Trump’s China Trade “Deal” Off to a Rocky Start | US China Trade War

The US and China have agreed on a trade deal. But they seem to understand their “deal”
in conflicting ways. And the ideological differences run deep. Welcome back to China Uncensored. I’m Chris Chappell. This episode has been sponsored by Surfshark. Because when you surf the web, you should be using a VPN to protect your
identity. America’s trade war with China continues. But President Trump announced this month both
countries have agreed on at least a temporary trade
deal. As Trump wrote on his favorite platform, “The deal I just made with China is, by
far, the greatest and biggest deal ever made for our Great Patriot Farmers in the history
of our Country. In fact, there is a question as to whether
or not this much product can be produced? Our farmers will figure it out. Thank you China!” Now I know what you’re thinking: “Wow! That sounds like the greatest and biggest
deal ever made in the history of our country!” So here’s what this great deal actually
says… Um, wait, it doesn’t say anything. Shelley, why are these notes blank? What’s that? Nothing was actually written down. Apparently, what happened is that on October
11, President Trump met with China’s Vice Premier
Liu He. Then Trump announced they had made “Phase One” of a trade deal. But it was more of a handshake deal than a written-down sort of deal. And like many handshake deals, each side remembers it a little differently. From Trump’s perspective, “China will buy as much as $50 billion in
U.S. agricultural goods in exchange for the suspension of additional
tariffs.” Specifically, Trump has delayed the tariff
increase that was originally going to go into effect
on October 15— on $250 billion dollars of Chinese goods. But Trump has not reduced any existing tariffs or stopped future tariffs. But from China’s perspective coming out
of that handshake, they still want more talks, and would need *existing* tariffs rolled back in order to reach that 50 billion worth of
agricultural imports. And instead of this month’s handshake being phase one of the trade deal, China’s Vice Premier said the meeting merely “laid an important foundation for a phase
one agreement.” So where does that leave the US and China? It’s like Star Wars: The Last Jedi. It’s still unresolved, and overall you’re just left feeling disappointed. And will Rey and Kylo Ren fall in love or forever remain mortal enemies? Well, you won’t have to wait much longer
to find out. In both cases. As for the trade deal, we may get the next episode as soon as mid-November. That’s when President Trump and Chinese
leader Xi Jinping will meet at the APEC forum in Chile. Presumably after another one of those super awkward world-leader family photos. Everyone loves those. Especially Putin. So if Trump and Xi still need to meet in November to make the phase one deal, does that mean that October’s meeting was
a wash? This is what US Commerce Secretary Wilbur
Ross told FOX News. “I think we’re in a better place. And remember, for a while, there was no talk. It was broken off. Now they’re back at the table. Clearly they want to make a deal. We would like to make a deal. But from our point of view, it has to be the right deal. And it doesn’t have to be in November. It’s more critical that it be a proper deal than exactly when it occurs.” So what would a “proper deal” involve? Well, phase one—the written kind, not just the handshake kind— could reduce upcoming US tariffs, in exchange for China’s promise to buy those American agricultural goods. That’s important to Trump, because making American farmers happy makes it easier for him to win the 2020 presidential
election. And China, for its part, wants to have a deal,
too. US tariffs over the last year-plus have hurt the Chinese economy pretty hard. Last quarter, China’s official statistics reported the lowest GDP growth in 27 years. Of course, everyone knows that they fudge
the GDP numbers, but the fact that they let the *official*
number go that low is a sign of a weakening economy. And a weak economy threatens Xi Jinping’s
grip on power. So that, along with Trump seeking re-election, means both sides want a phase one deal and the political brownie points that follow. But a phase one deal like this won’t solve the fundamental trade problem. The Chinese regime has been cheating on trade for two decades— from intellectual property theft, to forced technology transfers, to illegal subsidies. And they continue to cheat. A final trade deal would need to resolve all
these things. Maybe that’s phase two. Maybe that’s phase seven. Maybe that’s phase never. But whenever it happens, it can’t just be a pinky-swear promise. “The most important is enforcement. Because their record hasn’t been that great
on enforcement, so we need to have a real enforcement mechanism.” “‘Not great’ is like an understatement,
right? I mean the Chinese break promises all over
town. They break promises with the WTO. They broke promises with the US. How are you going to get that enforcement
in there, and get the Chinese to follow it?” “Well if they don’t, we really don’t have much of an arrangement.” No, you really don’t. Which is why even if Trump and Xi sign something
in November, it won’t actually end the longstanding trade
tensions between the US and China. Those tensions come down to more than just trade and enforcement of WTO rules. There are deep ideological differences between the US government, and the Chinese Communist Party. The Chinese Communist Party insists on controlling all private enterprise. This article in the state-run People’s Daily
last week says that private companies must strengthen the work of Party-building. It says that nearly 1.6 million private companies
inside China already have Communist Party branches within
their structures, and the rest should follow their example. That’s exactly the opposite of what the
US wants. The US wants private companies to be, in fact,
private, and not controlled by the whims of the Communist
Party. Unless, of course, it means the Communist Party can force private
companies to buy $50 billion dollars in US agricultural
products. But let’s conveniently ignore that little
irony. And anyway, the ideological differences run
deeper. Because the US and China are competing for
geopolitical power— a.k.a. world domination. China pledges billions of dollars to Africa… The US pledges billions of dollars to Africa. China pushes its companies to dominate 5G wireless communications… The US pushes its own companies to dominate
5G. China wants to build an airport in Greenland… The US wants to…buy Greenland. So it’s unclear if any trade deal can really solve these deep differences. And no matter what gets signed in November, it can only be phase one of a much bigger
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100 thoughts on “Trump’s China Trade “Deal” Off to a Rocky Start | US China Trade War

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    China could have had a deal a year ago, but chose to act like they always do… pretend the deal wasn't a deal. They WILL learn that shafting Trump on any deal will lead to very bad things happening.
    And yes, the Chicoms DO see the edge of the cliff that Trump is steadily pushing them towards. Their gamble: A) Trump loses the 2020 election; failing that, B) They can survive 2 Trump terms; and C) Trump won't give them that final push…yeah, good luck with that Emperor Xi.

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