Try Not To Touch Challenge #7 (ft. A Monkey!)

– Three, two, one. Draw! (guns whirring) Mine doesn’t shoot!
There’s a safety on it! Ow! (laughs)
– Hi, Leg! Oh my gosh.
Do you want a treat? – Do what you gotta do.
– This is wholesome. You guys are so cute to– – Aww, honey.
– Oh my god, yes. Yes. ♪ (upbeat intro) ♪ – (FBE) So today, you’ll be
competing in another Try Not to Touch Challenge.
– Ooh! – Oh, no!
– Kennedy, I’m real bad at this. – So, I won the last one
that I was in, but it was the hardest thing
I’ve done in my life ever. – Oh!
– Oh my god! Yes! I love these challenges.
– I lose. – I lose every time but have fun.
– I know. – I’m awful. I want
to touch everything. I am a child.
– Oh my god. – Do you have good willpower?
– No! – Okay, yeah. You’re gonna suck too.
– Mikaela… – I know you’re gonna suck.
– We are going to touch everything. – (FBE) We’ll be putting
different things in front of you, which you cannot touch
or physically interact with in any way. If you do
touch anything, you will have a punishment at the end.
– Oh, god. Okay.
– That’s the bad thing. I always touch a ton,
and then I have to do a lot of punishment
at the end. (chuckles) – I’m convinced you’re just
partnering me up with the worst people
that you can find, ’cause we’re just
gonna touch everything. – Listen. There’s a reason
you invite us every time, right? – It’s to touch [bleep].
– It’s to pet the animals. – (FBE) First up, we’ve got
an old favorite. This is…
– (gasps) – (FBE) …a Tech Deck!
– Yes! – Oh my goodness.
– I haven’t had one of these since elementary school.
– I’m having middle school flashbacks. – I almost held out my hand
for you to give it to me like that. – I can resist this.
– I don’t think I ever played with these as a kid.
I know my brothers did. – They’re really fu– ohhh.
– Did you ever have that one friend in middle school that was
really weirdly good at these? – That was me.
– (both laugh) – I used to play with these [bleep]
all the time in fourth grade in my desk.
– Honestly, as fun as this is, I can hold off.
– I think I’m okay also. – I’m not gonna do it. (laughs) You thought, bitch!
(buzzer) – (both laugh) Skrrr! I need some slow motion
and explosions on this. You ready? Three, two, one.
♪ (dramatic music) ♪ – (Kennedy) Whoa! (kaboom!) Then it grinds its way out.
– Amazing. You’re ready for the X Games. (laughs) – Fuck it.
(buzzer) – (laughs) – Woo-hoo! Oh, no. I’m stuck.
– All right. Here we go. Here we go. Ollie, right? – If I grew up with it, I’d probably–
it’d be hard for me to resist, but since I never actually
played with it as a kid, it’s kind of just like, “Ehh.”
– I’m chilling. I’m not gonna take
a punishment for this one. – Yeah. It’s not worth it,
whatever the punishment is. – Wow, we’re doing better
than we thought already! – Woo!
– (FBE) So next up, we’ve got a puzzle, but you might notice…
– (gasps) – (FBE) …something a little
different about it. – [Bleep]. [Bleep]. – Last puzzle piece!
– There’s just one piece missing, the best part of finishing a puzzle.
– It’s the middle piece. – This is so tempting.
– Yeah! I wanna do it. Do it. Do, do, do, do, do it. – There’s nothing more satisfying
than just… – The final piece too!
– My OCD says yes, but my mind says no.
It’s a no for me. – I’ma do it. (laughs)
(buzzer) – Ohh. Ohhh my god!
– Ah! – Nah, I’m chillin’. I’m good.
– No. – I was never a big puzzle person.
– I feel like there might be better stuff to touch, so…
– Okay. – …I think I’ll pass on this one.
– Yeah, I wasn’t a huge fan of this puzzle anyway.
– Puzzles were never my favorite, so I’m good.
– My room eternally looks like a half-finished puzzle,
and I never finish it. So, I don’t really feel
the need to finish this, ’cause I live in chaos.
– (FBE) Next up, we’ve got a Nerf gun.
– (gasps) Ooh! – I’m good. I have
a little brother who’s five. I get hit with these
all the time. (chuckles) – Did you take these
out of our office? – Are these ours?!
