Training Workers for Florida’s High-tech Manufacturing Jobs – Valencia College (credit: News 13)

Today students graduated from Valencia
College’s advanced manufacturing program. The first class to graduate since the new training centre opened . and as news 13 Julie Carrgotta found out they’re training students for a future
industry that they hope Osceola County will one day be known for. I started to think about a new path. Rivera says discovering the Valencia
program came after some trying times. “I got laid off from my job about three
years ago.” So the father of three grown children started to re-imagine his own future. When I first started the program it was like an epiphany. “Right, the part would be
sitting on a vice.” Rivera will be a certified CNC operator. They create parts for high-end manufacturing industries from automotive to aviation; and soon there could be a big need for those skills in Central Florida. Just down the street from the training facility is this, a future research facility for the high-tech industry where they’re hoping they can put all those skills to work. I think is going to change not only Osceola County I think is going to change the state of Florida. Chester Kennedy says the future research
facility is based upon one in the Netherlands. It will position Florida to be a key player in the emerging sensor economy and bring tens of thousands of
jobs to the region. What we see in in the future here is is having this 300 plus acre park full of high-tech companies that make up really a high tech corridor right here in Central Florida. Rivera might be one of those workers. Yes I am definitely confident that I will be
working. His son has even applied to the same program as his dad. Now at the age of 57, Rivera says he’s living proof that it’s never too late to start over. Every parent likes to think that they inspire their children. I’m starting a new career. It’s almost like starting a new life, really. In Osceola County, Julie Carrgotta. News 13.

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2 thoughts on “Training Workers for Florida’s High-tech Manufacturing Jobs – Valencia College (credit: News 13)

  1. Dear Valencia College,
    Thank you for this news about High-tech Manufacturing Jobs! It was very interesting!!
    Maybe you have new news about manufacturing plants and about machining centers CNC or CNC Lathes?

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