Top 5 MUST HAVE Deals of the Week UNDER $30! (Week 4/17-4/23)

– I’ve got your five
biggest deals of the week under 35 bucks, and a huge giveaway. (bright music) Hi, I’m the YouTube
Deal Guy, Matt Granite. The amazing subscribers of this channel get everything I test given away for free, and I’m doing three big giveaways right at the end of this video. But of course, what are the
biggest deals this week? Where can you really save your money? Well, all of the items
that I’ve just hunted down located right under this video screen. And I want to begin
quickly with a tech item, before I move into liquid gold. Got a lot of requests from many of you taking photos of graduation
ceremonies and beyond, and you are wondering what
are the best lens kits to turn an iPhone or Android
into a more glorified camera, taking photos a little bit
more comparable to a DSLR. The deals that I have
found, which are located right under the video
screen, happen to come from Aukey, and I will
tell you, their lens kits tested better than Anchor
and a few of the other ones. My favorite kits, well under
that $35 mark, on sale today. You simply put the lens
onto the back of your phone. The next item is not only
impossible to find on sale, it’s impossible to find in general. Macadamia nut oil. Liquid gold. The real stuff comes from Australia. There’s a lot of knockoff brands, none which have ever tested as good. – For hundreds of years,
olive oil has been the number one oil for heart health. That’s been replaced. The new one now is macadamia nut oil. Doctors love it for its
anti-aging properties, good for the heart, skin, hair, and nails. Chefs love it because it holds up to high-temperature cooking. Olive oil’s 350 degrees. Macadamia nut oil’s over 515 degrees. I love it because it tastes like butter. Make your eggs, your
vegetables, your meat in this, and you will love the taste. At $25.99, down from 34 for two of these macadamia nut oils. The amazing thing is not really
even the price that I found, which is good, it’s the free shipping, the fact that this is the
original from Australia, and the fact that I
even found it in stock. Next up, the spy camera,
and this is a crazy thing. So earlier this week, I
featured one of the world’s smallest cameras, that has all
of these great accessories, and you can mount it. And while this has sold
out, I heard from you looking for something even
smaller and more spy-like. So the deal that I found
which is also located right under this video
screen and under 30 bucks, is a slightly different
take on the spy camera that I showed you, and this’ll
record six hours straight, on one charge. And for those of you looking
for cool mist humidifiers, that are also diffusers and a
way to integrate aromatherapy, those deals also under 35 bucks. I did find a model which has some siblings with different brand names on the front, but they look like the
one I’m going to show you. And all do the same thing. Simply put water right in here, and you get your option to add a scent. You could use an oil, or
you could just use water. Water goes in. Lid goes on. This humidifier can handle
350 square feet easily. And this is enough to get
you through the night. It also has some really cool LED features. Although this would typically
be best on a nightstand, I just wanted to show
you all the really cool, oh, this matches my shirt. Cool light colors. Under 30 bucks, it helps
you breathe better. It can bring that calming aura
if you do choose to add oil. Extremely well-rated, would
be awesome for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, if someone
has breathing problems. But at the end of the day, it’s just a really solid humidifier. Next up as one of my top
five deals this week, a way to roll out the pain
and roll in the savings. A way to actually get
rid of all of the cramps and the kinks in your back. I’ve been foam-rolling for,
I’d say almost 10 years. Great on your knees, your IT bands. It’s what I call no-fool frugality. Anyone can do it. – As a personal trainer, I
recommend to all my clients to always use a foam
roller after hard workouts to roll out their muscles. – For a lot of my patients,
I like to help them get out of pain by using a foam roller. If you have back stiffness or spasms, or are just generally
tight, use a foam roller and roll on top of it. It’s great to loosen
up the legs, the hips, the glutes, and the back. – As a fitness trainer, I
recommend all my clients to use a foam roller, as
it is an effective way to tighten up the midsection. – Complete with lifetime
warranty, and of course, free shipping, today, you make the pick. Are you a beginner? Go for the blue. Are you a little bit more advanced? Go for the black. Both prices under 20 bucks. And finally, before the giveaway,
just as a cool bonus deal that I’m going to show you
with our intern, Phoebe. A way to double your shoe storage. I know apring cleaning brings
a lot of organization woes. – What’s great about this
is it actually doubles your amount of shoe storage. I know it looks kind of weird at first, but typically, you’d be stacking
your shoes horizontally, which is taking up a lot of room. This actually allows you to
stack your shoes vertically, maximizing the amount of room. They’re even also adjustable, might I add. So for my wide variety of shoes, which I never have
enough room in my closet, I have a bunch of rock
climbing shoes, hiking shoes. This is going to now allow
me to stack all of my shoes, and not touch each other,
because my shoes are usually caked in mud and dirt and a
bunch of other awesome stuff. So thanks again, Matt,
these are incredible. – These are a little bit better quality than many of the ones on the market, the plastic is more durable. 67% off for $9.99. Big fan of this deal, located
right under the video screen. So it’s been a lot of deals, and now, a lot of giveaways. I’m going to give away
the most requested items of this particular deal. We are going to give
away macadamia nut oil, the foam rollers, and a spy camera. Using TubeBuddy’s random seletion tool, the first winner gets
macadamia nut oil, two bottles. Congratulations, Dena,
and yep, my surface deal’s right around the corner. Our next winner gets the foam roller. Congratulations, Cyn Dad. Thanks for being by my
side with the Wi-Fi issues on the live show. And the third winner gets the spy camera. Congratulations, and
know if you comment once, you are just as likely to
win if you comment 10 times. Yes, all three of you won. See, I promised more giveaways. Just email [email protected] to claim your freebie,
and for those of you that don’t want to miss out
on the next set of deals, I’m doing wireless doorbells. I have a Microsoft Surface
giveaway right around the corner. Very easy process to make
sure you get subscribed. And I can’t thank you
all enough for watching. Seriously, thank you, I love you. If you are not subscribed, just click on my happy head right here. Stay subscribed with your
notifications turned on. If you need help leaving a comment, that’s the demo video right there. And the last huge set of deals
I featured right over here.

