Tru Spec Pro Flex Pants: 6 Magazine Pockets and Enhanced Movement

Oh! Finally! hey, babe! guess who’s gonna be allowed back in
the break room at work! When I have to wear pants – which is tragically most of
the time – I’m basically wearing tru specs. just ask my wife. everywhere we go
basically I am wearing tru-spec pants or shorts like you see right here. these
are the 24/7 lightweight shorts right here. why do I like these? well actually
there are a bunch of reasons. we’re gonna take a look at some of the options right
here. I’ve talked about the basic tru-spec pants in the past if you get
these on sale these can run actually about 30 bucks so they are quite a good
value they’re not going to break the bank if you get a couple pairs of these
the shorts as well sometimes you can actually find these for about 25 bucks a
pair and I’m always looking for those sales but yeah these are very flexible
as we’re gonna see here in a bit they’re useful for a whole lot of things we have
also talked about the kind of uprated tru-spec expedition pants which are
quite a bit more expensive these usually run and it can be anywhere up like into
the 90s anywhere from like 75 bucks if you get them on sale up into the 90s if
they’re on kind of regular price but these are really hardcore outdoor pants
these they have all kinds of upgraded features like I mentioned like you have
these big stretchy panels that breathe really well behind the knees and then
right below the waistline so you get a lot of the heat that you build up when
you’re out in the outdoors it’s just gonna go off you and one of the
limitations that I’ve mentioned in the past with your basic 24/7 is that there
are a nice trim fit they fit the leg really neatly it’s just a nice clean
line that’s why I think a lot of folks use these for uniform pants like you
know law enforcement agencies are gonna use this pant or one a lot like it but
these don’t actually flex all that well when it comes time to like maybe jump
over a barbed wire fence like I’ve had to do in the past if you want to be able
to you know get over an obstacle like that let’s have it kind of hike him up a
little bit and then you can get over just because it’s it’s a little bit
restrictive in the crotchal region and then this makes it so that you know
here’s the the crotch area of the Xtreme pants or the expedition pants and yeah
you don’t have to ever move it’s a nice trim leg again but it’s just gonna move
with you you don’t ever have to think about adjusting your pants as you’re out
in the woods and it also has kind of a form-fitting leg so that it’s just kind
of automatically built to flex with you as you move around these are ultimate
movement but probably not the most seemly when you’re walking around on
your your day to day job or whatever these look like tactical pants cuz they
really are all kinds of vents and zippers and pockets and like this little
hook that loops onto your boot laces so that you can get a kind of a gaiter feel
and keep things from getting out into your boots or under your socks oh yeah
expensive pants now we get into today’s pants these split the difference between
the two and I think these are ones to take a very serious look at these right
here are these are called the pro flex and these take the basic formula that
you get with the regular twenty four sevens you can get for about 30 and then
they start adding some of the features that you get from the expedition pants
while keeping the price tag actually pretty low for about 45 bucks probably
if you go out and look on Amazon or one of the other resellers I’ll put links
down below you are looking at a pant that includes that wonderful stretchy a
four way stretchy material that’s going to breathe really well in those key
areas this one has just a little bit of a section right here behind the knee up
through the crotch and then above the waistline so these
are going to move just about as well as the expedition pants but they’re gonna
do it as you can see a bit more discreetly it’s not so stark you know a
tactical look about it and it’s gonna come in at that lower price point and
this actually adds some interesting features come get a close look at what
they’ve done with these let’s start with the discussion of fabric the fabric is
going to be the same on all of these whether it’s the expedition pants the
basic 24/7 tactical pants or these Pro flex all of them are going to be made of
this ripstop polycon material this is a 6535 blend and it is just utterly
brilliant I have hardly damaged any of these I have probably about 10 pairs
between the shorts and the pants that I have and yeah so far I’ve really only
sustained two bits of damage and I’m going to show you one of them here this
does not rip easily the only pair that I have truly ripped out in the field or
doing whatever actually caught a pair of they’re kind of basic cargoes that look
more like kind of khaki pants you could take to work I caught it on a metal hook
and I ripped about a one-inch slash in there and so I don’t wear those anymore
because it was right on the butt but I might patch those up and still use them
