Trump Doubles Down On Claim He Can Order US Companies To Cut Ties With China | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

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100 thoughts on “Trump Doubles Down On Claim He Can Order US Companies To Cut Ties With China | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


  2. More than one outlet is saying Mike Pence and Nicki Hailey are considering a primary challenge to Trump in 2020. Stay tuned.

  3. Even if the GOP wanted to shut down Trump, they couldn't. Not only would they lose their Senate and House seats, but Putin would shut down the Russian payoffs they receive through the NRA and expose the kompromat he holds over him. Imagine how many congressmen he taped molesting little kids at Epstein's house.

  4. So now I suppose he will be leading chants of "Lock American companies doing business with China up." Oh wait a minute, more that three syllables, too much for his base to handle.

  5. Get him out of sun. The man's been in the sun. Washington can be extremely hot in the summer. Maybe he's dehydrated, yeah, that's it. He's dehydrated. Check the White House drinking water for lead….. I'm sure there's an explanation for this.

  6. He has tarnished EVERYTHING. Here's the question: Has trump been successful at anything other than promoting himself? If you really want to know how "successful" he is, ask him to show us his TAXES.

  7. No corporations are going to obey Trump. They know he has no power over them. Trump and his mongrel daughter and sons need to lead by example on this one.

  8. Why does the press continue to sit there waiting for Trump. Why can't they just ignore him?? They are part of the Trump problem. Stop perpetuating the train wreck.

  9. Trump need to step down he need psychiatric treatment, before his fully have a nervous breakdown his getting worse , his delusional he needs help, his very bitter when people let him down. The tariff is not good for everyone involved. His mental state deteriorate as days, weeks, months goes by.His a terrible and a conman President! and his an asset by the Russian. His not patriot to USA …all he can see is money forget the people and his responsibility’s so sad but true….

  10. Pelosi and the Democrats, nothing but crickets.It's pretty clear that at this point Congress is a useless body and the President is a criminal, the U.S. government is broken. Term limits have to happen for Congress and no one should have the power to prevent members from voting on bills. There also needs to be seperation between the President and the AG/DOJ.

  11. I’ve said right from the start that Trump is a lunatic he keeps threatening over countries about how powerful he is and what weapons he has iff he ain’t ranting at one country he’s ranting at another and I’m being serious about what I’m about to say sometimes when I see him ranting like a lunatic he reminds me of watching Hitler ranting through the late 30s and I’m am genuinely sorry to say that but I say what I see stay safe everyone Stevie

  12. Elected governments must take back control and govern in the interests of the majority. The elites have been abdicating their sovereignty in favour of allowing trade deals and multinationals to calls the shots. And the stupid dominance of Wall St et al in terms of fiscal policy needs to end too. Manufacturing should be the priority, not reckless, unregulated stock market greed.

  13. "Trump again claimed he can order U.S. companies not to do business with China''…..awww…he was just being sarcastic…awww..he was just joking…No, no, he really means it…oh, wait he's having second thoughts….Tweet Tweet…everybody loves him… he's the chosen one…Jews who vote for Democrats are disloyal..the media is fake….polls say he's winning…stock market soaring……what wall?.. what hurricanes? … what kids in cages?… what health care plan? wait …that was Obama's fault … Epstein who? …who's Scaramucci?… what gun control? … what shootings?… It's a mental health problem. [Uh huh]

  14. The funny thing is trump fooled his supporters into thinking we beating china with tariffs forgetting they own 90% of our debt.gotta love winning

  15. America was Cyber attacked by Russia in 2016. Russia won the Cyber battle, and installed Trump in the Whitehouse! Trump is a wannabe Oligarch. If Trump wins in 2020, Russians win the Cyber War. VOTE Democrat to save democracy.

  16. Dems think they are above the law…again. Lol no. You will bend the knee or you will be sanctioned. MSNBC just showing how deep they are in China’s pocket.

  17. Trump has been claiming that he would take manufacturing jobs from China since he started his campaign for the presidency and yet he hasn't even been able to stop to Trump products from being manufactured in China, and he owns those companies! I guess Trump is a do as I say, not as I do, president!

  18. You idiots. Democrats and liberals were running campaigns to be China free in the 80's 90's 2000's. Now that Trump is doing it, you idiots complain about it. Cowards.

  19. MSNBC is controlled by the Deep State just like the rest of the MSM!!!! Communist proganda machines and all the Liberal Left Communist DemocRATS are buying right into it!

  20. 🇺🇸🎩🍷this is, the Beginning of America Protecting what Democrats wanted to give away . . … for our Children.🇺🇸It ain't the fat of the land no mo' . . …'s slimmed down to tha bone . . …..soon.