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100 thoughts on “Top 5 MUST HAVE Deals of the Week UNDER $30! (Week 4/17-4/23)

  1. Awesome deal! For the Macadamia Nut Oil, does it list an expiration date on the bottle? How long does it usually last?

  2. Hi Matt, I was too late for the mini spy camera you had on, the first one. I Really like "that" cam, is it possible for you to find out and let US know when it goes on sale again? Your the greatest at it so I figured you would know. I am also in the first one you had on some time ago that was about the size as a GoPro. Thanks Matt, You are AWESOME!!!

  3. do you notify the person if they won or do I have to watch every video? Also I need best portable ac unit please.

  4. Maestro, great job hunting down some cool deals for the week! The theme/products seemed to revolve around having a more active and healthier life. I don't know if it was intentional but I like that.
    Many congrats to the winners! I hope they enjoy their gifts and help spread the word how generous The Deal Guy is. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Keep doing what you're doing because what you're doing is a keeper!
    Enjoy your weekend…

  5. Perfect timing! Did you know that we are entering a worldwide shortage of olive oil? Ima gonna LIVE my macadamia nut oil. Can't wait to taste "butter"again! ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š

  6. Your deals are great! It would be great to try to pair items on sale, I.e, humidifier and essential oil sampler kit.

  7. wish I could have seen the spy cam video quality, I am a school crossing guard and currently use a hero5 but it only records for 1 hour (not to mention it overheats) and need at least 3hrs. Missed an incident already due to this issue.

  8. the shoe storage flip is awesome I used to try to store my shoes like that and they'd always follow over this was a great invention sending out Good Vibes and positive energy

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