Trump says U.S.-China trade talks going well, expressed hopes to sign trade deal in coming weeks

u.s. president all Trump has indicated
that efforts to end the prolonged trade war with China are progressing as well
adding Beijing has already started making a massive purchases of American
farm products but China is reportedly seeking 2.4 billion US dollars in
retaliatory sanctions against the US in a tariff case that dates back several
years to the Obama era our Kimio son has more president Trump said Monday that
trade talks between Washington and Beijing are going well expressing
optimism they can finally reach a long waited truce speaking to reporters
before a cabinet meeting Trump explained that China has started to buy US farm
products in accordance with the first phase of the agreement reached two weeks
ago he also said last week that he hopes the two countries can sign a trade deal
at the APEC summit slated to be held in Chile in mid-november president Trump’s
top economic adviser Larry Kudlow told Fox Business Network on Monday that the
us-china trade talks continue to move in the right direction adding that a lot of
progress has been made he also explained there is a possibility of removing the
tariffs said to be imposed on China from December when the talks go well but Cola
also stressed Washington will not do a deal just to do a deal insisting has to
be the right one for the US meanwhile Beijing is reportedly seeking 2.4
billion US dollars in retaliatory sanctions against the US according to
Reuters China has appealed to the WTO that Washington failed to comply with a
WTO ruling in a 2012 tariff case that dates back to the Obama era China
insists anti subsidy tariffs were imposed by Washington on its exports of
solar panels and wind towers which are valued at 7.3 billion dollars at the
time the WTO dispute settlement body is said to deliberate China’s request next
Monday kinnison arirang news

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9 thoughts on “Trump says U.S.-China trade talks going well, expressed hopes to sign trade deal in coming weeks

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