Top Tech Black Friday Deals Under $50 2018 | Walmart Target Black Friday Deals

have you been searching for that perfect
gift for that tech junkie Oh Christmas I’m gonna show you the best gifts that I
can find for Black Friday under people like these types of videos please like
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the best deals under $50 for Black Friday 2018 so let’s jump right into it
guys alright so if you know me you know that
I’m super excited about Black Friday and the holidays and everything that has to
do with Christmas so I’m very much a tech junkie and I’m also a Black Friday
sales kind of kind of guy so last year I made a few videos about Black Friday and
I really want to make some videos this year about Black Friday kind of looking
at all the deals and breaking them up into different categories so the first
one that I want to talk about is the top tech under $50 so this is gonna be for
somebody that’s tech junkie but you don’t want to spend like a lot of money
or you don’t want to break the bank but you want to get something that was
really good for your tech junkie I’m gonna show you what we got all right the
first thing on the list is the RCA projector it is listed on as
$49 it has a screen of up to 150 inches two HDMI ports in one video input this
could be something that’s really good for a person that wants to create a home
theater but don’t want to spend a lot of money on a projector screen this could
be entry-level for them alright the next thing on list is the Roku ultra with JBL
headphones and with this you get a $5 buddhu credit also it has 4k HDR and HD
streaming the headphones actually attach to the remote so that’s really cool if
you like a setup or if you have somewhere
where you can’t have the audio really loud you can actually hook up your
headphones to the remote and you can listen to whatever movie or game you’re
playing on your ears so that’s pretty cool the next thing is going to be the
key wireless mouse and mouse pad so this is going to be something really cool for
someone if they have a new desk or if they have a dish set up and they want
something to kind of take them to the next level this could actually be for
them so if you want to check out the key wireless charging mouse and mouse pad I
will leave a link to it in the description section below the next thing
is the Kodak mobile printer so I’ve never really thought about getting a
mobile printer but that would be really cool for taking those Instagram shots or
taking those shots that you do out with your friends you can actually print them
out on a photograph I have photos all around my house but there are old photos
because people really don’t print out photos anymore
but one of the things that I really like about this that you can instantly print
out your photos you can share them with your friends with your family or you can
display them in your house something that’s really really cool next thing on
the list is the mercury smart Wi-Fi LED bulb and plug so I have in my room I
have some LED strips you can see them back there and I also have some LED
bulbs up above my head and all those come with remote controls but there’s
none that I can really use with my smart phone so I can’t really control them
other than using the physical remote control these are going to be really
cool for installing and being able to use my phone to control them also from
Walmart I have the Jade lap boots err truth air truth wireless earbuds for
30 bucks and for the last thing at Walmart is the zoomy wireless charging
lamp this lamp has a sleek design and also doubles as a charging dock for your
smartphone now we’re gonna go to Target the Google whole mini is going to be
something that’s really cool if you are a person that’s trying to create a smart
home or a smart room this is gonna be the best price that you
can get I’m going to give you a tip if you do have Spotify you can sign up for
the family plan and get a free Google home inning all right that’s gonna be it
for my top tech deals under $50 for Black Friday’s 2018 if you like these
types of videos please like share and subscribe I really appreciate it also
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