Top 5 Winter Jackets for Tech Lovers from SCOTTeVEST!

– Hey, guys, Andrew Edwards here, Editor-In-Chief for and I don’t know about you,
but here in the Seattle area winter is upon us and it’s
getting pretty freakin’ cold. (exhales) No, but seriously, it’s
cold out here in Seattle. Now, here’s my problem with winter: it’s the big, bulky coats
that you need to wear in order to avoid getting
frost bite all over your body. Nobody wants that. That’s why I want to show you
a better way to do winter, courtesy of SCOTTeVEST. Now, if you’ve been
following me for awhile, then you probably know that
SCOTTeVEST is my favorite tech clothing company in the world. In fact, I’ve been a customer
of SCOTTeVEST ever since I started my career as a tech
reviewer way back in 2004. SCOTTeVEST makes what they call
technology enabled clothing. Which is a fancy way of saying, that if you carry a lot of
gadgets or accessories with you when you’re on the go, their
clothing is made specifically to make your life easier. And, that’s very apparent
when looking at SCOTTeVEST’s line of winter coats. So in this episode, I’m
gonna give you a look at five SCOTTeVEST jackets that’ll do
the trick for keeping you warm and helping you carry
around all your gear, here in the winter season. You’ve got the SCOTTeVEST Off
The Grid jacket, aka, the OTG. Now in total, the OTG
jacket has 29 pockets on the inside and out. But the cool thing is that two
of the pockets can each hold a full 15 inch laptop. If you have 29 pockets in a jacket, which can tote your laptop
when you’re on the go with no unsightly bumps or bulges, do you really need to be
encumbered with extra baggage? There’s a 100% Nylon
rip-stop quilted jacket. It’s machine-washable and
is pre-treated for both water and stain resistance. And, there’s a women’s version as well. Up next, is the SCOTTeVEST puffer jacket. Now, this one’s available
in Black Licorice as well as this Hotline
Bling, I mean, Cardinal Red. And this is actually a
jacket that I showed you a few months ago when Autumn was arriving. But this one is just as good for winter, and it’s actually one of my
favorite jackets that I own. You’ve got 19 pockets spread
out across the outside and inside making it a
great jacket to wear, even when out and about
in the cold months. Oh, and for the women out
there, they do make a version for ladies, called The Lola Puffer. Now if you’re looking for
something that rocks more pockets than the Puffer jacket does, or you want something that
has a hood to help you brave the elements of the cold,
then you might wanna check out the SCOTTeVEST Revolution Plus. The Revolution Plus features 26 pockets, making it simple to carry
and store your gadgets and everyday items in
an organized fashion. It’s great for the cold
weather thanks to a quilted insulated lining, and one
cool thing that I definitely appreciate about the Revolution Plus, the hood can be rolled up
and hidden in the collar or removed completely. And of course, you don’t wanna lose it, you can just store it
in one of the pockets. As far as being out in the cold, you’ve got a water-resistant fabric and a wind flap to cover
up the front zipper. I recommend this one for
those of you who love snow boarding, skiing,
and other mountain sports. And the best part, if you’re using it to
travel to the tropics, or when the weather warms
up in your local area, you can simply remove the
sleeves and wear this as a vest. And now for something
a little bit different, something a little more stealthy. This is the SCOTTeVEST Enforcer jacket. And aside from just being
a cool looking coat, it’s more than just a great
jacket for the winter. Made out of 100%
Poly-material that’s water and wind resistant, this one
is set apart with it’s sleek, black design, and
complete lack of branding. But, that lack of branding
does not mean lack of storage, in fact, the Enforcer is a
SCOTTeVEST through and through, rocking 30 pockets. Law enforcement personnel,
military, and gun enthusiasts will appreciate the two
front-positioned rapid access panels with built in sub-pockets
that carry extra magazines. But hey, even if you’re like me, and you don’t have a
concealed carry permit, you can still appreciate
the level of craftsmanship that went in to making the Enforcer. And now, it’s time to come clean. I told you guys that I had
five SCOOTeVEST jackets that I wanted to tell you about that were optimized for the winter. But, it wasn’t exactly true
because what I’m wearing here is half of the fifth and sixth. This is the SCOTTeVEST System 8.0. This is comprised of two
jackets that zip into each other to form one amazingly comfortable
and amazingly warm coat. So with the SCOTTeVEST System 8.0, you get two jackets in one,
with eight ways to wear it between the two of them. This is the one that offers
the most in almost every way. Obviously, it’s the one
that offers two separate garments with the SCOTTeVest Fleece 8.0 and the SeV Shell 8.0, forming one jacket. It’s also the one that’s
the most versatile, depending on how you want to wear it, due to the various way
you can mix and match it. It has the most pockets
out of any of the others, with a whopping 43 different
places to stash your gear. And, quite frankly, it’s
the one that’s most warm and why I saved it for last to wear out here on this cold night. This one has legitimately
been tested everywhere, including in the Arctic Circle, and has lived to tell about it. So there you have it guys, just
because winter has arrived, doesn’t mean you should
be any less stylish, or that your clothing should
be any less functional. SCOTTeVEST liner jackets
is a great gift to pick up for yourself, or for a loved one. But now I want to hear from you. Let me know about your
upcoming winter adventures, and how you would fill the
pockets on your SCOTTeVEST. I’m also curious about what
you carry on a daily basis. Drop a comment below, and I’ll meet you there
for further discussion. Be sure to drop a like on this video, if you enjoyed this one. And don’t forget to click
or tap on my face here in the videos or to subscribe, for free, to stay up-to-date on all
my future video releases. It is pretty cold out here
guys and I’m glad I have my SCOTTeVEST on, here on
this frigid winter night. I’m gonna get back inside
though, but before I do, I just want to thank you
so much for watching, I appreciate your support. I’m Andrew Edwards, and I’ll
catch you in the next video. (rock music)

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25 thoughts on “Top 5 Winter Jackets for Tech Lovers from SCOTTeVEST!

  1. I know you dont as much views as before but I have been a subscriber since 2010 so keep up the hard work

    And thanks for helping me for your technology

  2. i need this coat especially carrying at least 3 electronics i go with everyday which is my android, laptop and flash drives

  3. That's a lot of winter jackets for one person imo ๐Ÿ˜‚, but good video. They're too expensive, and I only carry a phone and tablet. Everything else stays in my book bag so not really ideal for me.

  4. I think the better question is, what WOULDN'T I be carrying. The system 8.0 looks sweet. 43 pockets? I could be the Canadian Batman!!

  5. Great Review on ScotteVest; by the way – the Enforcer looks great. From your last review, you show the difference between iPhone 7 and iPhone 6S and 6. You managed to show what is product is all about without getting too personal on those products. You let other viewers or customers pick which item to purchase for his/her own personal use. Appreciate it very much. Good Luck on your 100K Subscriber.

  6. Great to see how it works for a bigger guy. It looks great. That last one is a bit big and warm for me here in SoCal, but I've lived in Germany twice (over 6 years!), so who knows.

  7. I carry my phone, ear buds, wireless ear buds, Pioneer headphones, charger and portable charger and portable amp

  8. Hey Andru, great video! I had a problem this last trip where I was working and having to store many items in my pockets,.. problem is my jacket was really overheating me. Which jacket do you recommend that I can zip up and secure very important documents and electronics and protect me from the elements and keep me warm. I don't travel to snowy areas much but I do need a jacket.

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