TOTAL GEEKS #9 Interview with MACHINE56 (Part 2)

when everybody else wanted to be famous but you.. hide your identity, why are you being so mysterious? you think that I WANTED THIS? (lol jk) what’s the reason then? um. about’s more like i’m more comfortable being anonymous but that doesn’t mean that now i’m famous, and people on the street know about me, it’s not like that like some kind of billboard with “choose M56 for better future?” it’s not comfortable for me, knowing people know my personal identity but the most important part is, if i ever have a debt to other people and people don’t know my face and that’s really convenient /
so you have a lot of debt? nah, i’m sure there’re lots of people owing him money tbh, it’s just because i’m more comfortable being anonymous even though, a couple years ago, my face is shown to the national television o yea i saw that! you got into- /
which one!? ARGH SUCKS! CUT! CUT! at Trans8 /
oh you can say TV Channel name? (okiz) : yea /
yes at Trans8 the show with magician host /
yea the one with long hair he’s bald now tho it’s, it’s just because, i foolishy took the invitation because yknow “who watched the local tv anyway”, i think oh don’t worry, after this the locals will know who you are from Total Geeks ah, this is the one thing you guys should take note of the reason i wanted to be in- /
wait, take notes notes, there.
why i wanted to attend an interview like in that local tv channel at the Trans8 or even this current vlog because i know exactly , that this vlog don’t have lots of viewer (okiz) : yea it’s trash
(some laughing you can heard in the back, it’s from subjekt_zero) yea why don’t you help us promote this channel /
yea put it on your website that’s the problem, if i promote you guys then i won’t be able to sell anything o yea right speaking about website you only sell on that one portal? /
yea that’s the only place i sell my stuff but for the indonesian customer, it’s still via text messages all you product? yes, yes, all of it your price range, how much is it starting from? price on me? or what? ask clearly you- (okiz) price range of your product- /
(winsoy) yea i know yourself don’t worth anything price range of my products… maybe i can’t say the exact amount, but.. it’s cheap and affordable, for sure.
um.. that’s why i can even sell it in Indonesia. “hellow” lol no, but yea it’s cheap and afforable, you can check it for yourself on my website (winsoy) : i can’t use cheap products, that’s why i never bought anything from you you said you support local products, what the hell man yours are international product your product that can be bought by our people is, maybe just the shirts and stickers nah, the jackets are cheap tho, 75$ la~
(YOU SAID YOU WON’T SAY THE AMOUNT) but it’s approriate tho, for products with such high quality as his and it’s such a cool products,
the price range make sense your early artwork used to be so complex but now, it’s just like, typography why did it changed so drastically? that’s just..process from i begin to find my own characteristic, my own style from the start it’s still mecha illustration, as you guys know already but later on.. basically the thing is, Machine56 is i wanted to be able make illustration but i want to able to make cool typographies too that’s how my style become like that but if it seems like the illustration part is more and more reduced.. that’s because now i focus more on the artwork realization itself on the old days, when i make an illustration.. i don’t know but some people already noticed when i make an artwork, like a poster, it’s full, like, full character, full of weapons and stuff like that, with a robot and whatnot but now what i made is, when i make a character on the illustration, there’s a logo, there’s a picture on the clothes that my character wear but now what i make is the clothes that’s used by those characters that’s what i mean by artwork realization don’t you ever missed the old days the time when you made such brutal artwork but i still made artwork even now tho, but.. maybe it’s just in a different way.
and yes i missed those days, but.. why am i being so emotional omg i missed it so much, but..
for now i almost, almost don’t have as much time as i had on the older days oh because now /
for now i focused more on developing is machine56 now a.. brand fashion, can it be called that? or clothing brand? brand fashion..
not yet (winsoy) : now you’re older and weak,huh? so that’s more or less about fashion.. it could be said that i jump into fashion industry by accident it’s because i make a lot of the clothes that my character wear the bonehead? /
yea yes, when i make a character, and i posted it online.. and then i think “why not make the clothes of this character?” (okiz) oh so everyone can feel how it’s like to be the bonehead? yes. yes. more or less. that’s why i don’t do alot of shirt with bonehead in it anymore you said you don’t want to speak english? /
(winsoy) do you even understand it? “the biggest achievement”, where do you even read that? hm about that..still, the unforgettable- wait do you even understand what “unforgettable” means? (winsoy) gogling first,gogling /
(okiz)gogling in yahoo around..2004 or..2006
i don’t remember the exact time the first time that i do an exhibition at that time i did an exhibition at jalan sumatera, in bandung in a clothing shop, they sell bags and i ask for their permission to do an art exhibition 2004, that’s so all of a sudden, with my friends from ranger bastard nobody knows us, nobody as i said before,i’m a fan of, my influencer 123Klan and i e-mail them, 123klan and i ask for a collaboration with them i still remember that time, it’s still the internet cafe-era, i open the email in an internet cafe wait but this is out of topic, but the exhibition is super impromptu we only prepare it for a week STUPID and we made a book, and it’s called “los logos”, it contains logos that- *EHEM* that copied by bandung clothing brands in 2004, ***** (censored) (back to topic) in this exhibition email a lot of my idols, such as 123klan and others i email all of great designers that i like, 123klan is one of them the point of this exhibition is we make collaborations with designers from all around the world and from around 80-140 designers that we email to.. around 30-40 designers replied, if i recon correctly so that itself is a big achievement, but still we(ranger bastards) have different taste among ourselves among five of us, each send emails to different designers for collaboration (okiz) who are these ranger bastards? /
there’s A, B, C, i can’t say the names and one of the designers that i emailed to is 123Klan and they replied, man, damn man /
whooooah how does it feels? at that internet cafe- the internet cafe is not far from my house here, it’s near SMA8 we cause so much noise so we got thrown out.
