Top Hearthstone Decks with Highest Winrate in June. Which deck should I choose to Climb Ladder?

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100 thoughts on “Top Hearthstone Decks with Highest Winrate in June. Which deck should I choose to Climb Ladder?

  1. The reason why i play hearthstone is that it requires little time to blow off some steam but nonetheless you can have a marathon o your day off. So i play for fun, but i try my best to win!

  2. Games are made for fun,i dont really care if i lose i just want to have a good time playing them 😀

  3. Winning is fun. Also my collection is not large enough to play meme or odd ball decks. I have to disenchant cards constantly balancing what deck I strive to play with not destroying my collection for a deck that might be useless in a week or two.

  4. Somebody explain me what Shudderwock Shaman is good against, cause I believe it's just bad for climbing

  5. As a wild player, I'm enjoying much more bs in odd paladin decks, but even shaman is actually an absolute monster. 4 mana 7/7, 2 mana 3/4, jade claws/lightning or even Ragnaros. I see it has nice winrate in standard too, just want to know how counterable is it, or if standard version is also completely broken? 😀 I can counter it only with priest, but it really depends how I draw cards. But of course, my decks aren't on same level like this one.

  6. In my Oppinion (Point of view). Since Community/Meta Sharing still Exist, Theres no way to play Hearthstone for Win.

  7. I can recommend you to ask at your local factory. They might be able to move your brain to a new body. Hopefully the curse didn't touch it. But by ALL means do NOT do it at Gadchetzan. Search for a certified artificer at Stormwind or at any dwarven fortress.

  8. I strongly belive that every game should be played for fun – we already go though many tough situatons in real life, so why not to escape from this reality though a game?
    Only problem is that HS is rly expensive to keep track on the top tier decks, Yes, you have some cheap decks like odd paly, but even then, you might probably end up with only one or two decks to play with (so, how exacly can you experience the most fun with 1-2 decks avaliable for you). Besides, when you keep losing because you try different decks or because you have low-ish tier decks, it's reeeealy frustating – wich, in my oppinion, kills all the idea of "play for fun".
    Just for the record, although im playing this game since GVG expansion, i could barely afford a few classes (shudderwock, even paladin, jade druid and midrange hunter were my top tier decks – i had to expend some dust to catch up with this meta by crafting even pala, but since it got nerfed, i droped from rank 12 last season and now im stucked at rank 16 trying to rank up with shudderwock wich, in my oppinion, struggles a lot with many meta decks at the moment, expecially around ranks 20-15ish were you end up facing a lot of aggro-like decks).

  9. First 2-3 days I try hard to get rank 5 (Golden epic is such a good reward) and then I switch to wild to play random decks I build or find online that seem odd or just fun

  10. 🤖❓ What is the most important thing for you in Hearthstone, victory or fun? I created a new YouTube vote. Vote and write your answer in the comments!

  11. Low-key surprised that taunt warrior doesn't see much play. In my experience, the deck has great matchups vs a lot of the aggro/tempo oriented decks that are seeing lots of play

  12. I only play Hearthstone for fun. When I started playing odd Paladin, it got boring for me quite quickly, because it's just so repetitive. Summon a lot of recruits, then buff them up, go full face, then again, summon a lot of recruits, buff them up… it just wasn't that fun for me. Then I switched off to odd Rogue, which was quite fun at the start. Then to off-meta tempo odd mage and then odd face hunter… but odd decks for me started to get boring when you can only use odd-cost cards. And then I have finally found a replacement for those boring odd decks – Hybrid hunter and Spell hunter. And so I can yet again play just for fun, without any odd decks.

  13. Both two. I always try to win, but always having fun. I look for the strongest decks, and choose what looks funniest. For example, I couldn't play a Face Hunter even if it gets me to legend. I prefer to play, nowdays, Even Warlock, Control Warlock, Quest Warrior, Taunt Druid… And my own Control Hunter

  14. Im a guy that plays reno cthun priest……I play this game for fun lol but thats because I don't like the current meta

  15. I am playing for fun i once hit rank 7 it was my best ı dont play so many matches now only when im bored

  16. The most fun I had playing was few weeks ago playing Giant mage in wild (not possible anymore). It was a fun deck and reminded me of a very old deck – echo giant mage.

  17. i believe in the heart of the cards,i will use my grandpa's deck to save his soul which is trapped into a card by ben brode and the power of the mug of millennium and i have to beat him and his shudderwock deck in the shadow realm to save my grandpa and win the tournament,take the money prize and give them to my best friend so he can pay for the surgery of his blind sister

  18. Fun. I've 8/10 of best decks and dont like them. Now i'm getting fun with OTK priest and same time winning.

  19. I play for collection, and seek to have fun after I have collected fun cards.
    For that I need to win. Can't really vote 🙁

  20. how come even warlock isn't in the top 3 when all of the top 3 decks are being crushed by it very hard??? thats insane!!

  21. I play Hearthstone to have fun, but winning is fun. Even if I'm running a meme deck the goal is still ultimately to win the game.

  22. I play for fun, I mean. Aren't games supposed to be fun? And even if there is an awesome match that I lost, I still won in my heart.

  23. Play HS for fun, yeah fight, multiple Legend player since beta, you have to play to win particularly for HS, for fun I play Shadowverse, it's in a complete different league in my opinion

  24. i play to win cause thats the best way to get gold and and get more cards, but if i had all the cards i would play for fun

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