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hello Adam hello again navdy. These are the Top Products Amazon Products and best Amazon Deals around Tech. too early bird cafe you and me we’re busy people and being busy means checking your phone even when you’re not supposed to even when you’re on the road but now there’s navigation hold on we gotta get this cake talk to me hey Adam quick reminder first thing today is that coffee with Connie and Greg at the earlybird already on my way he was brilliant about navdy is it after route Farrell automatically rerouting to save ten minute perfect never been this way before let’s what you can that be – see what’s so brilliant about Navi is its display is focused in the distance so your eyes are never off the road it’s also 40 tons brighter than your smartphone it dims automatically so it’s you’d be the speed day or night in fact it was sorry going to take person to Greg and I actually want to do boy cafe out on 60 – smiley face Oh awesome luckily roids is one of my favorites NAB D uses Google Maps and built-in offline maps you’ll never get lost like out here in the desert and it’s connected to your car which means that on gas rerouting to nearest gas station text Connie be there in two feet you have arrived thanks Navi see you soon meet I’ll slam the world’s thinnest Bluetooth tracker Kyle slim is as thin as two credit cards which makes it perfect for wallets pockets and passports attach it to anything choose a ringtone with the tile app and then rest easy knowing you can always find your things just ring your laptop and find it fast if it’s your phone that you’re looking for press the button on any of your tiles and your phone will ring even when I’m silent and if you lose your wallet and it isn’t where you laugh at it tile can still help you find it just ask to be notified when your wallet is found when any user in tiles global network comes within range of your missing wallet the tile app will notify you of its most recent location I’ll slip the world’s thinnest bluetooth tracker get tile slim today and never worry about losing your wallet again dial migrant matters you maybe we should try move on the router this is zero let’s do this please it’s not a router it’s a Wi-Fi system euros create a wireless mesh network blankets every room and fast reliable Wi-Fi already in your inbox finally Wi-Fi that work. Top Amazon Tech Products. the force the force is what gives a Jedi are it’s an energy field created by all living things it surrounds us penetrates us if I’m the galaxy for you may the force be with you how’s that post route I found a holocron baby you santim is a revolution the wireless speaker that will forever change the world of sound with phantom nothing will ever be the same listening to phantom for the first time is a once-in-a-lifetime promotion experience it emits the best sound in the world with a unique physical impact in short phantom shakes your bones with no distortion no saturation and no background even a hive on and up to 3000 watts Santa is a masterpiece of audio technology phantom secret dozens of revolutionary invention 88 exclusive paths and a technology made in France by the world number one company for high-end audio equipment deadly the ultimate plug-and-play device connect a phantom using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi and play music from any application Spotify Pandora series title YouTube Apple music the choice is yours you will certainly rediscover your playlist and hear your favorite tracks like you never did before how many phantoms do you need one phantom it’s an incredibly spatial sound for an immersive full experience with two phantoms. If you Liked these Top Products from Amazon and the Best Amazon Tech Deals. Subscribe for more. you reach a new milestone and access a true audiophile listening experience with more you create the ultimate multi-grain the possibilities are infinite and fascinating phantom will keep surprising by getting better at home thanks to the regular and free upgrades via the Internet your phantom improves and gives you access to listening experiences you didn’t even know existed Santa the best sound in the world

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