Triads – Cyerpunk 2077 Lore

Good evening Choombas! Welcome to the MadQueen
show! What are we going to learn today? Raise your hand if you know who the Triads are The triads are the third largest criminal
organization operating in the States today and, as I always say, not counting corporations,
because corporations are “supposed” to be legal. Supposed. Setting their strongest
American foot in the now inexistent San Francisco, that now is part of Night City Megacity these Chinese mobs have created a stronghold on Chinese communities thought North America. The Triads originated in Hong Kong and Taiwan, where they were one of the three major secret
societies although I fail to see how can they be called “secret societies” if everybody
knows about them, and have spread across the world, bringing their trademark of violence
with them Which I don’t dislike To understand the Triads, we must first look
at the Tongs A Tong is a secret, or not so secret association of business and social
leaders that exist within any sizeable Chinese community working along similar lines to
the early Sicilian Mafia The Tong oversees the community’s development and integration
into a city. For the most part, a Tong is law-abiding
For the most part furthering the aims of their
community and businessmen In life it is important
to be one step ahead That’s how we created
the fuel that moves your life giving Humanity hope And we keep moving forward
to a better future for Humanity Our constant investigation in biotechnology,
genetic engineering and biochemistry Helps us help you
live a fuller life Biotechnica
One Step Ahead And they police themselves pretty well.
Tongs are the “social club” modeled on triads, and Triads are their strong
and violent big brothers. The strong suit of the triads, inside or outside
Night City, is extortion, illegal gambling, and remember that in the 21st-century gambling
needs to be very illegal to be illegal drug and human trafficking and murder. With such
an interesting CV you can guess that even not being as large as the Yakuza or as commercially
involved as the Mafia, the Triad control the majorities of Chinatowns in American cities. This manifests itself in two major ways: Triad gangs who lurk on every street corner, and
the Triad hierarchy who arrange, control and maintain profitable commercial interests.
They also protect themselves on the Street in a most blatant fashion, as their turf is
not policed particularly well, like almost any corner of America that is not rich enough
to have an avid Corporate police Triads issue their own justice, that is pretty simple: whoever cross them, dies. And they do overreact to offenses So, you know, just don’t provoke
them unless you have insomnia and instead of sheep count you want a large body count. Hey Choombas, thanks for watching. Visit your
Dataterm entries for more history lessons on the world of Cyberpunk 2077. See you around
Night City.

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31 thoughts on “Triads – Cyerpunk 2077 Lore

  1. The Law Enforcement Division and the organized crime were one of the first requests I had for lore videos when I started, so now you have the complete pack of videos!

    Please consider supporting us on Patreon, with $1 you can contribute to making more and better content for you Thanks for watching!!

  2. 🤔 so, can we hope that classical international mafia wars will be in the game? It could be interesting, though it was used so many times that gamers might not like it

  3. Yeah, anyone who's played any sort of Cyberpunk setting knows who the Triads are, also the Yakuza, be that Shadowrun or C2020 they tend to be a fairly common enemy of choice. as a side note, while I'm sure there will be an awesome Main Quest and lots of interesting side Quests in C2077, I do hope they have some sort of mission system that isn't going to run out, even if they are basic, go here, kill everything/capture this/rescue them, you know, the normal filler material Runners survive on from Earth Shattering Quest to Quest /laugh

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  5. As far as secrets go. The Triads kinda manage to feel pretty secretive in the real world compared to the other two most famous organized crime … uh… genres… Like, I know far more random factoids about the Mafia and Yakuza than I do Triads. How many of those are remotely factual, I couldn't say of course.

  6. Secret-not-secret societies 🙂
    In a somewhat related note, one of the games I'm playing to take the edge off my Cyberpunk hype is Sleeping Dogs… open world single-player RPG set in Hong Kong, where you play an undercover cop trying to infiltrate the Triads. It's not cyberpunk per se, but there's a reason why so many cyberpunk movies use Hong Kong as their inspiration… and Sleeping Dogs features full exploration. Hits so many buttons 🙂

  7. mike pondsmith did say he designed Night City to be like a theme park he really went with all the bells and whistles didn't he 😀

  8. The dynamic between corp and gangs have to be just right to avoid feeling like a joke or typecasting. Also the issue of how to navigate the ethnic and racial components of gangs {not like games muck that up very often:0}.

  9. It's interesting that you said something along the lines of "if they're a 'Secret Society', then how come everyone knows about them." I am a Mason (as in member of a Masonic Lodge) and I run into people calling us a "Secret Society" constantly and I say the same thing. What does this have to do with your video? Well, nothing; I just thought that I'd share a funny story.

  10. In life it is important to be one step ahead and get a Madqueen Show notification. The Madqueen Show. See you around Night City.

  11. So there will be Triads from China, Yakuza from Japan and Mafia from Italy. Anyone from Spain? Poland? 😉 See You around Night City Mq!

  12. Your video editing skills are over 9000 , my personal opinion is that Madqueen is such an underrated Youtuber , the quality of content you upload is what keeps me tuned in, keep being amazing !

  13. CHOMBATTA (CHOOMBA) – Neo-Afro-American slang for a friend or a family member.
    thank you —>

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