’ll be able to see the cards to ban either from your hand or field, be careful when you select i pop it’s effect BDN’s effectt and now i’m gonna send a monster from my hand to the grave and the Ninjutsu art of tranformation from my hand too because i don’t have any face-up Ninjutsu cards on the field, now i choose my monster so my BDN is getting banished by it’s own effect, it’ll escape from Dakini’s effect it also can attack twice on the turn if that’s the case (an OTK for example) and i activate my Floodgate or else he would have a 3700 ATK Dakini now my BDN returns to the field and it’s safe from Dakini’s effect well, now on this play imagine that i have Sasuke on my hand OM1 Biel made a similar play against me on the last tournament i joined (Rare Hunter’s Generation cup) just to show more options that you have for BDN’s effect, there’s A LOT of options now he’ll have a 3700 ATK Dakini and i still have that ‘Sasuke’ in my hand or i’m full LP (4000 LP) and i don’t wanna spend my floodgate on it he has 3700 ATK so what do i do? i pop BDN’s effect and i send my own BDN to the grave and the trap that is linked to BDN so i’ve sent 2 Ninja cards to the grave and i banish his Dakini you’ll see just so i can return it back to the field with 2700 ATK and on defense position (so next turn he would attack with ‘Sasuke’ and destroy it) so this play helps you survive for another turn i return it on defense position well, another option we have here is to banish the ooponent’s monster so if he has a big monster i can banish it and i’ll have clear path to attack but be careful, cause if your BDN leaves the field the banished monster returns for example if i summon Senior by tributing my BDN the opponent’s monster will return as i’m gonna show it now so now i’m gonna show i’m going to attack here just to remember you guys that if there’s any of your opponent’s monster banished by BDN and your BDN leaves the field you can return it on Attack or defense as you preffer but be careful so i attack here there’s the Dakini that i banished so i attack here you’ll see and now i want to banish a monster to attack again, the only monster that i can banish to attack again is BDN (he made a mistake and said Red Dragon but the right play is to banish BDN) if i banish my Ninjwhich is what i’m gonna do and of course always look at your traps to see which ones are linked to your monsters, mine wasn’t linked to any monster so i banished BDN so after banishing BDN i show that same thing, when BDN leaves the field the banished enemy monster returns to the field as you can see that’s why you always pay attention to your trap cards linked to your monsters, and if you banish be aware if you banished enemy monsters with BDN’s effect well, here no i’m showing my favorite play and the most simple, which is i’m going to attack and remember, always look at your trap cards and the monsters that you choose if you’re picking a monster from the hand or on the field so i pop BDN’s effect and discarding a Ninja from my hand that i don’t needand a trap that’s not linked to any of my monsters i’m gonna banish my own BDN i’m banishing it and attacking again to OTK him (one turn kill) this is the famous Black Dragon Ninja’s OTK on the most simple way now here i’m gonna show Ebisu’s effect, a level 4 monster don’t forget the opponent must have in this case that i have Ninjas on the board equal to the number of set S/T , that means you’ll only be able to use Ebisu’s effect on 2 or 3 cards 1 is impossible cause you need to have Ebisu and another face-up ninja that’s why you need your opponent to have the same amount or more S/T up to the number of Ninjas you have on the board on this case he has 3 cards, as i summon another ninja to use Ebisu’s effect on the 3 cards and now i just OTK him with RDN (he sad BDN but he summons RDN) i should’ve attacked first but since it’s just to show you guys… on this case you can even summon the parasite in your deck with Ninjutsu art of transformation but here i’m gonna show the RDN dealing with that face-down monster that’s why i like Floodgate on this deck cause it fits well with RDN so i send the Amazoness to the top of his deck and now i just attack him, let’s see on this scenario you can do even more stuff to secure your win so i attack first with Sasuke and i even had 2 Ninjutsu art of transformation here i could activate another Ninjutsu art of transformation but on this video i’ll show you guys many things it’s a little bit more complex so i pop the Ninjutsu art on my ninja i could even summon the parasite but i decide to summon BDN that’s why i always tell you to read the cards very well now don’t forget that i have i see that he has a Sphere Kuriboh (Sphere Ebola xD) here my RDN is linked to a trap that’s why i’m gonna select RDN and the trap linked to him so for you guys to have a better look here i should select the RDN on the field after attacking with him and the trap, see, it’s linked to my RDN i’m showing it and i select them that’s why RDN was sent to the grave (cause of the trap linked to it) so always be aware about which traps are linked to your monsters now my BDN returns to the board and i attack again i can even banish it again as you guys can see now i banish it again i discard a Ninja and the Ninjutsu trap that now isn’t linked to any monster cause when the leaves the field and returns by it’s effect it doesn’t link again with the trap so you can discard it again now he returns one more time to attack again here i show what to do with RDN and be careful with RDN it’s really powerful against the backrow but you have to use him properly first thing is about missing the time for his effect activation he’s effect doesn’t word if it’s the second trigger of a chain it has to be the first card to pop the effect so you guys can see i’m using RDN’s effect after my opponent activated a card the effect won’t work now i show that the RDN the card that you target with RDN’s effect can’t be activated in response of his activation but it can be activated in response of the activation of ANOTHER card on the same chain what that means? if i select an opponent’s trap card, he can’t activate it directly in response of RDN’s effect but if the opponent activates another trap card and THEN he can activate the trap card that i targeted with RDN’s effect cause that trap will chain RDN’s effect and you’ll be able to pop the targeted card cause it won’t be in response of RDN’s effect but it’ll be in response of the 2nd trap activated that’s why you can activate the targeted card that’s very important to know he first won’t be able to activate the targeted card by RDN’s effect but it’ll activate the other trap and chain to it with the first card, the one that RDN targeted in response of the previous trap card activation but to be clear no card can be activated directly