Top Google Searches 2016

Hi there welcome to your Brain Boost. In this Brain Boost, we’re going to talk about some of the surprises in 2016’s Year in Search so that you can use some of these concepts, perhaps in your marketing on your social media profiles, etc. One of the top breakout searches of 2016 was minimum wage related content. We saw soaring interest in the future of work as people fear job displacement from AI and automation. A related breakout term was Universal Basic Income. If you’re interested in learning more about this, you should watch the TechCrunch Disrupt interview with Y Combinator founder, Sam Altman, about tech, the government, and the future of wages. Now, on the lifestyle front, people seem to be in love with the beach. Specifically, drinking cocktails related to the beach. Some of the most searched terms in 2016 were sangria, strawberry daiquiri, Sex on the Beach, and mojito. Also, 2016 was the year of true crime. Millions of people became obsessed with true crime shows like Making a Murderer and The People Versus OJ Simpson. As a wave of distrust in government sweeps the country, people want to hear about the breakdown and failures of government institutions. Now, I want to know what trends you saw breakout in 2016. Tell me your 2016 trend in the comments now.

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