for outdoor work but yeah these still are very difficult to either wear
through or damage and the fabric itself is impregnated with a Teflon coating so
that it actually kind of beads up water and really does a great job of resisting
stains this pair that you see right here this old 24/7 is basic model right here
you can see has some stains I’ve got one right here that’s probably motor oil
right there the knees have just a little bit of a lightness to them where it
started to kind of wear through the color just a little bit we have some
damage around the knife pocket you can see just a little bit of fraying there
and a rip where my dog actually snagged my
on his leash and kind of yanked it through here so we do okay we do have a
little bit more damage going on right here these are probably about six years
old and I have taken them into all kinds of brush in all kinds of terrain and
here is the most profound damage on this one I’ll show you the inside actually
tore the crotch right out of this when I was bending down one time the the
stitches I guess had gotten a little bit a little bit loose a little bit weak in
the UV and all that but yeah these these tore through and I’m gonna sew these up
I’m holding them together with duct tape right now and I as you can see I
probably don’t wear these very often the green pair which is actually slightly
older than those these have no damage on them whatsoever just a little bit of the
the kind of color loss up here in some of the these wear sections and right
here around the pockets and I’ll talk about that here in a second yeah doing
great they are very tough and if the Teflon coating stops working for a
little bit I’ve heard that you can just take a warm iron and pass it over it and
then you get some of that water resistance back it should be a good
persistent water resistance going on here
now what about colors I’ve shown you the coyote tan right here this is multicam
in the expedition pant not all of these come in a camo but they do have some
that come in MARPAT love MARPAT in my area we have the Ranger green which I
pointed out right here this is not like olive drab this is a bit more of a
blueish hue this is kind of like what the sheriff’s wear around in this area
so it doesn’t look like the old like Vietnam era olive green or anything it’s
yeah it’s it’s definitely a little bit more of it that kind of brighter color
it does blend in really well though in general with most of these pants are
gonna get navy blue you’re gonna get black khaki is very common and then
sometimes there’s bone as well have a pair of bone shorts and those show they
kind of look like normal cargo pants they don’t really look all that tactical
so I like sharing those around for various things
up top the waistband is pretty trick if you have a waistband that tends to
expand and contract based upon your eating habits or what your exercise or
what you’ve been doing or maybe what you’ve been wearing for example a lot of
time I like to put fleece bibs under these when it starts getting cold this
actually does have some stretch built into it you can see that the waistband
is kind of split right here so you can expand and contract these pants and
actually get different sizes out of them you can probably get about a total of oh
I don’t know two two and a half inches of total travel around these so if you
want to be able to put a pistol here inside the waistband these are going to
accommodate it and as long as your belt can handle the expansion the pants
certainly can the belt loops are thicker than normal you can see that they are
quite fat and there are quite a few of them all the way all the way around this
model has seven all the way around a little bit different than the normal
pant that they have and then it has one extra thick one here at the back which i
think is quite nice because a lot of the time we’re going to get a little bit of
extra tug at the back of the pants and it’s good to have this sitting here to
be able to take up a little bit more of that the snaps here these are prim snaps
and they are I’ve never had one fail on me they don’t get loose they seem to
always work the zippers oh and we do have a button on the inside here to kind
of that back up button first to make sure that everything lays really flat
and then also if the snap should ever come off and the zipper burst for some
reason okay you got a little backup but really these will not burst because this
zipper is a nice metal YKK and I’ve never had one of these fail me I
actually have a super-duper old like a 1970s era sleeping bag that’s missing
teeth but it’s a YKK zipper but and it still works on that sleeping bag I use
it as my mat you’ve probably seen it around pockets this is where the
the 24 7 Series pants really start to shine you’ll see that the cargo pockets
for one thing in flat these are not bellows style they
can kind of bellow out here on the back there’s a little bit of expansion
available but in general these are designed to just look really slim
against the leg to lay nice and flat and not look like you’re carrying all kinds