in response of RDN’s effect here i show that RDN’s effect can only be activated once per turn i pop the Ninjutsu art and after the second RDN’s effect won’t pop the 2nd RDN effect won’t pop cause you can only activate RDN’s effect once per turn that’s why one the best things is to pop RDN and it’s effect on the end of your opponent’s turn and the other RDN on your turn, that’s the best play here can’t activate and now here you guys can see the basics, the basics are always the best on the end of his turn i summon RDN end the RDN will deal with his trap card and on my turn i can summon it again if i want and that’s the best thing to do you can also remove Ninjutsu cards from the grave to pop RDN’s effect here i’m gonna show you guys, Senior’s effect few people use Senior and the ones who use Senior only run 1 on the deck most of the time it’s a good card you can summon 2 ninjas, even 2 BDNs from the hand or grave i’m gonna summon 1 from my hand and 1 from the grave but they’ll be face-down on the field the good thing about this is that they don’t get linked to anything neither a trap or any other cards so, here the Ninjutsu ar of transformation in this deck so in this deck Ninjutsu art of duplication is even better than Ninjutsu art of transformation and the Duplication is a Normal rarity card and Transformation is an Ultra Rare card Duplication is better cause on the big monsters you can summon more then 1 monster and clear the board easily for example you can summon an Ebisu and 2 level 1 Ninjas that’s why level 1 Ninjas are good in this deck like on this case RDN and a Red Ninja the ninja that destroys trap cards not a bad option that’s why duplication is better nut the problem is that even face-down monsters stay linked to the trap you can even summon 3 monsters with Duplication (he miss spoke and said Tranformation) for example a level 4 and 2 level 1 monsters like an ebisu and you can even tribute him later like i’m gonna do here for my BDN and i already have a ninjutsu trap to use with BDN’s effect that’s why Duplication is the best trap on this deck using three star demotion now i’m going to talk about some Ninja monsters starting with the new Golden ninja i don’t like it on this 3SD deck it discards a trap and summons another Ninja, but Hanzo is not on the game which is an essential card to work with this Golden ninja that’s why i don’t you should use, now Red Armor Ninja works really well if your deck runs more then 1 copy of Red Ninja (the level 1 ninja) it’s good cause it’ll be a lvl 5, and using Duplication you can summon Ebisu for example together with Red Ninja by sending a Red armor Ninja lvl 5 you can summon Ebisu and Red ninja That’s why if you’re running more LVL 1 ninjas Red armor Ninja is better than Sasuke if you’re using just 1 LVL 1 monster Sasuke is better because it’s attack and the good effect that works well with BDN when returning monsters (in defense) with BDN’s effect and then destroying with Sasuke here Ebisu if i think necessary running 2 copies cause if you start with one on hand you can get another one with Duplication that’s why i recommend 2 as i explained, to pop it’s effect the opponent must control 2 or 3 S/T you need at least 2 ninjas for Ebisu’s effect and the opponent 2 or 3 S/T and you having the Ninjas here as i showed you guys, BDN i recommend 2 or 3, cause agaisnt Cyber Angels is the best card but agaisnt burn is not that good recommended 2/3 RDN the same thing 2 or 3 agaisnt Cyber angels 2 is better cause it’s not that good agaisnt Cyber Angels but for the rest of the decks is one of the best cards then we have Senior it’s good to have at least 1, i think necessary 1 on the starting hand is not that good but at mid-late game is a very good card and now we’re gonna analyze the Spells and traps and now to finish i have some tech cards that you guys can run, kuriboh 0 or 1 Ebola is good on this meta specially agaisnt decks like Gladiator Beasts, is a really good cards and agaisnt other decks too cause they don’t expect it so 0 to 1 Ebola if you want, this Ninjutsu maybe 1 but i don’t like it it’s good to draw cards but i don’t think very necessary to destroy 1 of your Ninjutsu traps to draw 2 cards but if you use several BDNs you won’t need this card to speed up your deck so, forbidden chalice is a good card on this deck but i don’t like that much cause against Dakini you’re gonna use chalice, Dakini won’t remove your monster but on the other hand the opponent’s Dakini will be stronger than your BDN that’s why you need protections before you use chalice Econ i don’t like that much but against Cyber Angel it’s not bad but to run Econ you need to use more level 4 Ninjas if you’re running a lot of low LVL Ninjas then 2/3 Econs i don’t advise you to use it when you have a big Ninja cause you don’t want to tribute your big Ninja but you guys can try it Ninjutsu art notebook 1 to 2 or even 0 to 2 this basicaly this 1 Ninja from your hand and you set a Ninjutsu from the deck it’s consistent, it makes the deck more consistent that’s why i say 1 to 2, but on the other hand is a -1 you use 2 card for 1 Ninjutsu but it works with BDN by sending it to the grave, that’s why 1 to 2 cause it makes consistent so floodgate, i run it on my deck 2 to 3 it works very well with RDN and agaisnt Cyber Angels is just too good so agaisnt CA is very good Ninjutsu art of transformation in my opinion 2 to 3, it depends on your deck if you use a lot of LVL 4 ninjas you’ll need 3 if you use Ninjutsu art notebook, this spell here you’ll only need 2 using a lot of high LVL ninja monsters now Draining shield, it’s good agaisnt some decks but it sucks agaisnt Ancien Gear and agaisnt Gladiator Beasts is not that good either so this card depends a lot it sucks agaisnt Sergeant Electro too you’ll only know if you try it so Ninjutsu shadow sealing i recommend 0 to 1 cause you’ll tribute 1 of your Ninjas if it’s a high level ninja you will not want to tribute it but on the order hand banishes an enemy monsters is really good agaisnt Dakini but it’s not that good agaisnt the rest duplication you need 3 cause you’re gonna run a bunch of high level monsters and duplication makes the deck faster tributing a high level to summon several low levels destorying the backrow and then tributing again for a big ninja so i hope you guys enjoyed if you guys liked Click on the “Like” button and subscribe and most of all Share the video with your friends about this Ninja tutorial and i’ll bring more tutorials that you guys request and some KC cup decks this deck on KC cup i Highly recommend it cause i think people will play a lot of Burn, and this is the best deck agaisnt burn and agaisnt Cyber Angels evoid using this deck but agaisnt mill and burn you should go for it cause ninja CUCKS those defensive decks SO DON’T MISS THE NEXT VIDEO CAUSE NÓS TAMBÉM NÃO

