Transit Tech CTE High School

the MTA keeps New York moving every day
we carry more than 8 million people across New York but what keeps the MTA
moving our people we depend on hard-working highly skilled employees to
keep our system going 24/7 our partnership with transit tech means that
we have access to a generation of young people who have the skills we need it
truly is a win-win partnership we start in the ninth grade by introducing all
students with a course called introduction to engineering design which
is a conspiratorial that gives the students the opportunity to explore
which type of trade they may want to embark on in the future we have four
state certified trades computer technology electrician electronics and
transit technician there were a CTE high school so what that means is it’s Career
and Technical Education the students are taught a vocational or hands-on trade so
it gives them a chance to get a job right after high school and this is a
great environment you see here this 30,000 square-foot lab that’s got trains
where they can work so all together sister very nice environment that’s
conducive to this kind of creative learning the thing I love the most is
the electrical installation where I get to have a hands-on field and be able to
be exposed to the real world we also get a chance to work with our car inspectors
in the MTA for an internship we learn all the aspects of the trains and
electric theory I used to know just about the train
system but I started to get more technical with them it’s mostly brought
to my eyes on how much it takes to get me just to get into a job with practice
they’ve also get to develop leadership skills communication skills I get to
really watch them blossom and mature just as individuals not just as you know
student the classroom what I learned since I’ve
been here is the how to have that sense of leadership and being able to guide
other people towards a common goal we’re just not about preparing the students
for one direction we’re focused on preparing those students who are more
interested in going into the trade areas or straight into industry when they walk
out of here with your additional endorsements they’re ready to go
straight to work they are also very much prepared for college if they choose to
go that route we have a great support team for going into college and getting
us ready for college so that’s what I like about the school there’s a lot of
opportunities that transit has to offer and if they accept those opportunities
and they will be they will get to go to places they’ve never been to so I got
into the Paul university DePaul 2021 Tigers after finishing high school I
will attend Dickinson College for four years I was a pasta you recipient I
graduated from transit Tech in June 2016 I go to a city Technology College for
mechanical engineering and I’m also an apprentice for the MTA transit Tech
helped me a lot because it taught me basic motor controls and electronics
which is what I do here as an apprentice I graduated from transit tech in the
year of 2016 I’m a lighting apprentice in MTA transit
I create and put in machines that help the customers get them through the
system a lot easier my main goal is to make the system’s better for myself and
for others no one should settle for anything and you should always chase
your dreams and goals you start somewhere you build up and that’s
transect helps you do our system runs around the clock because
New York never stops the employees of the MTA are what keeps New York moving
and transit tech graduates are an increasingly important part of our
workforce they are making a difference at the MTA and for New York you

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32 thoughts on “Transit Tech CTE High School

  1. So how do you become an MTA Train Operator? Does Transit Tech teach you how to drive trains or would you have to apply straight to MTA New York City Transit? My dream job would be to operate the same train I used to ride everyday. The 7 Train.

  2. This is a very good opportunity and partnership, especially for kids in low income communities to learn engineering and design and then take those skills and build on them. Great Job MTA.

  3. I graduated from Transit Tech in 2004 with a regions endorsed diploma and a career and technical diploma for Transit Technician. My last shop class was the Rail Car Lab.

  4. This school is alright. There are paid internship opportunities here and any of you middle school kids are interested in working for the MTA, then this school might be the right place for you!

  5. I personally am an 8th grader and I would love to go here but my mom won't let me because the surrounding areas aren't the nicest areas if you know what I mean and also this school is like an hour and a half train ride from where I live so sadly I can't.

  6. Transit Tech has alot to offer its student's interms of career opportunities. Go visit an open house and ask the teachers and members of the apprenticeship what can you expect from this school. For everyone else trying to be a Train Operator for NYCT, look on every month to every 6 months for an updated title of jobs coming out. Train Operator will not becoming out again until 2020 or until needed.

  7. I wanted to go to Transit Tech while in junior high school until I completely lost interest in working for the transit system. Wonder if I made a bad choice.

  8. Wow kids these days, I did not have a clue what I was going to do lol
    btw looks like they have a honest and decent faculty at this school 👍😎

  9. Transit Tech has a number of Certified programs that prepare students to enter into the Blue collar workforce under the disciplines of Electrical installations and IT Computers. We prepare students for Competitive entry level employment… Contact the school for more information.

  10. " We have four state certifies trades " ???? Correction , four state certified " trade programs " ; the state doesn't need to certify that pneumatics is a trade . The principal has a horrific reputation , uncommunicative with most staff and with little knowledge of academics ( his language arts skills make that obvious . The true story of the school is this : The transit curriculum was adopted in 1985 , the school's name change to East NY High School of Transit Technology effective as of 2/1/86 , and the rail car lab completed by 1994 . It is only over the last few years that two modern rail cars were added , whereas the students had been working on one broken down specimen for about 20 years , so perhaps Bynum can take credit for that ( although I can't be sure whether the DOE just woke up to the disaster the school had become under Neil Harris , his predecessor through 2013 ) . Enrollment dropped from a high of about 1,700 in 2006 to about 700 in 2016 , so drastic action was in order . You will notice no graduates from before the recent rail car additions , in the 20+ year that the curriculum was in effect , speaking on this video . Having loved this place for most of my working years , I do hope it now serves the communities of North Brooklyn as it once did decades ago .

  11. i want to work for transit but i was in high school in 2014 never heard of the school now it is too late already graduated highschool in 2018 now im in cuny college doing mechnical enginneering and in coop tech for auto mechanic which i love doing

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