Top Gadgets 2017, Best Tech Deals ► The Deal Guy Matt Granite

Hi I’m the YouTube Deal Guy Matt Granite here
from National TV and USA Today to save you more money than anyone on the planet. But
first you need to click that Subscribe button. Top of the line Bluetooth speakers under 10
bucks. I’m the only deal hunter in the world to have found a legit iPad deal at 40 bucks.
60% off state off the art cameras. Tech and the hottest tablets under 45 bucks. Beats
by Dre, 30 bucks if you subscribe. I test every deal in store to ensure quality. I don’t
make a penny on any item I feature. My job is to save you money. So subscribe to this
channel and turn on your alerts to discover these amazing deals and more before they’re
released to the public.

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66 thoughts on “Top Gadgets 2017, Best Tech Deals ► The Deal Guy Matt Granite

  1. Anyone at all interested in photography needs to check out the camera one. I saw it earlier and it's a canon EOS rebel (which is a professional quality camera) brought down from $950 to $399!!! It's insanely good for anyone who can afford it and likes photography 😍

  2. I am trying to get ahold of the company about the home security system you demonstrated end of January-can you provide contact information

  3. I absolutely LOVE this channel with Matt and all the interns! Great products -no one else brings the enthusiasm like Matt and the gang👍

  4. Good morning Matt, Hey great deal today! I am looking for the link for World Series gear for less, I can't find it on your website. Please advise. Glad to see you and Hollie back together today, your a great team!! Have a great day! Cindy 🙂

  5. So what happens if your name is called but you didn't know it and days and weeks have gone by? Is there a time limit to claim? And does your name still get included in the next giveaway until you get called again or is there a delay till you can be picked again?

  6. Matt,I am Trying to locate the watch you posted within the last two weeks. Can you give me the information to find it. Thanks!😊

  7. Matt Granite and his deals are awesome. Every item I have ordered have been great not only the savings but the quality also. Thank You Matt Granite

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