Toy Cafe Escape Room Challenge

– [Lulu] I can’t thank
you girls enough for helping me clean up after
the Toy Cafe Camp Out, it was such a crazy night and
morning and I am wiped out. – [Maya] No sweat Lulu,
we love helping you. – [Addy] For sure, and it
gives us a chance to be around all this cool Toy Food and stuff. – Does that Foodie Roos
really smell like gummies? – Absolutely. – Absolutely. – Smell the popcorn. – Smells like caramel popcorn. – I’m gonna go put these Sqeezkins away in the storage room girls, I’ll be back in a jiffy. – We’ve got you covered Lulu. – Thanks girls. – Cookies? This probably smells good. (phone rings) I’ll get it. Hello? Oh, it’s you again, hold on. Oh, it’s you again, hold on. I think it’s the Toy Master. – Not him again, now what does he want? – I’ll put him on speaker
phone so we can find out. – We have you on speaker phone Toy Master, this better not be
another one of your games. – Yeah. – Well hello again Addy and Maya, You’ve guessed correctly, this is the Toy Master. this is the Toy Master. I felt like it was time for
another escape room challenge, the doors to the Toy Cafe are locking in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. (lock clicks) – Oh no! – Oh no! (bell ding) – Cute little Sqeezkins, I’ll just put you right over here on the this shelf. (lock clicks) (bell dings) – Why can’t you just leave
us alone, Toy Master? – Why? Because I want the Toy Cafe
collection of Toy Food. – That’s so unfair. – Well I’m the Toy
Master, that’s what I do. – Good grief, so what’s the
deal this time Toy Master? – The deal is this, you
have fifteen minutes to solve a series of clues that will lead you to an escape button. Push that button and
the doors will unlock. – We should be able to
find the escape button twice as fast since there’s two of us. – If only it were that easy. – What does that mean? – You’ll each take
turns solving the clues, when one of you is
working the other will be sitting in the sound proof Toy
Cafe teepee wearing earmuffs. – Oh no, that’s gonna be so much harder. – When you hear a chime
you’ll switch places, the person working on the
clues will move to the teepee and the one sitting in the teepee will work through my clues. – Oh great, anything else you
want to tell us, Toy Master? – There sure is, every five minutes I will remove an entire line of Toy Food toys. – No! Lulu will stop you when she
finds out what you’re up to. – I think not. – I think not. I’ve locked Lulu in the
Toy Cafe storage room, and put a cone of
silence around this room. So she’ll have no idea what’s
going on until it’s all over. – You’ve got to be kidding. – Not a chance. Addy you’ll play first. Maya you need to go
directly to the soundproofed toy teepee and put on your earmuffs. The clock starts now. The clock starts now. (bell dings) – All right, back to the Toy Cafe. (banging on door) – That’s Lulu! – Hey, it’s locked! – Hey, it’s locked! Addy, Maya, the doors locked! Addy, Maya, the doors locked! – Lulu must be so freaked out now, Addy. – I know, we’ve got to find
the escape button like pronto. – Agreed. You’ve got this, Addy. Just focus on the clues and work fast. – Thanks, Maya. Okay Toy Master, I’m ready. What’s my first clue? – The Toy Cafe cash register
will show you the way. Time is ticking, good luck. – Okay, cash register. Okay, you push this button
to open the cash register. I don’t see any clues,
maybe it’s in the money. Okay, nothing on the ones. How ’bout the fives? Nope. Okay, let me check the tens. No clues here, maybe under the till? Here it is! Here it is! And it says T-M on it, this
has got to be the clue. What do all these pictures mean? I feel like I’ve seen these before. (bell dings) – I have a feeling the
Toy Master’s behind this. I’ve got to find a way out of here. What’s this? What’s this? Follow me? Very peculiar. Very peculiar. (bell dings) – A diamond, a music note, a lock. That’s right they’re from my spy decoder! The secret message must be in code, my spy decoder can help me figure it out. To my spy bag. To my spy bag. Okay, let me line up
the decoder correctly. Okay, time to decode. Okay, the diamond is a K. All right, now I gotta find this lock. Oh, here it is, it’s an H. All right, now moving on to the hourglass. Here it is, it’s an S. Oh, and there’s two hourglasses! Now the down arrow. Now the down arrow. – Come on Addy, you can do this. – Okay, where’s the down arrow? Found it, it’s a U! Now the music note. Here it is, it’s an I. Okay, one more symbol to go. A triangle with an exclamation mark. Where is it? Where is it? Oh, here it is, a G. Okay, G. Okay, G. K-H-S-U-I-G-S. Huh? I have no idea what that means. I think I need to unscramble the letters! (electronic chime) Oh no, the chime. Oh no, the chime. – You have ten seconds to trade
places, you’d better hurry. (bell dings) – More Foodie Roos? Juice flavored. Juice flavored. And there’s more of them. Is this a trail of Toy Food? Maybe I should follow it. Fruit cup. I’d like to get these open, but I should probably figure out where this trail’s leading me first. Chips. Better continue on though. (bell dings) – It’s your turn, Maya! – What’s the scoop? – I decoded some letters
on the back table, but you’re gonna have to unscramble them. – Got it, and I’ve an
idea to get word to Lulu. – Great, good luck, and hurry! – It’s not going, that Toy
