Top Amazon Prime Day 2019 Deals to Score at Lunch

– I have your list of the
top 10 Amazon Prime Day deals to score at lunch, and no,
they’re not all food-related. (cash register bell dings)
(bright music) Are you hungry for savings? I have my lunch, but more importantly, Amazon probably wants you to use their own food delivery service when I just showed an Uber Eats bag, which is funny because
this is an Amazon round-up. I’m the Deal Guy, Matt Granite. I round up the biggest deals everyday. For the awesome people watching,
thank you for coming back. If you are not a YouTube subscriber and you’ve never seen me before, I appear on NBC, ABC, and CBS TV stations. I work around the country
as a consumer reporter. I study the Prime Day trends,
what you’re asking for, and I make sure you find
those prices at their best with the links and the customer
service and everything else. If you expand that video
description box right underneath, you will get hooked up. Without further delay,
I have a lunch list, and the reason we’re focusing on lunch is Amazon drops several deals on Prime Day right around the lunch period. Obviously, with the
catering to the East Coast and the West Coast and anyone in between, because they know you’ve
got a little bit more disposable time. So, whether or not you
have any disposable cash, I wanna make a list of easy to grab deals. Some are food-related, some are not. Just quick grabs that can
benefit you at home or on the go. In the number 10 spot, yeah, well, let’s do food for the first two. Cast iron pans, pre-seasoned
cast iron cookware, that I’ve tested with
chefs across the country. This is an awesome set. I love it. Lowest recorded price, expand the video description
box right underneath. A crazy good deal on one of
the sharpest kitchen knives you can buy at an unthinkably low price. That is my pick in the number nine spot. In the number eight spot, for when you return home
from work or dog walking or anytime you stay late at the office and you need a little bit of
help around the parking lot, tactical military-grade
torches, or essentially, souped up flashlights
are a great way to go. If you need lanterns to light
the way on your property, LED lanterns that I’ve also tested, way better than many of
the Dollar Store knockoffs and ones that look just like this. Better with the quality that I have found. In the number seven spot,
after a long hard day at work, or maybe even at work under
your desk, a foot massager. Yes, robo foot massagers are
very popular on Prime Day. If you need to take a
nap at your desk, ho-ho! This is my favorite neck
pillow to get the job done. More importantly, if you travel a lot, if you have commutes where you need a little bit more back,
neck, or shoulder support, this is a better alternative to many of the marked up pieces of
garbage you’ll see at airports. In the number five spot,
hand towels, bath towels. People just seem to like to
buy them, and you know what? These are a great reduction
as a quick easy purchase you can make right now
at your lunch break. And the number four spot, to bring some better breathing air, some zen to your office or even home, great way to cancel out cooking smells, and even annoying people, perhaps like me, that stand around at your desk too long and try and talk to you, diffusers. The best ones that I’ve tested go beyond many of the other products that look very similar to this but don’t hold up in the pump’s break. This one was better. In the number three spot,
for your commute home, a great way to diminish the pollutants that you may breathe in
through your air ducts, a car air purifier. This one sits in your cup
holder, it works, it’s great. In the number two spot, if
the stress of your work day is leading to any type
of wrinkles or breakouts or various other ailments, this facial spinning
brush, which is performing toward the top of Amazon’s
fashion and beauty section, is a great grab in the number two spot. And in the number one spot, I
love this because it’s simple and it really does work
even though I thought it would not be the case. This is called the ice towel. You soak it, and then snap it into place, and it provides basically
a personal AC unit for you wherever you go. You can drape it around your neck, you can cool off during your lunch break. I had fun using this around my
property on really hot days. Walks with the dog. This worked, random deal, number one spot. Now, of course, there are many other deals and many other top 10 lists
and tech lists and TVs and laptops and things that
I didn’t discuss right here because they’re just quick, random items for your lunch break, and I
can tell you what I bought. I love this. And I love you guys for watching. If there are other items
you want me to test, other items that have
peaked your curiosity, just leave me a comment
below, I do read through them. And I love you for being here. Wanna wish you a great rest
of your Amazon Prime Day 2019, and a reminder, I’m here
well beyond Prime Day. I hunt down deals all the time, and I would love it if you stick around. You can subscribe to this channel by clicking on my head right here. If you need help turning
on your notifications or leaving a comment, click here. And that last big round up of deals I did, (clicks tongue) right over here.

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28 thoughts on “Top Amazon Prime Day 2019 Deals to Score at Lunch

  1. Kinda bogus that the money back promotion is today only. I spent a ton of money yesterday. So should I return everything and buy again today?

  2. I almost watched this video until I realized your not telling prices. Totally defeated the purpose of watching a video about saving

  3. You should also tell us when things are only on sale for one day. I wanted to purchase something and saw it is twice as much today as you indicated. ๐Ÿ™ But thanks for the rest.

  4. Did want to say I looked at your โ€˜best prime dayโ€™ chefโ€™s knife that was $30 from Pur-well, with 24 reviews, averaging 4.0. I couldnโ€™t get 2 day shipping, so I shopped around. I found a Imarku Pro 8โ€ Chef Knife for $20 with more than 2100+ reviews averaging 4.3. I bought the Imarku. I did use your link to purchase it though. ๐Ÿคท๐Ÿปโ€โ™€๏ธ

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