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Hey guys my name is Joe. If you haven’t subscribed to this channel, click the subscribe button down below and join other tech friends. In this episode of Tech Talk, Let’s see 5 new smartphones launching in India this September. Because this is the month of Diwali, companies has been heavily focused on launching new smartphones. I will list out some of them. First, in the last week of this month there is an OnePlus event. We can expect them to launch OnePlus 7T & 7T Pro. As usual as they do in their T series, this will be a minor upgrade only. From a rumour it showed the cameras will be aligned in a circular manner. As a bonus we can expect them to launch their TV also. Second, Oppo recently upgraded Reno series smartphones and launched Oppo Reno 2 phone. This is a flagship phone. Continuing for mid end market, they are gonna launch two phones name 2Z & 2F. Third one, Xiaomi is gonna upgrade their Note series phones. They are gonna launch two phones Note 8 & Note 8 Pro. A special feature in this is for the first time it’s gonna come with 64 megapixel camera. This probably will be priced similar to their last version. We can expect them to launch this at the end of this month. Fourth one, Samsung is gonna launch many phones. In their M series, they are going to launch M50 & M60. And in their A series, they are gonna launch A60 & A90. Finally on September 10th, Apple is conducting an event. In this they are going to launch 11 series phone. We can expect its design to be similar of iPhone 10. Whenever Apple launches a new phone, they will remove some feature and make it as a trend also. So which feature do you think they will remove this time? Take a guess and let me know in the comment sections down below! Friends if you like this video, give me a ‘thumbs up’. ‘Share’ it with your friends who loves tech. If you wanna to see videos like this daily, please ‘subscribe’ and don’t forget to click the ‘bell’ icon next to it. We will meet in another episode, I am your Tech Friend Joe 🙂

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