Top Tech Deals of the Month (May 2017) – You will LOVE these items!

– I have your top three deals of the week from noise-canceling wireless headphones to Bluetooth stereo speakers and High Sierra backpacks under 40 bucks. Plus, a giant giveaway. Amazing awesome tech for the amazing subscribers watching right now. Hi, I’m the YouTube
deal guy, Matt Granite. I find the biggest deals in the country. I have more giveaways than
anyone else on YouTube. And if you’re subscribed with
your notifications turned on, I will hook you up with
a pretty awesome giveaway right at the end of this video. But first, there’s a
lot of tech to get to. All of the links located
right under the video screen. Let’s start with one of
my most popular requests. At under 70 bucks, down from a hundred, 360-degree sound, 10 hours
of continuous playback time. This thing has 20 watts of
output, four powerful drivers, two sub-woofers and a level of sound you can really hear
coming from a mile away. Instant pairing and you
get the voice notifications to let you know when the
pairing is successful. – [Speaker] Connected. (music plays) – [Matt] Now I wanna give you an idea of just how far this
incredible sound travels. I’m now about 30 feet away,
let’s give this a play. (music plays loudly) I’m now in the hall and not only can I control the system from here,
but check out the audio. (music plays) It’s incredible. You can still make out the audio with crystal clear precision. From the hall. And while the size of the
unit itself is deceptive, I’ll actually say these
are very Beats by Dre-like packaged, and I mean that as a compliment, because you guys don’t generally hate Beats by Dre and this’ll
actually blow The Pill and many of the other wireless
components out of the water. This is the charge cable
and the power cable. Really nice. This plugs into any
standard two-prong outlet. You get an included USB
cable, which is nylon braided. You know I love these because they don’t bend like those white
cables you typically see and many of the black ones. So this plugs into here. This will charge up the device. You can find the Bluetooth wireless stereo system deal located
right under the video screen. And before we get to an amazing pair of wireless headphones that can hold its own against Beat by Dre, I realize that I’m still
wearing this backpack like a moron, so I might as well explain why this is a tech deal. This deal which dropped from eBags, it even has a dedicated tablet tech spot, cause the tag says so. And it is a great backpack. You get all sorts of styles and sizes and I love the fact that
these are legitimate High-Sierra backpacks that
I found for under 40 bucks. And the very front pocket right here you can put a power bank
like one of the ones that I’ve had great deals on. You could put a Smartphone. Keep in mind, you can also securely store a Smartphone on the right
in the mesh pockets. In the front you could put,
in the additional pocket, keys, credit cards, a wallet,
whatever it is you’re storing. And this is where the fun starts. The interior can accommodate a lot. I’m able to pack for an entire weekend and include a Bluetooth stereo, a box pair of Bluetooth headphones, that I found a huge deal on. A 13.3 inch large Macbook
Pro and Microsoft Surface that I just gave away for
free on my YouTube channel. And lots of clothing and
still have extra space. Another sign of a high-quality backpack is additional openings and compartments. I like that you get
the additional storage, some hiding places. Your tech backpack deal’s located right under the video screen. Just expand the description box, click that Show More tab and for the Bluetooth wireless
noise-canceling headphones, are way better than this. And I wanna compare
them to the Beats by Dre because the Beats by Dre at this point are now at least double the price. Beautifully packaged. And check out this carrying case. This is wicked. On the overpriced Beats wireless, you can see they only turn in. These also turn out. You get the full volume
and track controls on here. On the wireless version for these, the active noise-cancellation is better. Great for an airplane. If you also look at the circumference, internal part of the headphones, Beats cannot compete sound-wise. Lemme show you the difference. As I stream at full-blast
from the wireless headphones, on the Beats side you hear tinny audio. (thin tinny music plays) Again, not the best way
to demonstrate headphones. But wait till you hear the difference. The same volume level with the same track. Get ready for the difference. (full-bodied music plays) Night and day. (music plays) Not the ideal way for
me to demonstrate sound. But take my word from it. This makes a big difference. And if you can make out a
little bass on headphones though my microphone right
now through these headphones, imagine what this would
be like on your ear. These are top-rated airplane headphones. And I should know because I travel, or I did travel almost every week. My favorite noise-canceling headphones at their lowest recorded price. Down from 150 bucks with free shipping. Now, my favorite point of the video brings me to the giveaway. I’m giving one of these
away and the backpack which I’ve now realized I’m still wearing. Using Tube Buddy’s random
selection tool to find our first subscriber, who’s getting the 360-degree stereo system. Congratulations Kris. You’ve finally won. Just email [email protected] to claim your freebie. And the second winner,
who has commented in the last six months and
has their notifications turned on so they can hear this, Mike. So nice if you congratulate the winners and yes today is your day. You won a free High Sierra backpack. Yes you’ve won it! I did not lose my footing, cause that would be
awkward and embarrassing. But I just really want you to
know that I’m happy for you. I also wanna mention I
will be live this Saturday at three p.m. Eastern Standard Time answering your money questions right here with our amazing intern Phoebe. If you wanna make sure you get in on any of my future freebies and you never miss a big deal like on
a massive Amazon roundup, also located right under the video screen, just click my Deal Guy Amazon link and you’ll find the rest of the big deals. Today, click on my happy head right here, which is always happy when
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or leaving a comment that video will do the trick. And the last big roundup I
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