TOTAL GEEKS #8 Interview with MACHINE56 (Part 1)

Good morning everyone, Still here with me, Okiz Velly In Total Geeks! For this episode, i’m going to talk about.. who was it wait Ah! i’m gonna talk about.. damn,such a western name for those who don’t know yet who’s Machine56, it’s a must to watch this video now i’m gonna go to his studio let’s go! wait imma tell him we’re outside we’re outside! just go inside? a’ight aalright we’re here! [talking to cameraman] you’re here already? nice whoa this is it we’ve arrived at the studio.. [winsoy :] whoa look at that the base is from..i’m taking art major when i’m in college i’m taking graphic design degree.. the short story version is.. i used to do a lot of commision and i can make 60 designs PERDAY for a t-shirt design eh, sorry, per Month, 60 designs per month [winsoy] i thought he really did 60 per month and i always liked mechanical design, like robotic and stuff and some of my friends said “you work just like a machine,man” and about the 56 part, it’s more like my personal lucky number, can’t share that here, sorry around…2003 it’s around 2003 or 2004, can’t quite remember at first it was at Kaskus (a huge webforum in Indonesia) my handle was design_machine56 there’s a design subforum there it’s kinda unmaintained, and i move to GF that’s when i met Aedel Fakhrie [okiz] oooh Aedel!
[winsoy] who’s dat? Aedel Fakhrie, the guy who made kinda sub-par illustration (lol Aedel don’t kill us) and after that i erase the “design_” part and changed it to just “Machine56” but that’s the backstory of the name but all in all, Machine56 is just like my stage name like a band, for me as a graphic designer, that’s my name [winsoy] your real name? my real name is doni (NOTHAT”S TOTALBULLSHIT) um yea,FYI.. Machine56 can only.. use one software, and only one, CorelDraw that’s literally the only software i can use [winsoy] do you use graphic tablet? OOOH OF COURSE..not. i only use mouse it’s from my early days,about japanese kanji..
I got the influence from Japanese Manga Japanese Font and Kanji is super unique [okiz] can you read it? i’m still learning until now,
I only understand some part of it it’s more like this. a good typographer (alphabet typographer), it doesn’t mean they could handle using japanese kanji in their design because the shape is totally different from our usual alphabet, that’s why it’s so unique to me Deri Abraham. he’s the..(laughs) (even more laughs, sorry Deri bruh) (even more laughs holyshit) [okiz] isn’t Deri the construction worker when you make this studio? [winsoy] yea he said he’s a construction worker [Deri] yea i’m a construction worker umm..Deri.. around 2004, i pick him up from the road side he’s like a hobo or smthn,and i teach him , hone his skill, until he’s as skillful as now [winsoy] like your apprentice, huh
[Mac56] hell no [okiz] srsly you got your influence from Deri Abraham? nope (even more laugh, feels bad bruh) on a serious note tho my influence cames from..umm.. there’s a graphic designer.. famous graphic designer and grafitti artist (after winsoy doing some hype shit)
haven’t heard it right? uncultured swine i know their works since around 2003 they’re from french, husband and wife.. as a grafitti artist team doing at least for me, they’re the first who combine grafitti and graphic design that’s when i started loving graphic design my second influence comes from Katoki Hajime looking at..Mecha Robots Gundam, that’s for sure.
for inspiration.. maybe it’s because, nowadays, unlike when i first started.. not like around 2001 or 2002 i’m searching for a book, in Jakarta and when i got it, the works inside it really imbroided in my mind unlike these days.. when i’m stuck on doing my work i just need to open google, or pinterest, and i found what needed, and that’s it so that’s for me, for now internet is more than enough for finding any inspiration [okiz] from what i know please correct me if i’m wrong [Mac56] wrong. total wrong. that’s totally wrong all the way from the start. that’s messed up man, what the hell [okiz] okay i’m outta here Great question, Mr. Ziko who’s Ziko? that’s his name from his National ID..
[winsoy&okiz :] okay whatevs man about that..umm..
sometimes there’s some of my friends that’ll go like.. like, there’s a friend of mine that goes with the name Feiruz, if i remember it right, he’s like a unemployed random dude. totally unclear what’s he doing for life he asked me once “ay do you want to teach at my class” or my other friend that ask me “i think you can share in my event(seminar or similar event) about your business and how to get customer from overseas” To be honest, i can’t really explain in technical terms about how to do that because from what i see, what they want from me when i go and talk to them (in an event) is instant result what they want is to know about how to sold your product overseas, get all the customer from overseas what they expect is, i go there, i explain to them in like about an hour or two and then they suddenly able to like, they able to do it tomorrow after the event, “okay i’m gonna sell my product overseas” oh, like they don’t need to felt the process yea, like that like they don’t have to go through all the hardwork you did all this time? yea, my first place to start is from deviantart there, like 90% of the user is from outside of Indonesia from there.. i post my work regularly doing a lot of interactions with.. “fans” i can’t call them my fans, truly, it’s more like people who appreciate my works and then after that, there’s a lot of request, which is most of them are from overseas,they’re requesting.. “please make the outfit of this character”, “please make the real version of the helmet” apparel and stuff, and that’s when i’m starting it start from there, and that’s it, around 2005 or..2006, most of my customer are from overseas [okiz]how many series have you made, regarding of helmets? helmets..until now, there’s.. only 3, but from each series i always made them vary from the colors and other details how do you know that i used to accept commision? you just said it at the start of this interview yea, that “60 designs per hour” almost..never, for now maybe it’s like 2 or 3 years since i did a commision for now it’s more like a collaboration project and that’s only if the offers fits me i mean like, it won’t be possible if like, they offered me.. Rinso (detergent brand) commercial, eh can i say brand name here? [okiz] ah it’s fine, it’s youtube and it’s not like we have any sponsors anyway so.. if there’s any commision/collaboration project that i accepted, maybe if the one asking have similar style with me, or.. like mutualism or such like if we had similar, i’ll be willingly to do a collaboration project ah, this question, maybe there’s a lot of people that KNEW the answer what’s your reason?

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