Trust Disrupted: Bitcoin and the Blockchain trailer

(gentle music) – [Man] I think people have
just kind of been brainwashed into believing that when you put a flag in front of a building
and wear fancy suits, you turn what would normally be immoral into something moral. – [Man] Bitcoin is powerful today because of what it represents. It represents the idea that money should be free and for the people. – [Man] The world is going to look like what we decide it should look like. – [Man] Change from one kind of economy to another is likely to
be incredibly painful, but when we get to the other side, it’ll be better.

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15 thoughts on “Trust Disrupted: Bitcoin and the Blockchain trailer

  1. Great Video! Thank you so much for posting..
    Great place to get started Cloud Mining Bitcoin.

  2. While bitcoin is a better money, it will never solve the problems created by money. Please investigate a resource based economy.

  3. Для тех, кому попонятней русский – есть на канале (также по запросу "Переворот в доверии")

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