of crap even though you actually are but let me show you one extra trick with
this allow me to show you a little something that you probably didn’t know
about the 24/7 pants because they don’t really advertise this there are
accessory pockets within these large cargo pockets they call them accessory
pockets but they just happen to fit 120 rounds of 223 ammunition and if you
think that this is kind of an accident these little accessory pockets no no no
these are designed to hold these magazines it’s a perfect fit yeah it
fits your phone as well and in my case that’s exactly where I put it I drop in
into one of these interior pockets and it’s really stable for movement it’s
also really stable for these as well and this is not just a party trick or for
the Le guys I have used these pockets with these magazines when I am out
Varman ting because it’s really quite handy to have the ammunition you know
you don’t want to look all tactical when you’re out trying to whack prairie dogs
or whatever so I’m not wearing a vest or anything like that I just dump these in
the pockets and actually walking running is quite possible with these in there
because they’re held so neatly in place I think it’s a really cool feature that
they’ve put into these and check out what they’ve done with the new model the
pockets on the pro-flex retain that internal division on the inside you can
see them right in there these are the internal pockets where you can drop a
mag but check this out the expedition pant over here instead of having those
internal pockets it had one external pocket that can fit a magazine just
perfectly this is one you can very quickly access all you have to do is
just grab the top of your mag yank it out and it’s ready to go and this sits
deep enough and had it kind of sits in the right position so it was never in
any you know fear of the magazine flying out while we were running because we
actually were running after the Hogs on our last hunt and I had a magazine
sitting inside this pocket yeah it didn’t move at all and I was ready to
whip it out and fire on the the next round of targets but what they’ve done
with the pro-flex pant I recommend it over here since this was
on the right side they probably should have moved it over to the left side for
us righties because we’re gonna be going down for the mag with our left hand well
on the pro-flex they put it on both sides so you can see that behind the
cargo pocket you now have an extra mag pouch and that’s yeah on both sides in
here so this will be able to fit an ar-15 mag
or if you want to be able to drop your cellphone in it’s going to fit that very
perfectly and be very quick to access this I think is brilliant and one of the
coolest things about the pro-flex well we’re on the subject of pockets I do
want to bring up some of the others on here because these are very
well-thought-out these aren’t just little me to items that they tacked onto
here first on the back you have an easy access pocket that just has a little
flap right here and you can put a wallet or whatever in there but if you want
your wallet to actually be secure on the other side we have another YKK zipper
this one is a nylon instead of metal right here so it’s gonna be a little bit
easier to sit on I imagine this is a lot like what comes on the expedition pant
and then we have okay for me my everyday carry depending on what I’m doing is
probably going to look like Keyes pistol it could be a pocket knife that’s a big
one that’s a rat a rat one from Ontario and then this is a Phoenix LD 22 pretty
big to a a flashlight I have my phone a wallet and all of this stoves really
easily inside here first off these little knife pockets are definitely big
enough to handle a medium-sized flashlight like this one
that stoves very easily in there I can see that they’ve kind of opened it up a
little bit these in the past I think have been a little bit smaller and yeah
fits really neatly in that one on the other side this is where I usually put
my rat one so yeah it’s a pretty big folder it fits in there quite nicely a
lot of those folding tactical knives are gonna fit very easily inside that space
for the front pockets these are the slash kind so they’re gonna be really
easy to get your hands into it’s you know good for keeping your hands warm if
you need to and then it’s also perfect for accessing a pocket mounted pistol
this is how I pretty much always carry is in the pocket quick to access it
doesn’t really show up it doesn’t bother my hips I just don’t like and in the
waistband holster I’ll probably talk about that and in another video but this
is the way that I like to carry and it’s actually quite quick on the draw it’s
easy to get this out of here and it’s completely concealed this is not the
smallest carry pistol in the whole wide world this is a Taurus millennium this
is they’re not their g2 model this is one that came just before that I like
this one better actually but this is a double stack it holds 12 rounds it’s a
little bit on the heavy side which is what I like and you can see that it’s
stoves completely inside that pocket easy to put a wallet wherever you want
