Tru-Spec Xpedition Pants – More Features than a Swiss Army Knife – Father’s Day Pt 2

Howdy, guys and gals! I’m Kyle
Broderick. Welcome to the Social Regressive with a special guest today.
Hey, Kyle, I’m Corey. Alright, today we are going through our Father’s Day
buying guide. I’m releasing a handful of these videos as we get closer to
Father’s Day. Your dad needs pants. It’s about time that he stops sitting around
in his underwear and it’s about time you had some decent outdoor pants so you
guys can get back out to poaching animals on the neighbor’s fields. Right now the pants that I’m holding – and Cory is actually wearing – it’s Tru
Spec tactical pants, which are awesome. they’re like yoga pants. and comfy.
according to my wife, they’re yoga pants but they’re for men. it is kind of like
yoga pants. you see these these special panels right back here? these are a
different color. I know these are the multicam ones. they come in all different
colors. these are charcoal. they have some greens and tans and things like black,
but all of them feature this special material right here. this is the same
poly cotton rip stop material that they have on the other 24-7 pants and it’s
it’s very tough. I’ve used these for years and years and actually just
yesterday I was out doing some some work with some friends
hauling lumber around, doing some chainsaw work, and really those things
are still in fine condition. they’re probably like six years old now.
rough use, tough stuff, but this material is the different part. it makes it so you
can sit, squat, stretch, and climb; do all that sort of stuff that you
normally can’t do with your average tactical pants. so these right here that
I’m wearing, these will be the typical 24-7 pants. These are the nice brown color. they
have these and a whole bunch of different colors and I really like these
because they look a lot better than your average cargos. they don’t have the huge
bellows pockets sticking out. they kind of look like you can almost dress them up.
yeah if you wanted to they could probably pass for going to the office.
mm-hmm. I know a lot of guys will wear something like this just because they
look nice but they’re also very comfortable, and I’ll actually wear these
to the office on Fridays. It has a pretty slim leg to it.
See it’s got a good look over all. you can pair it with a polo or
something. but these right here are a little different. these, since they don’t
have any of that stretching material through the crotch or the knees or
whatever, usually I find myself having to hike them up a little bit to get over a
barbed-wire fence and things like that. But these are just ready for
running after hogs, running from hogs, jumping onto hogs… Have I mentioned hogs?
yes these are great for all the movements without having to you know
kind of move your pants around in order to kind of climb up and do some
of the the hard use things that we’re used to doing; yeah; I found typically
when I’m wearing jeans or something of that nature I’m always kind of doing
that like you said. to hike them up so you can step over something. usually I
find that if I’m squatting or kneeling or setting down they start to bind
usually behind the legs, which is a very common place if you’re bending. these
pants don’t do that. they will stay with you when you’re
walking, when you’re running, when you’re sitting down, if you’re squat, in a
kneeling position. regardless of what position you’re in, these are very
comfortable. yeah and some of the other nice things about the material: not only
the stretchy stuff, but the regular. these handle water really well. I’ve done some
tests, actually getting some of these soaking just to see how quickly they dry.
actually, in some of the tests that I did some of the other pants never dried
by the time I had the test done. it just took extra hours. these dry really really
fast, and especially I bet these dark ones would in a good sun. I’ve actually
been splashed a couple times with these when I was wearing them, and the water
was nice. it beaded up. it never actually soaked in. oh that’s true. I was very impressed with that. yeah, when these are new, when they’re
fresh it does have that Teflon coating on the outside, so the water will bead up.
these are a little bit older. supposedly if you run an iron over them that’ll
come back. I haven’t tried it yet. I just don’t mind, since these dry so fast. Let me show you some of the things about these pants
right here and what makes them a little bit different from some of the other
cargos you may have seen before now. first off – I need your wallet. okay. all
right. so a lot of these are gonna have some kind of semi secure pocket, but it’s
really nice that on one side of the front here you do have, yeah you have a
zipper pocket, so you can keep things a little bit more secure than usual. so if
you do have something like keys or whatever and you’re out hunting you
don’t want to leave them on top of the tire like the old trick, right? yeah. you
can carry them in here and they’ll be nice and secure inside here. then you
kind of flip around to the other side. it looks the same but actually this one’s a
little bit better for quick access. so if you wanted to have maybe some extra gear
in here – like usually to keep my earplugs or something in this side – and you can
see that it also has little d-ring for hanging stuff if you like that. one thing
I do like about these pockets is they stretch out as opposed to digging into
your to your leg. and so that’s one thing I really noticed when I do have stuff
shoved in here, that they don’t dig into the leg like most cargo pockets do. right.
