Turn 2 Wins – MTG Modern Cheerios Deck Tech

We’re back at it with an updated version of the cheerios combo deck,
courtesy of hall-of-famer Raphaël Lévy. For those of you that haven’t seen how the deck works, here’s the gist. You’ve got a Sram or a Puresteel Paladin in play. For the sake of
demonstration, let’s make it a Sram. Now your job is to cast zero-mana equipment, drawing a card for each one. That’s where the name ‘Cheerios’ comes from, because it’s a lot of zero-mana equipment, a Cheerio is like a zero, you get it. The deck is full of zero-mana equipment, so you’re going to get to draw a lot of cards. What you’re trying to do is cast enough of these things, along with some Mox Opals, if you need them, to create a big enough storm count to Grapeshot your opponent for their entire life total. Here’s Ben Reilly dunking on Five-Color Humans at the last Modern Grand Prix: I know there’s a lot of glare on a lot of these cards but that’s ok,
because we’re going to walk you through it. First, Repeal on a zero-mana artifact. Since that’s a Puresteel Paladin in play, we’re going to draw a card off the Repeal
and draw a card when we recast the zero-mana equipment… …but wait, wait! There’s a Sram coming down! So now all our zero-mana equipment is going to draw us two cards. So let’s just do that. Let’s just draw a bunch of cards, right? We’re going to take a quick break in the action to cast Serum Visions because it scries us. We gotta get the chaff out of the way. We just got to chain a bunch of zero-mana artifacts together in order to build up our storm… …so let’s just keep doing that. We’re going to slam some artifacts now and we’re drawing two cards per artifact. That one is important. That is a Paradise Mantle, and we’re going to equip that to Puresteel Paladin to create the red mana we need to Grapeshot our opponent out. So let’s just build up that storm count… …and I think we’re ready. I think we’re ready to cast
the Noxious Revival on the Grapeshot… …that’s already in our graveyard. Grapeshot’s going to go on top of our library. But how do we get the Grapeshot? Oh! I guess we just play another zero-mana artifact and our opponent’s had enough. That, ideally, is how the deck works. Raphaël Lévy’s been working on the deck for a hot minute, and what he discovered was that the deck really floundered if an opponent had early removal for Sram or Puresteel Paladin because there was no other way to generate cardflow. Raph’s solution? Leyline of Anticipation plus Day’s Undoing. Day’s Undoing is a super-powerful card modeled after Timetwister, one of Alpha’s illustrious power nine. Its drawback is huge, but thanks to Leyline of Anticipation, you can sidestep the drawback by casting it on your opponent’s’ end step. The idea is that with Leyline and Day’s Undoing,
you don’t even need one of your creatures right away— —you can drop your artifacts on the table, cast Day’s Undoing, and hit some combination of Retract, Sram, and Puresteel Paladin in your new seven-card hand. From there, it’s the same old Cheerios win:
play equipment, draw your deck, and Grapeshot ‘em out. You may have noticed that the Grand Prix clip we showed featured
Noxious Revival to get back Grapeshot. You may have also noticed that this list doesn’t have Noxious Revival. That’s because with Day’s Undoing, you don’t even need it. Are you forced to cast your Grapeshot early to machine-gun down your
opponent’s board just to stay alive? No problem! Day’s Undoing puts Grapeshot back in your deck, and from there, you should be in
a good spot to redraw it and blast your opponent for a ton of damage. What do you think of the Leyline/Timetwister tech? Let us know in the comments, and if you want to see more deck techs like this,
be sure to like and subscribe. See you next time.

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53 thoughts on “Turn 2 Wins – MTG Modern Cheerios Deck Tech

  1. Yeah i would very much stress having a Hurkyl's recall or too sideboarded or even mainboarded given how EVERYONE will probably start playing Damping Sphere.

  2. This deck ruins people’s day. Please don’t play at your lgs unless it’s to troll merfolk players

  3. What an incredibly boring deck to play (against). Sometimes I feel like just because you CAN do something, doesn't mean you should.

  4. my brother made this deck and posted it on goldfish and even named it cherios remember when he made this forever ago

  5. I still think noxious revival would be a 1 or 2 of. You really can't rely too heavily on that 7 card draw. I feel like it's begging for a whif. Just my opinion

  6. This was very interesting, thanks. I have trouble playing infinite loops because it kinda feels like cheating and it feels too easy. I know it's not cheating, but I guess I feel dirty when I do it. I prefer other strategies.

  7. See, here I am trying to build a nice tribal knight deck with some equipments and find out some high functioning autistic individual worked out some dumbass game breaking combo like this. This is why Magic is mainly for elitist douchebags and the rest of us casually play with friends at home away from the card shops and GP's because motherfuckers think shit like this is cute.

  8. How to stop this?
    Land starving, artifact blocking, white creature blocking, increase mana cost of cards, counter spells, make equipments unusable, removing grapeshot via mill or selected removal, use alot of murder, instant wins (the fast kinds), massively increase your health, make them deal grapeshot's damage to themself (storm makes the method unreliable), trap them in a loop of counters and recycling

    Seriously.. cheerios is fragile and the more you put in to defend yourself the less equipment's you have to fuel grapeshot so have fun when your local blue counter spell player gives you the middle finger for even attempting cheerios and they wipe you off the face of the earth

  9. I run a second grapeshot. But my lgs has a lot of mill so it helps with consistency if I can’t find days undoing

  10. @TCGplayer you are a idiot because your decks ruining the game and that why no one wants to play modern

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