seriously, we got thrown out by the owner so when we open the email and there’s one reply from Scien & Klor, the couple behind 123Klan so we scream it’s around 2 in the morning (okiz) that’s crazy /
yea we got thrown out (okiz) what’s the collab piece? /
it’s because, because at that time, i became the first human being in Indonesia… that did a collaboration with 123Klan (okiz) what’s the product of that collaboration /
poster illustration (winsoy) this is the picture how can you get that? /
(winsoy) of course, we’re total geeks what did you regret in your whole life the thing i regret the most is when i broke up with di- (voice in the back) di-who? (voice in the back) Dika? when i broke up with- the thing i regretted the most,huh the thing i regretted the most is… this is such a good question, i never got a question like this (winsoy) total geeks is super cool huh? yea right! top! top! usually other vlogger/interviewer ask about “what’s your inspiration” “since when”, “career”, and whatnot- the thing i regret the most is not finishing my degree oh you regret it so much? no, no, not regret it that much, i’m more like- /
(okiz) but now you’re succesful! amen. it’s not regret, actually, i’m more like, curious if i have a degree.. what would i do with my life, what path would i take? (okiz) damn, selling foods on the roadside you didn’t finish your degree and you’re chill about that/
yea i’m chill what the hell, selling roadside food with a degree? but, but there’s couple of my friends that have an art degree but ended up having a.. kebab business or opening a shop somewhere that don’t have any relationship with art and that’s super, super sucks.
because.. they took other people’s job yea feels bad for those that took kebab-degree what the hell,man how big is “machine56” in your opinion? how big- more or less that’s- /
(deri637) dude which color do you want this to be uhm, yea, what. what color Der what color- get outta here man you ruining this you fu- if it’s about how big it is..
until now.. i don’t feel that it’s big or anything (okiz) why is that /
because.. if i think myself as something “big”,
i think that’s just stupid it make me won’t /
(okiz) he’s being humble it won’t motivate me or anything,
and i indeed, i still didn’t think that it’s not “big” yet Raffi Ahmad (Indonesian Celebrity) is more famous than him yea you get it right? who even knows about machine56 anyway no i don’t think it’s “big”, it’s still on proccess maybe there’s some people,
who knows about me, and that’s it for me, personally,
it means a lot because, in the past, after i finished high school /
(okiz&winsoy) oh you finished high school tho? (winsoy) can we see the certificate? /
what the hell? after highschool, my report cards are, more or less,
like my design, report cards? you still use report cards? /
what, what do they use nowadays? nowadays? report cards.
(cheesy, i know. -asto) so, the grades are like my design, it’s all red oh that means you got the inspiration from your own grades, huh yea, like that, ye-NO. since the old days, if only i.. if i don’t take art degree, if can’t draw, maybe- maybe i’ll open a tofu business, or tempe nope. no. i can’t do that, so that’s why the only way i can make a leap of faith is making art i used to, once, almost wanted to be a DJ, but, nope. maybe you wanted to fix your past,
or make it better, it’s just a what-if scenario a uninteresting scene.. oh, what i wanted to change, not because it’s not interesting? i want..uhm.. i want this interview to be done agree, i already out of question tbh lol jk, no but i can say, almost nothing comes to mind maybe it sounds wise as motherfucker but, it’s like, everything i’ve been through no matter how bad it is, how sucks it is, that’s what made me who i am now whoa so mature /
much adultness so if i have to change anything, it’s better not to he’s already 45 years old no you’re wrong, i’m turning 48 this year oh yea, next, maybe this will questions from older episode i’ve asked this to Deri which Deri? Deri Abraham, Deri637891011 o yea yea right once i asked his relationship with- /
isn’t he from ITB? ITB (famous college in Indonesia)/
no, indokom (seriously there’s no such thing as Indokom in Indonesia) dude if you wanted to make a joke,
can’t you make a classy one? nah it’s not funny man Indokom, what even is that okay then, i’ve asked to Deri, um what’s your part in, your relationship with Machine56,
because i see at the front of your studio there’s a logo of../
o yea there’s 2 other logos about’s more like.. this studio, it’s in a house and Machine56, in its product, especially fashion or physical product, it won’t be done by one person it must be involving other parties,
so like when i released a jacket or something else, that using Machine56 name on it but the design are a bit different, it’s because it’s not just me who made it (okiz) the design is from you right? /
if it’s about design like logotype, typography and all, maybe yes but the model, the pattern, that’s not me it must be by someone else.