yeah. you were telling… you were kind of showing off the the vents in the sides
of the pockets. you got to see this. if you are used to spending a lot of time
outdoors, especially in the warmer climates like here in Oklahoma,
yeah these things are really cool. side pockets been open and allow for
excellent air flow. I’ve worn these last summer whenever we were out producing some of your
other videos out on the range, and this is very nice and comfortable whenever we
were out there. yeah this is a nice mesh material just right there on the leg. and
it’s gonna let all that heat and moisture kind of come off the leg. and
you have matching ones down at the bottom as well. so right down here where
you’re gonna be able to kind of take up your slack around your your boot if you
want to kind of tighten up down there, you get those little mesh panels as well
which is yeah just great for us in these warmer climes. and you can actually zip
it two different ways. so you can kind of open up that leg and
make it a bit more accessible for a a bigger boot bigger foot bigger leg yeah.
they’re fantastic guy I’ve never actually even had to use the the lower
vents. just because I would open up the sides and that would allow adequate
airflow to come out so it was fantastic. yeah and then this kind of works the
same way up here too with this stretchy material right at the top of the butt.
it helps you to kind of clear the crack a little bit. it helps to keep you a
little bit cool on your lower back like especially for you backpackers. some of
the other features that you’re gonna find on these: this is one of Corey’s
favorites right down here. double knees. because I have notoriously blown out the
knees in my pants in most of my pants are like that so I thoroughly enjoy the
fact that it’s a double knee. but it’s also stitched on the side here is such
that it actually bends with the actual form of your knee as you’re bending, so it’s a
very natural feel. once again doesn’t bind it’s not overly heavy still very
lightweight and overall it’s just a lightweight pair of pants. but they’re
very durable you know. I do like those features.
yeah and instead of having that straight leg that you get right here with the
regular 24-7 pants or maybe the 511s or whatever. in here you do get them kind of
sewn up so it automatically has that kind of nice shape to it which is going
to make it more comfortable when you’re out and about. maybe it’s not the
prettiest thing but it conforms really well and I should point out that just
like the regular 24-7 pants it has a little pocket right inside that second layer of
fabric so if you want to put some of the the knee pad liners inside there, that’ll
get you a little bit of extra protection. One of the really trick
things about this. now on the back we kind of have the asymmetry continuing to
go here. we have the quick access back pocket as well as the secured back
pocket so if you want to keep your wallet here instead – I’m gonna keep it up
front and I’m gonna keep it in these pants – Thank You Corey for the wallet.
you’re not getting much but you’re welcome.
yeah he’s a dad too. but one of the really cool pockets that you can see
right here on the front… here go ahead and grab that AR. pop the magazine latch.
so you do get one pocket just right on the outside made for an AR 15 mag. really
quick to access and this is what I use to – actually this the pocket on this pair
of pants – I used this one when I was out hog harvesting last time. we definitely
were pumping rounds into those hogs and they were just soaking them up.
and yeah I had to go for that second magazine down in here, and it was a nice
quick change. I should point out, though, that the regular 24-7 pants –
each of these bellows pockets – can actually fit two of these guys, and
actually it holds them really securely. both types of pants they hold the mags
quite well. you can run with them in place and you’re not really gonna notice
you have the other a AR 15 mags. I don’t know if these can fit an AR 10. I don’t
think so. I think it’s just a AR 15. but if you do run some of these you can get
out. you don’t have to have like a vest or anything like that to get out and do
some hunting. and the other nice thing about it is just pluck this position
perfectly where it is in natural reach of your hand whenever you go down to grab.