These might be ours. – We have a Nerf gun supply already.
– I feel like if it was anybody else, I definitely would,
but I don’t wanna shoot you. – Yeah.
– Who can I shoot? – I have participated in Nerf wars
at Griffith Park with grown adults, and it’s the most fun thing ever.
– Hell yeah. Three, two, one… Draw!
(buzzer) (guns whirring)
– Mine doesn’t shoot! There’s a safety on it! Ow! (laughs)
– This is so funny. – (Tom) Oh, I got it!
– Oh! Ahh! – Yeah! Not so funny now!
Ethan, want some?! – No. The mom instinct in me
is like, “These are so messy.” – Absolutely not.
– We’re gonna pass. – We’re passing.
– I’m feeling confident. I was able to surpass
the other two rounds, so I think I wanna
keep the ball rolling. – This was awesome.
Nerf guns, this used to be my childhood and it’s still
my adulthood. (gun whirring) You gonna put me
in the episode or what? – (both laugh)
– (FBE) So, for our next item, we have… a mozzarella stick.
– (giggles) – They smell so good.
– They do. – I’m not a very big fan
of cheese sticks. – What?!
– The lactose intolerance. – Oh, yeah. No, that’s fair.
Ah, wait. Hold on. Is there any dessert?
I don’t know. This might be
my only option for lunch. – (laughs) One mozzarella stick.
– Cheers. – Cheers. Oh, and it’s hot, too!
– Mmm. – Okay. Yeah. (chuckles)
So worth it, whatever it is. – Worth it.
– Hopefully. – Oh, yeah. Oh,
I forgot about the punishments. Oh my god. It’s worth it.
– This is really hard. – No, it’s not.
You just pick it up, and then you…
(buzzer) – All right. We’re doing it.
Oh my god. – I love cheese.
(buzzer) – You gave in.
– I already lost. – Ooh. Yeah. Yeah, absolutely.
(buzzer) Pull it open. Pull it apart.
Pull it apart. Pull it apart. Pull it apart.
– Look at that steam. – Ahh. Yeah, no.
I’ve had better dishes in front of me.
– Mm. – Absolutely not.
– I’m a little kid. I’ll eat anything.
– I’m going strong. – (FBE) So, next up for each
of you, we’ve got a… dog treat.
– Okay. (gasps) Stop. Is there gonna be
a dog that comes in and we have– they’re not gonna let us
give the dog a treat! – Oh my god.
– Are we gonna give a dog treats? AHHH!
♪ I’m gonna do it ♪ ♪ I’m gonna touch it ♪
– (FBE) So, this is Leg. – (gasps) Hello, Leg!
Hi, baby! – Oh my gosh. It’s a big dog!
– Hi, Leg! Oh my gosh. Do you want a treat? – Oh my god. It’s so excited.
– Do you want a treat? – Come on! Puppy! Come on!
Get the treat. I can’t help you. Come on. (claps)
Leg, you want treats? Leg, come on!
– Ah, he’s gonna— he didn’t! It’s just out of his–
okay, okay, okay, okay! – No, I’m gonna give him one too.
Leg, come here! Leg! Leg, come back! I already
touched it. Come here! – Over here! Over here!
– Leg! Hi, hi, hi, hi! Ah, good puppy!
– Come here, Leg, look! You want a treat? Aww.
Good boy. No regrets. – I’ll hold it. But I want
you to feed it. I lost. – Leg!
– Leg! – Here’s a treat. Good boy.
– Awww! That was so satisfying just watching. It’s okay.
– You lost. (laughs) – I’m [bleep]– hi!
I know. I wanna touch you. What’s this? Sit.
(buzzer) – Ooh, sit.
– Stay. Oh my god. You’re such a good boy.
– Aww. – I had to!
– Wait, I have one too. – Yeah, over here.
– I have one too! – What’s that?
– Ahhh! – Hi! I got a treat! Oh!
Oh my gosh! (laughs) – Treat?
– Do you want a treat?
– I have a treat, too!
Do you want a treat? Do you want a treat?
– A treat! – Do you want a treat?
– Ooh! (laughs)
– Ohhh! Ohhh. – He’s such a big, cute boy. Yes.
– Hi! – He’s fluffy puppy! Good boy, Leg.