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  1. queria muito montar esse deck, mas é so pra burguês! muita pacotes ai pra ter todas essas cartas e deixa o deck forte! Mas to ate bem, mesmo ja estando na 2 fase, cheguei nivel 18 com revolver toon na KC

  2. bom video! Fênix ainda da bom ou precisa de uma versão específica pra as chances aumentarem? e que eu quero chegar a level 20 que deve ser mais facil do que pegar kog

  3. Seria muito bom, gajo fizesse lives durante a KC cup com vários deck metas e falando sobre as jogadas, uma live construtiva. Melhor canal

  4. Esse deck é muito engraçado, é um vai e vem de monstro muito louco, parece ninjas pulando de lá pra cá mesmo kkkk

    Tava jogando de CA contra um deck desse e o cara fez de tudo, era um troca troca de monstro do diabo, eu só dando risada dessa trocação que supera até pornô gay, tudo isso pra perder no final ainda kkkkk

  5. Miguel tmj mano , Discord está show … faz um deck de renunciado cara , é o monstro q mais gosta mas acho q ele perdeu muita força … talvez vc faça uma versão q fique forte

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  9. E o povo ainda reclama de Dakini, Weevil e até Red Eyes, tem deck mais safado que esse de ninja, mas nada que providência, cólera divina não resolva essa putaria de banir desses ninjas

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