it’s actually right there, so it’s very simple to grab and pull out, and then
just load. so I like that. one feature which is gonna be great for
lefties, but I gotta say being a righty myself, if I could you know point
tru-spec in one direction I would say put it on this side instead, because I’ll
have my hand up here, go down for the mag, and grab that. so in
my case I kinda have to reach across, grab the mag. no it was ready to go.
now one other thing that’s kind of missing on these pants versus these is
that on these you do have a knife pocket so right here. I’ve got my Ontario RAT-1
in this slimline pocket right there, and on this they give you
something a little bit different. it’s gonna serve the same function,
though. yeah, so I actually have a full-sized mossy oak knife that my son got
me for Father’s Day last year, and while there’s not a knife pocket itself, there
is on the side pockets. they’re reinforced so you can tuck a knife in
and they will hold it very well. yeah. I’ve never had a knife fall out of
from this right here. you get that little bit of extra tension with that little
extra bit of fabric and there’s kind of a little hump that has to get over so
yeah I’ve never had one fall out. I have had them fall out of these a couple
times. it’s pretty rare. it has to like catch on a like a dog leash or a seat in
your car or something when you’re sitting down, but for the most part these
retain quite well. I should point out that probably the biggest difference in
addition to some of the features that we’ve talked about here between these
two different pants is that is the price tag. these typically you’re gonna be able
to find them probably for about 45 50 bucks
somewhere in there for a pair of the regular 24-7 pants and if they go on sale you
can get I’ve actually bought these for as low as like $30. usually about every
six months or so they’re gonna go on sale everywhere and you can find good
prices on these. These, however, they’re not that cheap. no they’re in the 70 to
80 dollar range is what I’ve seen them for. yeah these are premium right here,
and if you want to kind of you know justify that purchase, these, I think,
really will last a long time. I’ve been very pleased going out you know doing
some of the hunting that we’ve been doing. I’ve been backpacking
with these, I’ve done camping and kind of bushcrafting sort of work, and they’ve
definitely held up to everything I’ve done it. they basically look like brand
new and I would expect using the similar material that they have on here that
these are gonna last a good long time. yeah and going back to what you’re
talking about earlier with some of the elastic around the butt and the legs they
also have it actually inside this waistband too, which is great for people
that are like me because I kind of between sizes between a 32, 33,
somewhere in there and sometimes having that little larger size they’ll bind up
if I put my belt on. these pants don’t do that. these will stay nice, slim, uniform
and they’re very comfy. but they also allow you to give whenever you’re
stretching and bending. yeah, good point. this will kind of stretch and shrink
with you so if you do have that big Thanksgiving dinner or whatever, this is
gonna deal with it. and maybe more importantly, in winter, sometimes when you
have to layer up – like I’ve worn when we actually did the hog hunt – I had a pair
of fleece bibs on under this and it was able to just kind of stretch around that
that little bit extra and it felt just fine. For retention on the
inside you do have kind of a double button thing going on so you have
a button on the inside just like he had with tux pants or some good khakis or
whatever. button on the outside. and then YKK zippers all the way around. so yeah
everything here is just kind of built to last, built for hard use. like I’m saying and
I think that your dad is going to be very pleased. yeah, your dad. I know you’re
buying it for yourself. of course well I mean there’s nothing
wrong with buying your own father’s Day gift right? well thank you guys be sure
that you like share subscribe hit the notification bell. we are continuing to
work on the masterpieces like the rifle back here. again, I do apologize that
things are a little bit behind but I have done some work in the background on
this rifle. this is getting much closer getting ready to go. we’re doing a hand
loading for this I’ve opened up the barrel channel on the stock right here.
testing out different scopes like the Nikon FX 1000. great scope. I can
already highly recommend it. but we’re gonna get into the nitty-gritty on this,
and we have some new rifles coming up in the future. we are gonna make sure that
we take care of this one though. I know most of you guys are waiting to see what
we do with this and how it performs at a mile, and we are we’re gonna nail that
target. we’re gonna do great. so yeah, thank you Patrons of the Destructive
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  3. check out the jobman pants. all made in the US. and they can specialize them to the job or trade you're in. kevlar reinforced everywhere too

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