Top Business to Start in 2019 – This is the Best 8 Startup ideas

Hello everyone today we are going to discuss about top 10 businesses for 2019 You don’t need to have thousands and thousands of dollars to do these startup business These businesses are even going good for teenagers students and/or adults So let’s start The first business is about making fancy ice cream that people would love to upload your ice cream pictures on Instagram to get started everything you need is couple square feet to rent either in the mall or rent a bus or Making ice cream at the parties and I can go on pick the best outcome that fits you and start right away your business the second business to make passive income is Bitcoin ATM We all know that almost every second person has its Bitcoin account or any other cryptocurrency account You will be able to generate from each transaction fro 5% to 15% Depending which numbers you choose imagine that the person is withdrawing $300 and you get 10% from 300 which equals $30 The third business is about interior design If you want to make yourself a nice living then interior design is for you. You can easily earn up to $15,000 a month the most interesting fact about this business is that it is not a seasonal job It is year-round job in the demand for this jobs is super high when the supply is low The idea number 4 is 3d printer you print so many things with 3d printer and generate extra money You can print unique gifts for birthday holidays like Christmas or Eastern holidays Even chefs at restaurant are printing some of their magical food all varies from your imagination But there is one con the technology is a bit expensive The idea number five is capsule hotels They’re unlike any other accommodation individual pods Sometimes dozens to a room each a self-contained mini hotel room with a bed lights and sometimes even a TV The best way to think about a capsule hotel is distilling down the bare necessities of a hotel room The idea number six is selling the bicycles nowadays people care about their health and this makes the product so trending that Everyone is buying one as it is much healthier that driving a car in the cities like Toronto New York or Los Angeles there are special lanes for bicycles But as you all know the best way to make money is to open a rental service where people will rent your bike The idea number seven is ginder garden If you don’t have kids yet Then you have no idea how hard is to get a spot in kindergarten and it is expensive but worth it You have to understand that this business. It is very responsible and you have take care of them This is the number one business that will break even your investment within one month or less The idea number eight is cleaning company this business is worth as people get lazy to clean their house or they just don’t have time for Customers is much easier just to pay and live free from cleaning But for you is a business will generate that start more than five hundred dollars a day

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