so does with this studio because this studio it’s not like a design agency it’s more about product, and not just apparel.
clothing,toys, helmet the physical crafting part, i can’t do that alone,
that’s why i involve others on it there’s Deri Abraham and Dira Suherman Dira Suherman is D25, Deri is D637 (okiz) about D25, Dira, is he- /
both of them are sculptors more or less both of them are- usually they objectify what i have in my imagination for example if i have a sketch or a concept i’ll tell them about it, and they’ll make it a physical product because i’ve noticed, for every product you have it’s always with some concept, to the point it’s so cool super cool? /
for me, cool from the banner, the video it feels like super conceptualized how important it is, for you about publishing concept..
it’s really important really important, because..
firstly, the target market for my product is from overseas, especially US they can’t visit a physical store to try it,
because there’s none they don’t have the exclusivity to try the clothing themselves, or check the fabric and such those VIP features, they can’t have it,
so i should give them the best presentation,
because that’s really important because i sold it online, where they can’t try it, check the sizing themselves, etc if the size don’t fit, i need to re-send the correct ones and i can’t risk it so that’s why the presentation is really important and then.. ay dude, do you want to ask something? there is, actually, uh.. i wanna ask,um your work is like, huge, like, in the internet, it’s super famous
(seriously try google image”mecha vector”, the first one is his artwork) and there must be a lot that copied your artwork, and i wanna know from those copycats, what’s your say on that, about a lot of people copying your artwork, even some of them blatantly stole your design how you deal with things like that for, copying my artwork from around 2005-2009, i still very mad about that everytime someone copy my art, i email the person, ask them or something like that because it’s really copying like, for example, i made a skull illustration and the copycat is like- /
like trace it? they trace it, change some details, even remove my logo if they redesign from scratch, maybe i won’t be that- /
it’s different than “inspired by” right? there’s a lot of copycats/
you mean like they edit your artwork? yes, they literally edit my artwork, or some of them draw it from scratch but they trace it from my artwork and change some details especially the ones that i contacted is the ones that already in the form of a product on a t-shirt, on a poster it’s like they made it on their own, huh /
yes. but nowadays i don’t even bother, because… i’m not worried about those kinds of thing anymore, because.. when people copy, trace, make something based on your work, that means.. at least that means your work are accepted by the people that means people like your work.
we should even be more worried when people don’t try to copy what we made regarding to artwork,that is.
but honestly i think that applied to everything else all matters of proffesion, designer, photographer, etc i’m worried even more if when i made a product, and nobody copied it, that means my products are not good have you patented all your product? legally no, but my logo, my symbol, i have copyright for it other than that i don’t have to worry because.. i belive my fortune won’t go anywhere, man
if it’s belong to me, then it’s rightfully mine people can say that einstein stole concept from whoever they want, but maybe there’s how it supposed to be anyway at least people know what’s machine56 and i don’t have to worry about anything okay, this is the last question following my footsteps,huh
even i still follower other’s footstep yea but, for people out there who think like
“i’m such a huge fan and i wanted to be like this guy” without copying of course,
from career aspect or anything that’s the wrong part,tho message..the short version is.. don’t be afraid to copy others when you begin the process, i mean i’m not saying that i’ve been well established, no, but when you have at least more than 100 people seeing your work, and you do some copycat, that’ll ruin your image but for the people that just getting started, you don’t have to be afraid of copying others because copying is process to understand things,
because now,
truly original things are almost doesn’t exist everything is inspired million times from what comes before it you don’t have to be afraid to copy others,
because in time your own style will developed on its own it’s like, when you have a favorite artist and you copy from them for years, and sooner or later you’ll get bored and in that moment when you’re bored of copying others, that doesn’t mean you’ll forget what you’ve copied before more or less, about 60% or 40% of it will get installed in your brain it’ll surely applied when you finally got your own style so don’t be afraid to copy, GO AHEAD AND IMITATE ATM right, Amati, Tiru, Modifikasi
(Observe, Copy, Modify) as long as you don’t sell it tho,
just for learning process okleh, so that’s it, our interview with MACHINE56 remember what he said, if you- he’s the homeowner anyway /
yea he can do anything he wants remember, if you just started, it’s okay to copy and imitate others it’s okay to copy,
as long as you’re not being a jerk about it yea it’s okay as long as it’s just for your learning process until you find your own identity,wait what /
what he said earlier, just go back if you forgot (asto) until you found your own style /
oh yea right yea that’s it share it if you think that the information we gave you are valuable or something like that we can take this home with us?/
yes of course! such a good guy /
yea just by doing interview we got a helmet, and we don’t even need to join a contest for it! hello? yes? what!? there’s a crime happening!? okay wait let me transform! what the hell are you doing? /
but, there’s a crime! have you take your meds? just go home man /

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