TOP 5 Most Controversial CEOs. The Names

Hi, I’m K and today we are going to
discuss the dark side of genius. Here’s the top 5 most controversial names in
business. Fifth on our list is Mark Zuckerberg — Facebook. This man has been
hounded by controversy since the very beginning of his company. Mark is thought
to have cut a co-founder out of Facebook he also led the company through numerous
privacy scandals including an incident with political consulting firm gaining
access to data from more than 80 million users! Oh, and did you know that you can
delete your message from the recipients inbox?
TechCrunch found that Zuck’s messages were removed from some chats despite the
fact that responses were still viewable Facebook told the outlet it was a
corporate security measure, but the question remains: why didn’t they
disclose this stuff publicly? In fourth place we have Travis Kalanick —Uber.
People who know him say he can be reckless and arrogant. For instance in
2014 he called his service “boob-er” because apparently it helped attract women. Then
there was the time he came at an uber driver after the letter confronted him
about lowered prices. Although he apologized afterwards he still later
hired a private driver. Later came a series of sexual harassment allegations
and it all caught up to him. In 2017 he resigned as CEO from the company he
founded. Moving on to third place we have Jeff Bezos — Amazon. The culture he’s
created in his company has been described as “purposeful Darwinism.” Very
strict, demanding and not that unforgiving. The company expects long
hours and anything that interferes with your productivity will put you on a
performance improvement plan, which implies termination. In addition to that
his biography quotes him saying things like “Why are you wasting my life?”, “I’m sorry, did I take my stupid pills today”, “This document was clearly written by the B
team now can someone get me the a-team document. I don’t want to waste my time on the
B team document!”. Second place goes to Elon Musk — SpaceX and Tesla. At some point
in the past he got annoyed at Wall Street analysts for requesting info
about finances and then he dismissed them all together. He
also threatened to launch a website to rate journalists credibility because he
felt they were lacking it. What else well he accused a cave diver of being a
pedophile. Musk offered to help in the Thai rescue mission and a British diver
who participated in the rescue called Musk’s initiative a “PR stunt”. Musk then tweeted that the man was a “pedo guy”, well after some time he apologized but then
raised the issue again a month later and basically challenged the man to sue him.
So, the diver did. Then Elon got in trouble for smoking pot on the Joe Rogan
podcast but at least it was legal now what about his claims of taking
Tesla privates this tweet cost shareholders money and even though Elon
later admitted it wasn’t such a good idea
Securities and Exchange Commission still went after him and find both Elon and
Tesla 20 million dollars a piece and what do you think he did? He issued
an ultimatum that either the board fights the decision or he leaves the
company altogether. In addition Elon would have to resign from his position
as chairman of Tesla’s Board of Directors for three years.
Of course he then made some more edgy tweets. Last but not least an even more
notorious CEO occupies first place Steve Jobs — Apple. He has a reputation of being
rude and had it for a reason. When he was managing Pixar he fired people without
any severance pay. An employee asked him to at least give people two weeks notice,
he said okay but the notice is retroactive from two weeks ago. The
MobileMe app launched in 2008 and was working
very poorly, Jobs gathered the team and asked can anyone tell me what mobile me
is supposed to do,the team answers to which Jobs replied then why doesn’t it
do that and fired the apps director on the spot. As a cherry on top we have a
story about Jobs’ interviewing methods -how old were you when you lost your
virginity? what did you say? are you a virgin?
have you ever taken LSD? Well, I guess I’m not the right guy for you. Steve Jobs is definitely the winner for
the top plays of today’s list. Well if we can call him that. Seems like he felt the
normal rules of social engagement didn’t apply to him. But why are the best
leaders so polarizing? Well they usually have a detailed vision and are committed
to achieving it they also ignore rules to do things in
the most efficient way and they drive innovation and the cost of having high
expectations for others. Now who would you place first? Leave your answer down
below and I’ll see you in the next one bye

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  1. LMAO
    gawd that part about steve jobs, maaaan. hilarious but so sad at the same time.
    can't believe it really happened

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