– This was worth the L. – 100%. I’ll take the L any day
of the week if there’s a dog involved. – (FBE) So, we’ve got
one more thing for you guys. – Okay.
– That wasn’t the last one? – (FBE) Oh, no.
– Oh, no. – (FBE) Oh, we can top that. – Oh my god.
What are you gonna bring? – (both gasp) – There’s a monkey.
Hii! – Oh my god.
– (FBE) This is Tara. – Tara?
– Hi, Tara! – Oh my goodness.
– Hi. Hi, Tara. – Hi, sweetie.
– Awww. – Aww.
– Hi! – Hi. Who’s a good girl?
– This just made my entire week. – I don’t think I’ve ever
pet a monkey before. – Ah!
– Hi, there! (buzzer)
Oh, I can give you a scratch, too. I got you. (gasps) Hi, Tara. Oh, no. You’re okay.
– (chuckles) – Are you itchy?
– Awww. You picking bugs out? – Yum.
– I do that, too. – Oh my gosh!
Oh my god, it’s a monkey! With a diaper. Oh my god! – Hello.
– Hi! – Hello.
– It just climbed on me. (buzzer) Go on Brit. Go on Brit.
I’ve never pet a monkey before. This is crazy!
– Awww. Hi, baby! – She’s so cute.
– (laughs) – She’s ready to climb.
– That’s so wholesome. He just climbed the mics.
– I’m just gonna lightly get your back. Go for it, girl. Go for it.
– Oh my goodness. This is so wholesome.
– Do what you gotta do. – You guys are so cute to– – Aww, honey.
– Oh my god, yes. Yes. – This is my day today.
– This is a literal dream come true. I’ve never had a monkey on me before.
– She’s just chillin’. – She’s just monkeying around.
♪ (ba-dum-tss) ♪ Oh my god! That made my whole year! – (FBE) So, you both lost.
– Of course we did. There was a monkey.
– Mm-hmm. – (FBE) So, in honor
of our little monkey friend, you will have to put your face
in this banana cream pie for five seconds for each item
that you touched. – We have makeup on. (chuckles)
– (FBE) Well, don’t worry. We’re gonna make sure you stay clean.
We got you some bibs. Although, hopefully
they’re the right size. – Mm. It’s delicious, though!
– Aww. Oh my gosh. – I think this is Tara-sized,
’cause this is not gonna fit. – (FBE) Go for it. – (Brittany) Mmm!
– (Lene groans) – (Brittany) Are you counting? – (FBE) Three, two, one, go! – (Eric) Well, this is anticlimactic.
– (FBE) How does that feel? – (Eric) Honestly, kinda refreshing.
– (Tom) Whoa, it’s so cold! – (Kennedy) Oh, it tastes good.
– (Tom) Mm. Yeah, it is quite delicious. – (Mikaela) No!
– (George) Oh, it’s not that bad. It’s actually really soft.
– (Mikaela) You know, I’m just gonna– yeah, I just feel like
it’s all in my nose, but I can taste it.
– (George) Honestly, I know exactly– – (Mikaela) Low-key, I’m just
gonna kinda eat it. – (George) I know exactly
what moment this is in my career, and I’m gonna give it to you guys,
because I’m that bitch. – (Brittany) I’m low-key eating it. – (FBE) Three, two, one.
– (Lene) Mm, it’s good. – (Brittany) Mm-hmm.
– (FBE) All right. – (chuckles)
– (FBE) You guys good? – (Brittany) I ate it.
– Wait, I hope it kinda looks cute. Is it kinda hot?
– Low-key, it’s up my nose, but that’s fine.
– Oh my god. It’s not that bad! And my makeup still looks great.
– It was worth it. – (FBE) It was worth it?
– Yeah. – Yeah, this really
isn’t a punishment. I got cake.
– (both chuckle) – Totally worth it.
You want some cake? Oh, [bleep].
You broke yours. (chuckles)
– (snickers) – What did you do? – I’m not sure.
– (laughs) This was an all win episode.
I don’t know why you’re upset. We met a monkey,
and we got some pie. – Thanks for watching
Try Not to Touch… – On the React Channel.
– Subscribe! – ‘Cause we have new shows
for you every week. – Bye!
– Pie! – (both laugh)
– Hey, guys. Ethan here from the React Channel.
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