Master thought of everything. – Did someone say my name? – Oh, no, you must be hearing things! – My mistake, carry on. – My mistake, carry on. – I know you can’t hear me
Lulu, but it’ll be okay. Now I’ve got to get to this clue. Okay, I have to unscramble these letters, but it might be easier if
I had Lulu’s Special Board. Okay, I just need to get rid of all the letters except the ones that I need. Okay, I need K-H-S-U-I-G, and S. I’ve gotta hurry, I’ve gotta hurry! ‘Kay, now I just need to
rearrange what I have left. Oh wait a minute! “Hug kiss”. “Hug kiss”. What could that mean? Oh, maybe Rainbocorns! Oh, maybe Rainbocorns! They’re totally huggable and kissable! Clue, clue, clue, where’s the clue? I’m not seeing anything. Let me try these two. Nothing here. I don’t see anything here. What else could “hug kiss” me? “Hug kiss.” “Hug kiss.” “Hug kiss.” That’s it! This has to be it! This has to be it! X’s and o’s stand for hugs and kisses. There’s got to be something
on the back of these. Come on! Come on! Nothing on this one. On to this one! – Five minutes have passed, and the Pikmi Pop Bubble
Drops have disappeared. – But those are my favorites. – But those are my favorites. Ugh, Toy Master! Ugh, Toy Master! A clue fell! Okay, what does it say? What does that mean? (electronic chime) Oh no, my turn is over. – You have ten seconds to
trade places, time is ticking. (bell dings) – Where am I? – Where am I? I’ve never seen this part
of the Toy Hotel before. Oh, another Foodie Roos. Oh, another Foodie Roos. Soda, but the trails seem to have stopped. Okay, I wish… Okay, I wish… Okay, I wish… Okay, I wish… (bell dings) – Okay Addy, it’s your turn! – Any luck reaching Lulu? – Not yet. – We just need to work faster
and find that escape button. So what’s my next clue? – Here it is. – Thanks, wish me luck! – Yep, we could sure
use some luck right now. – The writing is on the wall? There isn’t a lot of writing on the walls. Oh, the Toy Cafe sign. I don’t see anything unusual about this. Where else is the writing? Oh, x-o-x-o’s! Nothing on here either. The Tic Tac Toy logo! I don’t see anything here either! Where else is there writing on the wall? The only place I can’t see the wall is behind this shelf here. Okay, maybe if I just scooch it. There it is. All right, what does it say? There’s nothing on the card, did he forget to leave the clue? Maybe my spy kit can help me. Night vision goggles, that won’t help. Telescope, no. Fingerprint powder, nope. Blacklight pen, that’s it! Blacklight pen, that’s it! I bet the message was
written with invisible ink, and I can read it with my blacklight pen. This isn’t making any sense! It’s just a bunch of scrambled letters. – Please, please hurry Addy,
this is taking too long. – Is this another coded message? I just don’t get it. I just don’t get it. Wait a minute, the message is backwards! (electronic chime) Ugh, it’s the chime. Ugh, it’s the chime. – You have ten seconds to trade places, you’d better find that escape button soon. – Ugh, tell me something
I don’t already know. (bell dings) – Okay, wish done. – Okay, wish done. (bell dings) – Maya, we need to switch, and the clues on here are invisible and backwards. – Invisible and backwards? – Invisible and backwards? – Yes, and you’re gonna need
this blacklight to read it. – Okay, I’ve got to see this. – And you have to hurry,
time’s probably almost up. – Okay, I’m on it! Now this is what I call a clue. Okay, if it’s written backwards I better start at the bottom corner. What’s round on the– What’s round on the– What’s round on the– – Another five minutes have passed, and the Smooshy Mushy’s are gone. – No, not the Smooshy Mushy’s too! I better figure this out
before he takes another toy. What’s round on the outside,
but hollow on the inside? What’s round on the outside,
but hollow on the inside? What’s round on the outside,
but hollow on the inside? What’s round on the outside,
but hollow on the inside? I don’t know. I guess I’ll just go look around. Hmm, nothing round in there. 5 Surprises are round! They’re round on the outside but, there’s toys on the inside
so they’re not hollow. What else could it be? DoughMis, this has to be it! DoughMis are round on the
outside, and hollow on the inside. Just like a real doughnut! So where’s the next clue? The escape button! I can’t believe I found it! – Hurry Maya, we’re almost out of time. (bell dings) – Where am I? – Where am I? You’re the Toy Master! – I’m glad to see the trap I
set for you worked perfectly. – Oh no you don’t! I’m out of here! – Not so fast, Lulu. The doors are locked. (bell dings) – Addy, Addy, I found
the escape room button. – Fab job, Maya! We have to press the button
before Lulu loses anymore toys. – You press it, if you hadn’t of told me that the last clue was backwards I never would’ve figured it out. – Thanks, but let’s press it together. – Okay. 3, 2, 1. 3, 2, 1. 3, 2, 1. (lock clicks) – Congratulations, Addy and Maya, the doors are now unlocked. You are free to go. You are free to go. – Nice job! – However, I have a
little surprise for you. – What is it? – Addy! Maya! Help! The Toy Master tricked me, and I’m trapped somewhere
in the Toy Hotel! – It’s Lulu! – Oh no! – If you can find us, I will release Lulu and I’ll let her keep all her Toy Food. Think you’re up for the challenge girls? – Game on Toy Master. – Game on Toy Master.

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