Trash Amps & Indiegogo – Lets Make Gen 2!

Hi, I’m Adam, and I’m Ron, and our idea
starts here: taking out the trash. For the past two years, we’ve been working on our
company, Trash Amps. We transform cans into portable speakers for your MP3 player and
electric guitar to get people thinking, “What are things we throw away that could have a
new use?” Ron and I became friends in the college dorms
in 2004, both studying engineering, both learning the guitar, and both interested in creating
stuff. Our friend got an altoids guitar amp kit online. A cool idea, but it didn’t sound
great because it’s such a small enclosure. The same electronics worked great in a can
and Trash Amps was born. I graduated in 2009 with a degree in Manufacturing Engineering,
and joined forces with Ron, and Electrical Engineer, to start the company. After a few small runs using PVC pipe and
off the shelf parts, we raised money from family and friends for an injection mold.
Over the past two years, we built 1,500 Trash Amps by hand on the dining room table. These
units sold through our booth at the local mall and website for $50 each, and we just
sold the last one. As this phase of our project ends, we’re
anxious to start the next. We’ve proven there’s a demand for our product and that
we can deliver. Making speakers by hand was cool, but it’s not sustainable, so we plan
to work with a contract manufacturer to produce the next model. Our goal $16,000 will pay
for the tooling and production of 1000 next generation Trash Amps. In the past year, we’ve gotten great user
feedback. People want louder volumes, longer battery life, and most of all, a lower price
point. We’ve addressed all of these issues in the next generation of our product, and
we’re excited to show you our working prototypes. It’s a speaker made to fit inside a can.
We collect cans from all over the world and cut the tops off. This custom can is available
exclusively through our campaign on Indiegogo. The can creates a sealed speaker cavity for
high quality, high volume sound, and the speaker provides structural support. 4AA batteries
give you an amazing 50 hours of battery life. Remove the magnetic grill and plug in the
cord. When you press play, it automatically turns on in MP3 mode. If the music stops,
or if you unplug the Trash Amp, it automatically turns off. With a ¼” adapter, you can plug
into a guitar. When you strum, it senses guitar and turns up the volume for face melting solos.
And we’ve added an auxiliary jack for daisy-chaining or using your own cord. This thing is amazing, you can use it anywhere.
It will work with any device with a headphone jack, as well as musical instruments. MP3
players, smartphones, tablets, laptops, electric guitars, keyboards. You can use it with Pandora,
Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, and the list goes on. We’ve put a ton of time into earth friendly
product design and packaging. Many of the parts are made from recycled materials, such
as this black plastic speaker housing. The cardboard tube serves three purposes: it’s
a shipping container, product instructions, and a travel case. Our hope is that this combination of music
and soda cans will inspire others to develop their own upcycled products. So there it is:
this isn’t just a concept or a sketch. We’ve got a factory lined up to start production,
and we’re confident that our new Trash Amp will be better than ever. We need your support:
you can get your own speaker with a pledge of only $32. Thanks for listening, and as
we say, “Reuse It For Music!” Crap, I’m probably smiling too much! Naw,
I think it’s good! (laughing)

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3 thoughts on “Trash Amps & Indiegogo – Lets Make Gen 2!

  1. check out the landfillharmonics on Music Medics face book today. you need to find a maker of recycled instruments to show off your product

  2. Awesome Speaker!
    Dont forget to get one of these 360° soundspreaders: thingiverse(dot)com/thing:101592
    for your Thrash-amps can

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