– Today, five huge. – Tech deals under $25. – And we’re giving it all away. (whoops) (gentle chiming music) Oh, hello, I’m the YouTube
Deal Guy Matt Granite. – And I’m intern Amy. – Cuz no video is
complete without this one. Amy, that’s tremendous. Not only do we get insight
and beauty and bargains but balancing. – Yeah, right. – We find huge deals every
day, whether you know it from your local TV station or USA Today, I make it my mission to find you all sorts of massive deals, all
of which are all located right under this video screen. And our giveaway, which
is gonna happen at the end of this video, all comes
down to three easy things that we want you to do. – The first thing we want
you to do is subscribe. Click the subscribe button
you see on your screen and you will be signed up. Two, we want you to turn
your notifications on so you never miss a deal. And three. – Can I do three? – Fine. – It’s not essential, but
it does increase your odds of winning. Leave a comment. We love hearing from you,
if there’s something else you wanna save money on,
or any type of feedback it’s always appreciated. Now, for the five huge
deals all under 25 bucks. Let’s start with my
favorite heart rate monitor under 25 bucks, it’s Skechers GOWalk. If you are not able to lock
in this deal and the price fluctuates, which we
can’t control on Amazon, there’s gonna be an upcoming
deal drop for an almost identical unit in two to three
weeks, just bear with me. – I love that being a heart
rate monitor, they don’t have the chest strap,
I’ve had those before. They’re itchy, and then
you’re sweaty and you have to take them off, and they’re uncomfortable. Just not good. But I like these cuz you
don’t need any of that, you just wear it all day,
you won’t even remember you have it on. – Next up is a waterproof
Bluetooth speaker, because it would not be a Deal Guy video
without a Bluetooth speaker. This is also under 25 bucks. – [Matt] This is one of the
freebies that we sent out to a subscriber. The Reviews Dude had this
test of it, and I recommend subscribing to his channel
and watching the review. (playing pop music) – [Voiceover] Pretty decent low-end. – [Amy] Also under 25
bucks today, the best iPhone lens kit out there. This four-port car charger
is well under 25 bucks. – [Matt] And the brand
behind it also tested very well, a big fan of that. One of the items we are
giving away in a moment, and finally, I did that micro
USB deal, I believe it was last week, for a $4.99
deal drop, and I heard from a lot of iPhone subscribers,
so I want to remind you at a regular low price,
Amazon Basics makes amazingly well-rated iPhone, iPad and iPod lightning cables. They’re under 10 bucks,
that’s worth a look before you go grab something at the dollar
store or the gas station. Now what, Amy? – The giveaway! – Yes! I’m gonna bring you into my
laptop screen and show you that this selection is purely random. Come on in. If you have your notifications
turned on right now and you are subscribed, you are eligible, and if you comment you have an advantage. I’m gonna call up this Pick A
Winner random selection tool and we are gonna find out
who is getting every item we just showed you in the
video, boxed up and delivered to you for free. Congratulations, Michael Roth! (both cheering) – [Amy] Yeah. – Go Michael, go! – Yeah! – Amy, that was oddly
more masculine than I’m capable of being, and I appreciate that. Michael, congrats, we are
going to box up everything we tested, and send it
over to you for free. And a reminder, we’ve got another giveaway right around the corner. – So that means you need
to subscribe, turn your notifications on, and
comment below on this video and tell us what you like. Tell us what you don’t
like, tell us what you want. More giveaways are coming up. Bigger giveaways are coming up. Get excited.
– More expensive items are coming up. Thank you so much for watching. (cheerful instrumental music)

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