if it’s a back pocket or one of the cargos like you saw earlier and then we
do have these accessory pockets right here and I think in the past folks were
using these you could probably use these for pistol mags some of the smaller ones
you could put maybe one of those little pistol mag carriers inside here because
they did widen this the previous version was a good bit narrower maybe another
inch narrower and maybe you could put a small phone or something but I think you
can get quite a bit more in here not tall enough for the modern phones if you
have one of the big iPhones or something not gonna fit in there probably for this
internal pocket some of the other weird things on this in the past with some of
the 24/7 s you have this great big section
right here where you can put flexible knee pads internal knee pads and these
are common on a lot of the tactical pants you kind of have a little hidden
pocket inside the leg where you can put it the expedition has it the kind of
classic 24/7 has it these are just double reinforced there as far as I can
tell there’s no pocket to slide it into I haven’t been able to detect anything
yet anyway normally there is a little oh no there it is
I found it yeah okay let’s check it out I was feeling around for this earlier
but I just found it there it is that is the aperture where you can slide in a
flexible knee pad so there you go you have all the good stuff that came on the
original 24/7 plus all of the upgrades this fabric we talked about the the
ripstop fabric over here at first but now I want to talk about this stuff I
was not really expecting all that much from this it’s a flexible you know kind
of spandex ease sort of fabric it looks really nice it’s very matte but you know
and it does breathe really well if you’re outdoors I have tried it it’s
great in all kinds of conditions but I was expecting this to maybe not be so
tough as this other fabric right here and so far this is defying me completely
as far as I can tell this is going to last every bit as long as the ripstop
polycon we’re gonna continue to test over time with backpacking and all kinds
of things but with you know weight in my pack and all kinds of accessories and
slings and all kinds of things I cannot seem to damage this it just seems to do
its job really well move perfectly and yeah it just it just seems to keep on
ticking oh right I almost forgot this is the other bit of damage that these pants
have taken since I do carry a rather large pistol with metal sights in my
pocket pretty much everywhere including on very long hikes the wear can get
pretty intense these aren’t so badly damaged but it is starting to wear a
little bit thin in here and the way that I have been protecting these in the past
is with these little iron-on patches you can see that I need
to redo this one and then I also have to put on the pockets the pockets since
they are just cotton a kind of a thin comfortable cotton actually gets there
they’re pretty thick but it’s a nice comfy cotton like a t-shirt sorta and
these we’re through actually pretty quickly and these I have to keep patched
up at regular intervals after about two years of use I found that I needed to
start patching these up and I’ve kind of gone more pre-emptive in the the recent
past patching these before they actually start to wear through and it does help
with some of the wear that you see here and hopefully this will protect the
outside of the pants if I can just keep the pocket from falling apart I can keep
the pants from falling apart one more quick thing to point out this shirt is
also from tru-spec this is a new recycled material one that I’m gonna
show off here and I’m gonna actually use both of these in a hike here in the near
future I’m gonna be doing a nearly 27 mile hike through some pretty brutal
wilderness with some friends and it’s it has a lot of up and down whoever
designed this trail did not really know what switchbacks were this goes straight
up mountains and then pretty much straight down and this is going to be a
good test of clothing and gear and keeping everything really light because
not only are we going to hike this distance we’re gonna do it in about 12
hours we’re gonna see how that goes it’s going to be tough and we’ll see how all
of these add up hopefully this will keep me even though it’s gonna be mid-october
in Oklahoma and Arkansas that doesn’t really add up too much it could still be
around ninety degrees and we’ll see how these function in short pants if you
have to wear them wear tru-spec I think I should make that to corporate slogan
thank you to everybody that has made videos like these possible thank you to
tru-spec for actually sending the pants out for me to test they know that I like
their stuff and I’ve been buying their stuff for a good long time so hey they
sent me some new ones to play with and I appreciate you guys thanks to patrons of
the destructive arts that keep videos like these rolling out thank you to
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Magnum level Peter at the 300 level and if anybody else wants to pitch
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