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Greetings…. Welcome to sharmaji technical The purpose of creating this video is to tell you if you eating some chemical treated vegetables or diseased vegetables then how can you help to improve this issue. Their is a company named Peat, they have made an application named ‘Plantix’. if any farmer from India or abroad just clicks an image of their plant and uploads it to the application, then this application will tell you if your crop is having any sort of disease or not. If it has any disease then it will tell you how you can resolve it. If you belong to a farmer family or even if you don’t, just share this video as much as possible so that it reaches to those farmers. India is getting digital, so why don’t we help make our farmers also digital Watch the details about this application once and then tell me how much this application benefited you after you used this application, because here if you use this application you will get lots of tips and tricks in this application. Here is a report about this application by sharmaji technical team from Hyderabad. Plantix application is a very innovative plant diagnostic app. If you are a farmer or if you are just a backyard gardener this application will be really useful for you. With the help of this app you recognizance health issues of your plant and find diagnosis to combat those issues. For this procedure you just have to click a picture of you your plant from plantix app. now plantix app, with the help of its image recognition feature will discover the disease, pest, or nutrient deficiency caused to your plant and based on that it will provide you with the diagnosis. This app’s interface is very easy. In the main screen of this app you will get 4 main tabs. The first tab is camera. Here you will get options for various crops, select the crop that you want to scan and click an image of it. This app will scan the image and it will instantly tell you the problems happened to the plant and it will also tell you solutions to tackle those issues. In the next tab you get community feature. Here in this community you can post your plant relating issue and images other members of the community will help you with your issues. You also get scientists support in this community. So here if you post any plant relating issues or images then the scientists present in this community will review your post and help you with the solutions. In the next tab you get weather option, from here you can monitor the weather of your local area. from here you can also monitor some other weather conditions like Humidity. Atmospheric pressure, wind speed and wind direction. In the left side of this tab you also get an option of 5 days weather forecast From here you can basically check the weather conditions of the upcoming 5 days and based on that you will be able to take health precautions
relating your plant. At last you get library option. Here you get details about 350 plant relating issues. here, if you chose any option then you will get images of that diseased plant, you will get symptoms of that disease, preventive measures for that disease, and at last you will get methods for biological and chemical treatment of that disease. If you are searching for a specific plant relating issue and you don’t know the name of it, then using the menu button in the right bottom of this app you can filter the search results Like if you want to learn more about issues relating to some specific plants then select the species option from the menu button bellow and here select the species you want to know more about Now by default the language of this app is set to English, but if you want to set it to Hindi language then go to the menu of, then go to settings at last here in the ‘select Plantix language’ set language to Hindi. Now you can access full library of this Plantix application in Hindi. Now I will show you a demo of the main feature of this app, i.e ‘crop scanning feature. 1st of all here in the main screen, select the crop that you want to get scanned Now here from this camera click a picture of the plant. 1-2 seconds after clicking the picture of the plant this app will recognize the picture you clicked and based on that it will give you results. Here in the results you will get the symptoms of the disease, you’ll get preventive measures for the disease, and at last you’ll get organic and chemical treatment for the disease. So basically with the help of this app you will be able to monitor the health of your crop and if you found any issues then with the help of this app you will be able to take preventive measures I hope that you found this type of technology interesting. The company Peat has sponsored this video so that we can bring this information to you. Technology is not just limited up-to Mobile phones or gadgets, its everywhere. So by using this application you guys can prevent chemical usage on vegetables and you can improve the health of the plans in the coming future. I really hope that you share this video with your friends and family because this video may not directly reach up to the farmers, you guys have to take a steep in sharing this video. I have tried my best to bring this application in-front of now its your turn to share this video so that it reaches till the farmers. So that they can know about this application and bring us something good Because they are gonna sell their vegetables to us only, and we are the one who is gonna eat those vegetables. How are we gonna stay healthy eating bad vegetables Thank you for watching this video. I really hope that you will share and like this video and if you want more of these kind of technology video then subscribe to our channel Thank you for watching this video of Sharmaji Technical, Always be with us and keep saying “Bhaarat Maata Kee Jay”

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