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-Imagine, if you will, a world without Wi-Fi, a world where you must rely on a bulky GPS or, dare we say, Apple Maps to navigate unfamiliar places. Spooky. This happens because when you’re out of your phone’s signal range, Google Maps goes dead. Until now, the app needed a data connection to load things like turn-by-turn directions and Search for destinations. To fix that, Google has introduced a new offline feature that lets you download offline maps, so you can keep navigating whether you have a connection or not. Here’s how to get them. Open the Android Google Maps app– Google is still working on an iOS version– and type in the area you want to download in the Search bar. When the area loads, swipe up from the bottom of the screen and select Download. Then move the box to the area in which you want to navigate offline, and press Download again. You can now navigate within that area without a data connection. A quick solution to end the horror of other navigation solutions.

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