  21. the trade war should not start in first place, now he caused all these mess and American peoples will have to pick it up. the next President come up the first thing he has to do is abolish the trade war craps and start the trade deal all over again, if not only God can help.China have 1.4 billions peoples, US have 300 millions peoples, trade with China is a win win situation in the long term, why start the trade war?

  22. the International Emergency Economic Powers Act the 1977 act used to target rogue regimes, terrorists and drug traffickers

  23. If the clown can give directions to company to stop business with China, can he also gurantee these companies on profits? Is he providing American companies in China costs to move out? If he cannot then it is B S and not fit to be POTUS. Period

  24. Trumps gona get his deal and create more jobs for those people…china is not going to let money get away…keep it up fake news..yous just lookin more stupider

  25. If American companies move to Vietnam , Cambodia, or Pakistan , don’t the US companies need to transfer American technologies to them to show them how things are done. Don’t you think that Vietnam or Pakistan are not going to copy the US technologies.

    China earns 3% of the 100% profits American companies make, this is stealing?

  26. Are there any MSMBC press releases that are NEWER than 4 Days ago??? I want reports that are current…. like from TODAY? I've already seen the news reports from 3 days ago!

  27. The best thing that could happen to for us (and trump too) is if he broke his jaw and thumbs and had finally shut up for a couple of months.

  28. Hurry please before this ignorant man will get the USA in something that cannot be rectified!!!!
    Come on Congress!!!!!

  29. He thinks CEOs are going to give up their money? HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!…………… Oh, that's a good one!

  30. We remember what he and Republicans did t o aboma no doubt we remember. And he's getting his and going to get it'.

  31. What I want to know is; what happend to that caravan with all those rappists & murderers!?? Man trumpsters are stupid!!

  32. The requirement of pfoviding the intellectual property rights for everything designed jn the U.S. & manufactured in China has damaged our economy inmeasurably. Wake up.

  33. The wall idea got caught up in court and he was found to have violated the law on every made up b.s in his mind .you need to quit gaslighting the US citizens. This an abusive relationship you are allowing him to abuse us and you cover for him with your many excuses. You are giving him to much time. Just stop you gave him to much time this is how he got elected .

  34. This is comic trump is nuts thinking he is a king he can’t order any company to do anything he is destroying the USA economy tariffs are paid only by the American public

  35. Trump got the idea from Kim Jong Un
    “ If my buddy Kim and Putin can do that,
    Why can’t I”

    The dictator want to be is not hiding or denying anymore

  36. Trump is like the child of parents who have run out of the energy or desire to discipline and just let him run wild.

  37. Imagine Obama said or acted in this manner. The right wing would compare him to Emperor/President Xi from China. The right wing would yell out DICTATORSHIP!

  38. tRump is the first SOCIALIST President of the USA… Redistribution of wealth to his supporters, ordering private companies what to do..

  39. So what will he be able to do with Elon Musk's GIGA #3 in China? He's already to announce a factory in Europe. Just a matter of time and other companies will follow, if they haven't already. Also the US isn't the only market out there. Welcome to the newest Banana Republic. LOL

  40. Congress should take his notion that he can put tariffs on country products that is congress job not the boob in the WH job.

  41. The CEO's would have Trump killed before they would give up their greedy greedy income they are getting from China. They are as much traitors as Trump. They didn't want to pay workers here in the US a living wage so they went to China. End of story. Let's not forget that. Oh, this includes Trump.

  42. Trump's only authority for levying tariffs is of grounds on national security. French wine? Please. How do sane people prevent these unauthorized tariffs from taking effect?

  43. I can get it when Trumpzilla does something to hurt people with a few million or less, but now he is going after the people in the Gates class personally. Don't you think it is time YOU had him JFK'ed.


  45. He left because you get one question and your a hack. Not a journalist but a paid off pusher of The Sinclair morning posted narrative and not investigative reporting. You are not helping this country with your lies and misreporting bits of what is. I challenge everyone to go and watch in its entirety the issue they claim to be doing reporting and see for yourself. They think because you're busy, trusting , and won't look for yourself That they can feed you twisted lies to fit their narrative. Who wants a recession? Well other than the media and newspapers and democratic leaders? I shouldn't forget those involved in the Central Banking System. Ask why and how many career politicians came in with anet worth under a million dollars and are currently worth multiples of millions that have several homes and lavish extravagant items worth more than a years salary? 🤔Our tax dollars lining their pockets. Deals and trades with corporations and not so nice apposing countries earning them millions and some cases billions of dollars. Follow the money. Also remember that the manufactured crisis was ….Now, who wants to give up their guns?

  46. His helicopter rants are instead of the press secretary questions and answers in the W/H. He wants to run the whole country without any other employers because he is a “ STABLE GENIUS.

  47. Can we throw everything away in white house and put someone else that is normal cause I do see a huge change in the Trump. Nothing is normal. Without any Ukraine, Russia or China or democrats. I don't know but don't want to loose our rights that should remain the same,

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