Top 50 Tips & Tricks in Clash Royale | Ultimate Clash Royale Pro Guide

clash universe presents top 50 tips and tricks to become a pro player and clash royale always wait and zap to save yourself from one extra hit you can distract the minions behind a lava hound with the help of skeletons [Music] you can defend your collector and activate your Kings Tower by using a battle ring like this [Music] put it tornado in such a manner that the troops push your giant skeleton towards the tower [Music] place an ice spirit on this tile to completely take out the skeleton barrel [Music] while playing a rocket against the Barbarian hunt wave until the first barbarian reaches the midpoint of the bridge and then release the rocket this helps you take away the newly spawned barbs to [Music] use a clone whenever your opponent tries to distract your giant skeleton by placing an ice golem place an ice spirit behind the approaching goblin gang to save yourself from extra hits a princess placed on this tile can completely take out a skeleton barrel always place your expo on this tile so that if your opponent plays a golem you can use the tip of the law and move it outside the expose range [Music] lightning always attacks troops with most elixir [Music] place an ice spirit on this tile to completely counter the split archers [Music] place an ice spirit just before the fire spirits are about to reach the tower it saves you from getting two hits [Music] place of poison over this tile to completely take out a furnace without getting a single hit [Music] place a hard rider exactly in front of the collector so that it goes straight towards the collector [Music] use an ice goal and fire spirits to completely take out three musketeers perfectly timed Goblet pot can completely counter the enemy goblin hut and chip the opposite Tower [Music] you can activate your kings tower by cooling the night which using the tornado like this place your goblins one tile outwards to the bridge to get an extra hit [Music] fire spirits can completely take out the Goblin barrel you can take out a dark goblin completely by placing an ice spirit just before it crosses the bridge you can push back tanks like giants using a tornado to retarget the expo or mortar you can use the battle RAM as a lightning rod to save your three musketeers [Music] you could use a minor distract your opponent’s Pekka to push from the other side [Music] you can use a prediction Dark Prince to take out the opponent’s Goblin barrel place a tornado just before the barrel comes on any of these two times to activate your King’s tower [Music] always place the rocket first and then the tornado [Music] place your bandit diagonally against the opponent’s bandit so that it doesn’t take any damage while dashing playing to the barrels at once looks like a single barrel to your opponent [Music] use a minor to pull the Pekka towards the back and push with a minyan board [Music] a bowler can take out the Goblin barrel completely each time correctly [Music] you can use a tombstone so we target the Royal Giant you can defend your collector and push the miner by using a law like this [Music] a tombstone can completely take out a mega nuts [Music] you can activate your kings tower by throwing a fireball over the miner who is on any of these tiles you can use a tornado on this tile to activate your Kings tower using the skeletons of the graveyard always play your barrel two to three tiles behind the tower when you have a princess near the bridge [Music] a mega night can kill all the goblins of the GABAA barrel is placed correctly [Music] place the login this way so that you can take out all the skeletons with perfect times you can completely shut down a hog rider by placing a Pekka or mini Pekka on this time when your opponent tries to trick you by playing the Goblin barrel two to three tiles behind the tower use skeletons like this to activate your Kings power log an approaching troop to push it back and get your friends charged always place your rocket to the inner bottom tile so that it takes less time to travel use a log to push the miner towards the King’s tower and active agent while playing a Royal ghost make sure to place him first and then the tank car he won’t get affected by the tower due to his invisibility you can tornado the minor from any of these tiles and activate your King’s tower [Music] you can use the death damage of the ice goal to activate your King’s tower you can hide your Goblin barrel behind the rocket like this [Music] you can counter a mega night completely using the Goblin game [Music] the last tip is subscribed a class universe to see more exciting tips and tricks hope you enjoyed the video let’s keep a light game of ten thousand I hope you guys do it [Music] you

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100 thoughts on “Top 50 Tips & Tricks in Clash Royale | Ultimate Clash Royale Pro Guide

  1. Edit : Lightning attacks troops with most HP(not elixir).
    Will be making a Part 2 of this video if we get 10k Likes on this one 🙂
    Hope You Enjoyed the Video!​

  2. These tips suck and I’ve spirit doesn’t completely stop skele barrel because skele barrel death damage😂

  3. Inferno dragon and sparky cards give anyone an unfair advantage. If you have either or both but you still lose to someone who doesn't have either one YOU ARE A FUUUCCKKKKKIIIIINNNNN' LOOÒSSSSSSEEERRRRR! Do you hear?


  5. This is so useless. I would have to have specific cards in my deck and their deck for this to work. The tips are waaaay to specific and not helpful.

  6. This is all BULLSHIT! The ONLY way to win all the time is to STAY in each arena for a VEEEERRRRRYYYY LOOONGG time until your card levels are much higher. This is the only thing that works and is what all the bully players are doing in this game period!

  7. Guys, he said something about the lihtling that is wrong!!! The lightling attack the units with most LIFE not elixir, that way a battleram can get the ligthling for the 3 mosqueters becouse the log it self and the barbarians have more live, AAAAANNNDD the lightling attacks in the order of the max to minimum so like, firt of the 3 hits will be on the card with the most life and then the 2 with the most life……..

  8. #tip, if your tornado is low level or your opponents goblin barrel is high level you can activate the king tower with only one hit

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  11. Let me tell you one more trick for denfending yourself from graveyard
    Just overlap the boundaries of graveyard and poison spell

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  13. Question: when you place 3 muscetiers next to your tower and than place the lightning to the tower an muscetiers what will the lightning attach(sorry for my english i'm german)?

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