Trolling Indian Phone Scammer & Swearing in Hindi! 不

I can’t believe that just happened. Indian IT phone scammers just called me, Karl Rock, here at my home in New Zealand. And I recorded the whole thing for you guys! I mean.. hello. These phone scammers have made millions, if not billions of dollars, from us naive foreigners. And we are naive.. we are gullible. So if you’re going to India, you gotta wisen up. You gotta get street smart. And that’s exactly why I’ve written my “INDIA SURVIVAL GUIDE” It’s a quick start guide so you can land on your feet running in India and love and enjoy India as much as I do That’s what I want for you. Most of these call centres that have been raided, have been located in South and Central India. And that’s because they have a higher English literacy rate there. But I’m not sure if this guy is from the South or from the North I’m thinking the North because at the beginning, he didn’t understand my Hindi swear words that I was saying. But that’s because when they call someone in New Zealand, they don’t expect an English speaking person to be saying Hindi swear words to them. But when I got to mother beep, he stopped and he is like, “OK, so yeah this guy has been swearing at me the whole time”. He realized that and then he hung up on me. But at the same time, it could be a Southern guy and he might only know that one swear word in Hindi. So, it’s really hard to say where this guy was from exactly. And finally to the Government of India, you guys need to do way more about this. This is destroying India’s reputation. I’m getting one phone call a week from these guys trying to rip me off. I’m not kidding. I’ve got the proof. Everybody in New Zealand has got a phone call from these people or they atleast know about these scam phone calls coming from India. This is totally destroying all the good Indians’ reputation in India, you know. In India, the bad is like 1% of people. The 99% of people are beautiful and believe in athiti devo bhavah (guests are equal to gods) And just treating the guests as God and.. not ripping people off. This is not Indian culture, right? So Government of India, you guys need to do more about this and stop these phone calls and shut down these call centres. Seriously! It’s just terrible for you guys.

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